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Indian Ocean

Condor flights with convenient connecting flights from all over Austria can all travel agencies, online at or by phone 01/585 36 31 45 or be booked by email at. Here you can book direct flights from Vienna to Mombasa Condor: ibe/cfi/de/offersLong/flightOffersListView.xhtml?origin=VIE&destination=MBA Varadero, Cuba 13:15 it was for the first flight from Munich to Varadero: the Boeing 767-300 for the first time took off in the direction of the Cuban peninsula. Arrived in Varadero, the guests of the flight with local music and cocktails were received and immediately brought in a holiday mood. The popular Caribbean destination is known for its beaches, which invite for swimming and relaxing. The impressive underwater world offers divers coral reefs and colorful fish world. During a trip through the downtown Varadero offers the possibility to stroll through colorful, Cuban markets. Customers can in winter 2013/14 every Tuesday from a one-way complete price of only 349,99 euros in economy Class and 449,99 euros in premium economy class fly to Varadero. Here you can book direct flights from Munich to Varadero Condor: ibe/cfi/de/offersLong/flightOffersListView.xhtml?origin=MUC&destination=VRA Mauritius In winter 2013/14 Condor flies to on Tuesday for the first time again the small island nation in the Indian Ocean from Munich since 2006/07.

Customers can already fly to Mauritius from a OneWay price of only 429,99 EUR in economy class, 749.99 Euro in premium economy class and 1499,99 in comfort class. Flights can be booked in all travel agencies, online at or call 01805 / 767757 (0,14 euro / min. from the German landline, max. 0.42 euro / min. Mobile) Condor.

Here you can book direct flights from Munich to Mauritius Condor: ibe/cfi/de/offersLong/flightOffersListView.xhtml?origin=MUC&destination=MRU Condor Flugdienst GmbH flies its guests since 1956 on the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. Every year 6.7 million fly Passengers with Condor in around 75 destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Since October 1, 2013 all businesses of Thomas Cook Group plc. United under a single icon: the sunny heart. The aircraft of the Thomas Cook Group wear the sunny heart in its tailplane airlines therefore, expressing their common identity. The airlines of the Thomas Cook Group fleet consists of 86 modern and environmentally friendly aircraft, of them 39 aircraft from the Condor fleet: twelve Airbus A320, 13 Boeing 757-300 and twelve Boeing 767-300 and two Airbus A321. The aircraft are serviced by the airlines own technology companies. Footage of Condor, see newsroom press contact: Condor Flugdienst GmbH Johannes Winter head Communications Tel.: + 49 (0) 6107 939-7804 fax: + 49 (0) 6107 939-7147 E-Mail:

Thomas Cook Group

“The Group Airlines fleet is sunny heart on the tail unit Frankfurt, October 1, 2013 In the context of the transformation of the company and based on the long tradition as a tour operator which today announced Thomas Cook Group, that they the brand in all markets under a common symbol, the sunny heart”, together. The sunny heart is introduced from today in the Group and the former Thomas Cook logo, the globe, the Web pages and catalogs, travel agencies, replace worldwide on the aircraft and all Office buildings. The Thomas Cook Group brings together many leading brands such as for example, Neckermann, Condor, Ving in Sweden as well as Airtours in the UK, which will carry the sunny heart as a complement their brand appearances in all. To the introduction of the sunny heart surprised passengers at the baggage carousel in Palma de Mallorca. A video is online at

This is a significant milestone in our high-tech, high touch transformation”, says Harriet Green, CEO of Thomas Cook Group. It is not easy the introduction of a new logo, but a promise. What we announce today is the renewed promise to our customers, employees and partners, that we put them in the center of our transformation. It is the essence of what we are.”the Association of our brands is triple: you helps our customers understand the size and utility of all Thomas Cook Group together with our innovative range of our services and products; It shows more clearly what differentiates us and how we ensure a consistent customer experience at every point of contact from the search and booking, through the preparation to the holiday itself. We concentrate on a clear and strong portfolio that can be incorporated the essence of the sunny heart in our brands and our customer promise clearly makes the full range of unforgettable vacation experiences for our customers.”.

Car Rental

In Spain, when diz customer rental cars here is very expensive, not without reason, is simply to compare the prices of the national companies of for-hire cars with international car rental companies. Becomes more expensive, as the basis for comparison are the rental companies. Taxes, taxes and bureaucracy – and that does not lack the diversity of laws, procedures are complex to measure, but it must be estimated prices at the risk of compromising the gains. They are also the costs of the vehicles themselves as the maintenance, conservation, claims, insurance and other times. It is worth mentioning that you can not compare the rental fleet in the United States.The U.S., for example, in Spain. The number of vehicles estimated to landlords on tour in Spain at 400,000. Only a company of car rental in Florida the only thing has almost double this number. We want to stress here is the impact of the sale of the rental car after the time means of use, which rotates in Spain between 13 and 16 months.

Many rental mixed the result of leasing the vehicle with the result of the sale, to know the result of business when in reality it should be analyzed separately. One thing is to rent a car, car sale is another thing. Well, a survey was published by a company specialized in the automotive industry, the Molicar, and published by the officer of the State of SP, which indicates the increase of the depreciation of vehicles after the lease term. The data refer to vehicles of medium size, which have higher rates than popular. A Honda Civic in 2009 after a year was devalued by 14.3% and after two years, 20.3% went on to have a depreciation commercial 15.5% and 24.7% respectively. Worse still was that Vectra sedan Elegance of 13.6% in one year and 18.9% in two, in 2009, is now worth less than a year a 24.9% and 34.4% in 2011.

Good: 60-70% of rental vehicles are very popular base or popular Spanish with the direction of the air and power, impact depreciation is lower in the first two years, but this does not invalidate the analysis. Companies of rent of cars that do not follow the trend of the market, are undoubtedly have unpleasant surprises to check their financial results. Depreciation eats a good part of income for the lease, when it does not cause prejudice to the purchase of all / rental / sale, which is the mixture of shops. To complete the line of current credit for new and used vehicles?on the needs of funding, the reduction of the demand for automobiles. What the management of this image policy: 1 management of business by product, i.e., purchase, rent and sale;? 2. Rental companies union of reducing bureaucracy and administrative costs imposed by the representative bodies with global vision of the business, rather than the individualistic vision; 3. The effective implementation of the Government tax load applied in roads and streets in good condition, what current Directors and future of public money the importance of the location of the segment of tourism, commercial and industrial activities. 4 Calibrate large depreciation of vehicles, not upwards fat even to have a competitive price. 5 Has the best possible relationship with the points of sale, either itself or through distributors.