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Housing Value

Dittenheber & Werner from Munich lawyers inform the amount of spousal maintenance during the period of separation and the divorce is influenced by the rent-free use of apartments or houses. The basics of clearing this, called living value advantage with maintenance performance portray the Munich-based family law expert of the law firm Dittenheber & Werner. A spouse of living in separation or divorced couple using an apartment that is located in the property of the spouses, or together, was hired without providing rental services for this purpose, it enters the enjoyment of an eligible advantage in height saved rent. He reduces the amount of legally justified spousal maintenance as a living value. For assistance, try visiting The Related Companies. The value of residential real estate, calculated differently, depending on whether the spouses are in the time of the separation or already legally divorced.

During the statutory period of separation, the housing value is not about the amount of actually saved rent. Instead, it includes only the local rental appropriately reduced size, which corresponds to the matrimonial living conditions, would pay the apartment use spouse for an apartment. About this upcoming favoring the home user goes back to the assumption underlying the separation time, a reunion of the spouses is still conceivable. In the sense of legally imposed protection of conjugal cohabitation apartment use is encouraged here, not complicate a coming together of separate spouses. The favoring of the apartment using spouse ends with the legal force of the divorce. At that time, the residential value of full local rent of a residential property of appropriate size and quality is determined and applied on the spousal support.

If the spouses within the legal separation phase to decide finally to settle the economic consequences of divorce, or have a valid marriage contract that does this, the full value of living with beginning comes the separation time of the application. Other special features of the individual case, such as ownership, redemption obligations and advantages gained by the spouse who does not use the residential property, included in determining the value of living. To achieve an equitable interest determining of the value of living, is a specialist legal advice to be recommended.

Housing Deprivation

Rarely known, often wrong – not every housing shortage shall be entitled to the reduction in the rent in his just-published book the secret of the damp wall reduction in rent”author Thomas Trepnau shows that not every reduction in rent or rent reduction must be tolerated due to errors on the leased from the landlord. Assuming that you know what’s behind this issue of rent reduction”is and well prepared has. Please visit Richard LeFrak if you seek more information. The author, whose expert rat has helped already hundreds lessors bail out, shows in his latest Advisor, what precautions are to meet, to avoid reductions in rent and landlord in the case of rent cuts how to behave. Regensburg. What does the rental contract apartment defects with a reduction in rent to do? Conclusion of the lease agreement and passing the apartment key points, already among other things by the delivery protocol. Only the landlord, who knows the pitfalls, can handle them skillfully. He reduces the risk of victims of a rent reduction claim to be significantly” Notes Thomas Trepnau. Otherwise, a reduction in rent can eat up to 100% of the rent.

Be informed exactly about the conditions under which a tenant can cut the rent, and under which he must not!” This advice comes from rank. Thomas Trepnau has conducted hundreds of seminars for owners and managers. With various participants, he has repeatedly discussed their individual and very different problems. Especially”explains the author my readers and seminar participants want to know from me, the reduction rate may be as high.” Here he refers to his new book, in which also a rent reduction table is contained. It is just as important to avoid mistakes on the leased property. Therefore, issues such as damp walls, mold, noise, heating failure etc. be treated accordingly in detail.

Forfeit your claims and rights as a landlord not. “, which recommends nationwide known landlord guides from Regensburg, Germany. Your rental activity needs despite an extremely complex and tenancy law protected the tenants remain a lucrative affair. In these uncertain times your money invested in real estate should make its contribution also to your future pension. ” The book is as eBook or bound Edition with free CD-ROM, which contains important working tools, available in bookstores, in all known online book shops, as well as on the homepage of the author and Publisher. V.i.S.d.P. and your contact person: Thomas Trepnau PO box 101028 93010 Regensburg E-Mail:

KLAUS Housing Starts Selling New Condominiums

‘Leo 250’: real estate in Munich location Leopoldstrasse in Munich. The heart of the city. Here, in this exclusive location, the construction of the real estate project Leo 250 started now. Parallel to the sale has been started by KLAUS housing. Quick his worth: until May 31, the low starting prices apply to property apartments and penthouses.

In the city centre, and yet in a quiet location of the real estate project Leo 250 “will meet all your needs. A renowned urban planner has developed the architecturally unique and State of the art community in this unique ambience. Real estate businessman Martin Billing, Managing Director of KLAUS Wohnbau GmbH: I think we are here to create something unique. Where else has it had the look of greenery and the skyline of Munich at the same time? “.” Actually 250 belong to Leo “also spacious penthouses, from which one has a magnificent view over the city and at the same time in the green. About also, all apartments are barrier-free accessible. The ground level showers and extraordinary design are another highlight of the new real estate. The special extra: The ultra-modern property-apartments and residence are equipped with the latest energy technology and be as low KFW Energieeinsparverordnung 70 “built. While the structural works of the first construction phase with 75 apartments and penthouses by KLAUS Hoch + Tiefbau construction company already in full swing, interested parties already now have the option in the info-Pavillon (LAM str.

