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Wales Millennium Stadium

They will also be Leona Lewis, Craig David and Smokey Robinson. More names will be announced soon. It will take four hours and there is seating for 75,000 people. Singer Christina Aguilera leads the lineup of artists who will participate in the concert tribute to the memory of Michael Jackson that will be held on October 8 in Cardiff (United Kingdom), said Thursday the network CNN. Alongside the Latin interpreter of What a Girl Wants will be Leona Lewis, Smokey Robinson, Wayne, the British band JLS, Alien Ant Farm training and singer Craig David, a list to which must be added to part of the brothers of the late King of pop, as well as the Group 3T integrated by three sons of Tito Jackson. This announcement is just the beginning, said Paul Ring, Executive of the organizing company Global Live Events, he pointed to that in the coming days it will be released more names. Expert on growth strategy: the source for more info. This concert will bring together several generations and genres and remind the world the incredible thing was the talent of Michael, added Ring. Those interested in attending the event, entitled Michael Forever: The Tribute Concert, can register to get an entry in the web page Michael Forever Tribune from this Thursday.

Applicants shall enter in a draw which will determine who will have access to purchase passes. They could broadcast it live it is envisaged that the concert lasts four hours and takes place at the Wales Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, with seating capacity for 75,000 people. The mother of Michael Jackson, Katherine, and the promoters of the event shall negotiate the week that comes the possible broadcast live the spectacle through CNN. The idea of a tribute to Michael Jackson in October did not like two of the brothers of the artist, Jermaine and Randy, who publicly expressed their discontent about the possibility at a time which will run against Conrad Murray trial for the death of the author of Thriller. In the same vein pronounced fan club for Michael Jackson, which was considered improper concert celebrating because the attention should be placed on justice. The jury selection for the trial for the death of Jackson will begin on September 8 in Los Angeles so that hearings beginning the 26th of that month. Source of the news: Christina Aguilera leads the poster of the concert in tribute to Michael Jackson

Economy Fishing

Economy fishing is the most important activity and main source of income; with large installed capacity for capture, processing, and marketing. Employs 11,800 people in capture and other 325 were dedicated to aquaculture. It provides 70 percent of the State’s total fisheries production, being the main species caught, sardines, shrimp and squid. It has 175 miles of coastline where form bays important as the Guaymas, Lobos, San Carlos and la Herradura. The municipality has more than 83% of the springs that operate in the State. The fleet is composed of 359 boats shrimp, 32 sardineras, 3 escameras and 910 small, for a total of 1,304 boats. Agriculture develops in a total area of 42,291 hectares, of which 22,000 hectares are located in the Yaqui communities and the Valley of Guaymas has 17,296 hectares of irrigation and 2,995 hectares of moisture or temporary. The main crops are: wheat, soy, safflower, corn, cotton and some vegetables and fruits such as watermelon and pumpkin.

Livestock in the livestock, cattle with 72,875 heads is the most important, followed by exploitation of goats with 20,088 bellies, birds and others minor species. The fishing industry plant industry consists of 5 Canners, 8 coalminers and 12 freezers, all located in the port of Guaymas. Further details can be found at Robert J. Shiller, an internet resource. Likewise, in the port of Guaymas, operate 4 maquiladoras, of which 2 are the branch of electronic components, one dress and other automotive components. There are 32 companies that are dedicated to the building of homes and real estate in general and another 10 to the construction and repair of boats in the construction industry. History the Bay of Guaymas, was territory dominated by the Guaimas, Seris and Yaqui tribes.

It was discovered in 1539, and in 1701 the missionaries Eusebio Kino and Jose Ma. Salvatierra begin to maintain the Jesuit missions of San Jose de Guaymas. Attacked constantly and without being able to conquer the Bay, the Spaniards launched a military operation of greater force, ordered by the viceroy Marques de Crois, finally achieving in 1769 conquer and decreed the foundation of Guaymas. In 1811 authorizing the maritime commercial traffic in the port; in 1814 courts Spanish inhabited it for domestic trade, in 1823 is set the maritime Customs and in 1825 was granted category of municipality. During almost an entire century the port was developed as a strategic point for supply missions, military invasions and pirate attacks. Commercial activities were driven by the maritime traffic giving recognition of deep-sea port in 1837. On July 13, 1854 General Jose Ma. Yanez heads to Buenos Aires in defense of Guaymas and national integrity, defeating the French filibuster count Gaston Rousset de Boulbon who sought to take possession of Guaymas. On July 13, 1859 is granted the title of city; in 1862 the local Congress decreed the city of Guaymas referred to hereinafter Guaymas de Zaragoza. During the 20th century large projects developed in port facilities, and home a strong impetus for the nautical and commercial industry in the area creating fishing fleets, docks, warehouses and tax courtyards. The naval area, participated in the most important investments PEMEX and the Secretary of the Navy. 1972 Sets the shipping route to the city of Santa Rosalia, BC. with the construction of the pier for ferries and in the same year concluded the work of the Industrial Park fishing Sanchez Taboada focus to one of the largest fleets of the Mexican Pacific coast.

