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6000 kilometres, 60 days, 6 countries in Eastern Europe In the 20th year of the fall of the wall make the two authors, Weimar, Christian Stadali and Holger Schmalfuss on an unusual way. Six countries in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe tour starting April 12 they will with the Thuringia-taxi”in six weeks and thus put back six thousand kilometers. The Thuringia-taxi”is a historic Wartburg 353 tourist dating back to 1974. “The itineraries/escape routes project also reminds people, who have made prior to 1989 year after year from the GDR with the vehicle on the way, which were open to them. Escape routes were not uncommon in itineraries. Christian Stadali (38) and Holger Schmalfuss (36) are not infested by the virus of nostalgia. We want to trace paths.

We want to know from the people we encounter, as they look over the past 20 years in his own country, and which point of view they have on the changed Germany that was once divided into East and West”, explains journalist who grew up in Nordrhein-Westfalen and communications consultant Christian Stadali. The journey continues to the Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland – all members of the EU and all once members of the Warsaw Treaty States. From the point of view of the citizens, these were the countries where allowed to make holidays with your own vehicle. We have had to tell us their stories in advance. “Rationiertem petrol, about minimum currency exchange, Exchange objects such as bedding for food, Stasi dating” at the Holiday Beach or moving East West German family reunion in Bulgaria sunny beach. Here, history is alive and well with these stories in mind we set out on April 12 on the way”, the native Leipzig Holger Schmalfuss describes the beginning of the project research. Almost 20 years ago East Germany and West Germany have reunited.

At the same time the CSSR is divided into the Czech Republic and the Slovakia. Romania and Bulgaria are now considered poor houses of Europe, the Government has dissolved in Hungary and Poland, since the beginning of the eighties with the independent trade union solidarity motor of change in Eastern Europe, at odds with the Federal Republic about filling in the Foundation Council for the Centre against expulsion. This is the present, and we want to illuminate the. That is why we are particularly pleased that we succeeded, with the German embassies, the Goethe Institute in Sofia and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Bratislava to win partner, with which we carry out public rounds of talks, also in schools, during our trip. Existing views and reservations should be discussed and abgegliChen “, Christian Stadali looking forward to exciting encounters on the spot. Always the Thuringia taxi, which also, it as the name implies, invites you to the one or other ride.


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