250, Mon-Thu 15: 00 18:00;) SA and so 14: 00 17:00) at the real estate professionals of KLAUS Wohnbau to inform. In addition, information documents available here such as floor plans, building specifications and planning details to view available. The shell is already finished in the fall of 2010, so that the first apartment owners can collect in the spring of 2011. Learn more about the construction and real estate professionals of the KLAUS group: experience since generations the KLAUS Gruppe is an expert in all areas around the building. KLAUS housing for example stands for modern apartments in a top location and with exclusive facilities in Augsburg and Munich at fair prices. The successful engineering companies KLAUS, ECKLE, and HOLL have a gravel plant, a SCHOTT plant, as well as investments in asphalt mixing plants and cutting-edge vehicles and equipment. Building construction is expert for shell jobs of whatsoever. When it comes to cultivation, reconstruction, restoration, renovation or maintenance, the building services team is the right partner. All in best hands is here guaranteed to the turnkey delivery. A plant for the production of individual precast belongs to the KLAUS Gruppe as well to the offer.

Looming Housing Shortage In Germany

Drastic developments in the German housing market sound dangerous the forecasts of experts: in less than 15 years, Germany threatens a serious housing shortage. Due to the growing number of single households, by 2025 approximately 360,000 homes are missing. The real estate site reports on the latest studies. Experts predict a decrease in supply of flats for the coming years, because it will invest increasingly in the social housing sector. For it, economy and societies increasingly put money in the construction of office complexes, which is often more lucrative.

The Federal States of Berlin, Hesse and Lower Saxony are particularly affected. Continue to include the regions of the lower Rhine in the Ruhr region and Baden-Wurttemberg. Areas in the Black Forest and Bavaria complete the list. Here, the living room as first will rar, which accordingly will be reflected in the prices. For singles and retirees that can mean no longer having the choice for their own apartment, but focus on forced sale to. Finally you want to According to current estimates, increasing the number of households to almost one million by 2020. Housing in the Republic fell in 2008 according to Federal Statistical Office 248.000 funded housing units in 2006 to 176,000-funded apartments. After the number has risen again slightly in 2009, is currently thinking again to cut the funding. According to IG-construction-chef Klaus Wiesehugel, the housing shortage could lead quickly to the poverty and social unrest. More information:… Lisa Neumann University Service GmbH

Student Housing

The struggle for affordable housing through the suspension of conscription and double Abitur year course flow as many students as never before in the German universities. In the academic year 2009/2010, 2.1 million students at German universities and FHs were enrolled and over the next three years, this number should increase to 2.3 million. But not only in the classroom is in the future. The Internet portal reported as parallel to the increasing numbers of student also the affordable, student housing is becoming increasingly scarce. German student unions offer in Germany approximately 181,000 residential places.

The remaining two million students must look elsewhere in their university towns for a roof over their heads. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Robert J. Shiller. Depending on the load of the apartment market, students have it different hard to rent a cheap apartment. Since the majority of their species according to the 19 social survey of the German student unions monthly on average only about 812 euro available, the agent for student living are relatively small. Cheap and close to the Centre housing is therefore much sought after. Given the increasing enrolment numbers, this is always sparse but especially in University cities such as Munich and Jena. Due to high demand, the student living increasingly become a lucrative investment, is already traded in the real estate industry as a new asset class. Particularly residential providers will benefit from the rising student numbers. Essential for student residences is the proximity to the University or college. In addition to the amount of the rental costs, this is a most important decision criterion for students in the choice of new accommodation.

Chinese Buildings

Shanghai. It is hard to imagine how this modest fishing village of Yangzte River mouth has grown into the largest city in China and the eighth largest in the world. And it has also become the pride of China for many other reasons: to be a great and progressive city with a proud and glorious past. It is an epicenter for art and culture as well as for trade. Moreover, this cosmopolitan city has much to offer the curious tourists and has become a popular destination among travelers from the East. For those unfamiliar with this city, And why not take a chronological approach to sample sites with the history of Shanghai? Part One: Empire Period – Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD.) In the area of Puxi (west of river), visit Yuyuan, a private garden of Ming traditional style built in 1559 and opened in 1961. You will find rock gardens, cloisters, pavilions, corridors, ponds and many scenic spots.