Home Sales

If you have not had luck in selling your home after a reasonable time, you might think about renting it, every time the price of rents is rising while increasing the number of tenants. But if the market does not have a great recovery in the coming years – which I doubt will happen better find someone who not only wants to rent your House, also buy in the future. To do this, you and the tenant may sign a lease with purchase option. In exchange for a slightly higher price, the potential buyer will have the option of buying your House at a predetermined price. Providing an option means that you will probably find the cherished tenants, who seriously considered the possibility of buying. These deals also attract people who really want to buy, but can not at this precise moment for some reason, such as the need to save for a down payment, a divorce or a recent costly foreclosure. Often, these people are willing to pay a little more to buy some time to restructure its economy, while living in the House who think buy.

Although rent to people with problems can seem risky, often the reality belies it, especially if they had a good payment and credit history before they faced financial disaster. The number of people suffering from financial problems is growing on a daily basis, but I do not see many contracts of rent with option to buy, perhaps because many homeowners don’t understand business, when it normally is a winning proposition for the seller and buyer. They are simple formalization contracts, although it is good to hire a good real estate lawyer to advise us about potential dangers and dispel our doubts.

According to the study by Muchosol, leading portal of rental apartments and holiday homes, rental of tourist accommodation shall comprise an average of 26.7 euros per person and day in the months of July and August. Last year the average rent in the same months stood at 28 euros on average per person per day, so the average price has dropped by 4.6%. The provinces with the lowest prices are Zaragoza which has a price average of 9.3 euros, Madrid with 15.8 euros, Huesca with an average of 16.2 euros and Castellon with 16.7 average euros. On the other hand, the provinces with higher prices are Balearic Islands which has an average EUR 64.6, Guipuzcoa with 49.5 average euros, Lleida with a 40.3 average price and Cadiz that is priced at EUR 39.4. The intermediate provinces have an average between 16 and 35 euros.

A stay in a furnished accommodation in Catalonia will cost 28 euros on average. For its part, in the Valencian Community the average is 20 euros per person and day, in the Canary Islands, 24 euros and in Andalusia, 29 EUR for this summer. The price has dropped by 39% in Fuerteventura (from 32,7 to 19,9 euros), price in Huelva has fallen by 14% (from 34 to 29.3 euros) and the price of the province of Girona has fallen by 21.6% (from 25 to 19.6 euros). In other provinces the price has increased although with very low percentages: Teruel has risen 22.6% (from 16.8 to 13 euros), Pontevedra rose 6% (22.8 to 24.3 euros) and in Castellon the price has risen 5.3 per cent (from 15.8 to 16.7 euros). Apartments & houses for rent remains among the cheaper options to stay during the summer holidays. About Muchosol Muchosol is the portal of reference in Spain in rentals of houses and apartments since it has more than 5,000 accommodation distributed all over. Furthermore, it gives the tourist the ease of booking accommodation in 5 minutes and with instant confirmation. Information about the study universe: 121.998 holiday accommodation to rent in Spain (source: INE) shows: 6476 (source: accommodations) available in ITSolutions in Spain June 2011) sampling Error: 1.

Rental Of Rooms For Training In Madrid

The Basque Government allocates 321,4 million euros to promote employment, a shielded budget, according to the Lehendakari. Lanbide will be a key part in the Plan to fight unemployment 2012, since through the Basque employment service, will be addressed to unemployed persons with personalized attention through orientation, training and mediation services. In addition, the text signed today collects the start-up of new business initiatives and the search for agreements with local agents for a better definition of objectives and criteria for action on the ground allowing to decrease the unemployment rate. In this sense, Patxi Lopez has highlighted the importance of this agreement reached between unions and employers because of the collective effort will depend on the recovery of our economy and our levels of well-being, has indicated the Lehendakari. The recent downward correction of economic forecasts at international and European level for 2012 of the International Monetary Fund regarding which they released just 3 months earlier – and of the Bank of Spain they warn about the stagnation of the global economy and the resurgence of the crisis. Situation socio-economic of the CAV is determined since 2008 by the deep crisis which suffering from advanced economies, derived from imbalances in the global financial system, as well as the threat posed by the poor situation of sovereign debt and the hard setting which has undergone the eurozone, aspects that affect the Basque economy also during 2012. The Basque unemployment rate has already reached the 11.2% and, despite the destruction of employment that is occurring as for classrooms Madrid rental management, it should be pointed that the unemployment rate of Euskadi is similar to that of France and half of what the State average, this being the first major crisis in which Basque unemployment rate does not exceed the Spanish average. In historical perspective, should also highlight that the last twelve months of the previous legislature, according to the PRA, destroyed 42,300 jobs and balance of the current legislature is not positive but it is better.