Second part: thirties Visit the Bund (Wai Tan), whose streets are dominated by European architecture. This area was the commercial and financial district of Shanghai and in it were placed government buildings and foreign companies. Scroll through the French Concession, a neighborhood full of houses shikumen, art-deco buildings, cafes and shops. The city's hedonistic past is evident in the many colonial-style buildings. If you really want to know what is going shopping in Shanghai, nothing beats the Nanjing Road. Part Three: XXI Century Cross Huangpu River to reach Pudong and find the Wall Street of China. If you want to enjoy a spectacular view of the city from above, climb the Tower of Oriental Pearl, one of the tallest buildings in the world. There is an extensive choice of hotels in Shanghai, as well as an endless array of dining options from the rich food from street stalls of Wujiang Road to the elite and expensive restaurants in Xintiandi. In China many traditional festivals are held and, if those who prefer to get the heart of Chinese culture, it might be a good idea to plan your trip to coincide with any of these events. However, avoid the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), held in February, as most of the sites close. For more information, visit the official website of Shanghai.

Building A Computer

A man who faced the necessity to build a computer can get into the hands of a great many secondary literature. The main thing I realized: impeccable build quality and computer depends on experience and on time that it is possible to devote to it. The main thing about building a computer. Master is responsible. Nobel Laureate in Economics helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Tips on the site.

Central issues in assembling a computer. Central points: 1). Determine the requirements of the future computer. Comment: – A computer that is necessary for the implementation of the basic functions conferred on the computer – a computer, which is necessary for the implementation of a set of professional challenges that require serious computational capabilities (design, installation, etc.) – a gaming computer. So called computers, which are really "imprisoned" by the latest games that require serious resources to process all the moments that are realized in gameplay.

2). Find the components of the future computer, in other words to determine the composition. Composition of the computer system unit (Hardware): drive (drive) – a set of sense (in parallel) Video Card – imagination (in man) Hard drive (the person we used to call it a long memory, Culler (in man is a function of getting rid of excess heat energy heat transfer) Housing (in parallel with a man is his body, which is visual result of the union, and the terms of all systems) Motherboard mainboard (in parallels with humans are central nervous system) cpu – the brain (in person) psu – in parallel with a man circulatory system, etc. Memory (in parallels with the man is a fast memory, so that helps us in exams when you need here and now, as something to remember, and after we get rid from this information) with the luggage of such knowledge, know, do not get confused. You are not going to build your choice in the abstract, as yet unexplained features of each of the components of the computer. Finally, to practice! Computer gaming: I will say at once, with the development of gaming software industry, hardware and development of computer technology has been a steady so-called "tug of war." The main element in the computer gaming – video card. Here, all depends on your capabilities, high-quality video will reveal all the gaming experience. At the present stage of the top as an option can be a set of models GTS200 firm nvidia. Home or office computer with a standard set of features: a minimal set of components with average characteristics. Computer with additional professional goals: exacting design elements increases, and the emphasis on the processor.

Quality Building Materials

Referring to any well-known company that produces building materials, you get the opportunity to select a qualified consulting products and attentive approach. Then you are ready to offer huge variety of construction and dry mixes that have passed strict quality control and repeated testing. There is a huge range of tile adhesives, Levelling Screed flooring, putty, plaster, mixes waterproofing, foam concrete, repair, installation and masonry mixes, including all current classes of cement and much more. Buying a dry powder or other products, you provide a guarantee of excellent quality. A all due to the fact that all the dry mixes are subject to strict selection of raw materials for production, based on extensive scientific and technological base, which controls all the processes using modern high technology.

In the huge range you will find all the modern varieties of cement and dry mix cement based, which is essential in the repair. Also in any directory you will find the plaster and putty different species, such as texture filler for the walls of the corridor. Find this product is easy. With a personal fleet of company materials are delivered to all the markets of Moscow, Moscow region and other regions of Russia (inquiries can be contact the manager). Thus, go to the nearest market from your home, you can easily find and buy any high-quality products. The quality of cement and dry mortar, foam block, fillings and plaster and other products is mandatory controls in a special laboratory. It should be noted that the entire range of products have quality certificates, which will provide you with the necessary confidence.

The First Building

The first building was in this place was a fortress with a central tower built in the thirteenth century by Birger Jarl to defend Lake M laren. The fortress grew into a palace, called (Three Crowns “) in honor of the needles of the central tower. In the late sixteenth century, there were many works to transform the old fortress into a Renaissance palace under the reign of King John III. In 1690, it was decided to rebuild the palace in Baroque style after a design by Nicodemus Tessin the Younger. In 1692, work began on the north. It was completed in 1697, but much of the palace collapsed due to a fire on May 7, 1697. The palace was rebuilt by Nicodemus Tessin the Younger, with wings shaped semicircle around the western courtyard completed in 1734, the palace church completed in the 1740s, and the exterior finished in 1754.The royal family moved into the palace that had already completed construction of the wings west, southeast and northwest. The northwest wing was finished in 1760. In the north, Lejonbacken ( “Slope of the lion”) was built between 1824 and 1830. Its name comes from the sculptures in the form of a lion in there. The palace is protected by H gvakten, the royal guard consisting of members of the Swedish armed forces. This guard dates from the early sixteenth century.