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Currency Investments

It is now a global phenomenon. More or less a year, the price expressed in dollars was higher than the rest of the world. But over the last three, four and five months the increase has been so fast that has affected all currencies have to be careful with notes on the transport cost, post will have an impact on certain goods, including food. Also indirect costs. As you continue up the price of oil will spend more on alternative fuels and more resources be allocated to renewable fuels. Since then, he says, has implications for the increased cost of agricultural products. So there are both direct and indirect ways that we can foresee in the next 12-24 months.

Siegel adds that it has seen has increased dramatically in recent months the price of oil substitutes, including natural gas, after remaining stable for many years. No rose-oil, but over the last three or four months has increased from 40 to 50%. Hopefully, OPEC knows how to handle the situation properly, because prices continue to rise, the consequences are very serious for many countries dependent on oil, all generate a rise in the final products, and what worries over how the poverty, hunger will increase. Learn more at this site: The LeFrak Organization. In the Venezuelan case that concerns us, fortunately being a good producer and supplier of oil, the situation is favored in its economy, unfortunately, seems to be no economic programs to help develop the country and solve the serious problems facing health , housing, poverty, education, quality of life. Shall the government, administer, manage their income towards the country, thus avoiding wasting money on behalf of projections and political conquests, when there are many challenges to ensure the Venezuelan quality of life better than it currently faces, before a environment that has generated an atmosphere of uncertainty, insecurity, risk. It is an opportunity to restructure its major weaknesses in education, health, housing, businesses that support the development of products involving Venezuela to exploit their other wealth, agriculture, mining, metals, among others. How are you opportunities to be exploited to the fullest and learn to invest currencies according to the country.

The Impression

Valley to mention that in the crisis of 2008 in U.S.A. they had banks alavancados in up to 30 times the capital in hand. As the point is related as the bank gets profit. Beyond the loans, the bank invests in financial assets and carries through other types of activities/services, in order to gain money of other forms and to diversify its operations. In case that the banks have captation problems, for example, they will possibly go to expose each time more in riskier assets in order to contrabalance the yield that are leaving to earn normally, This can highly be harmful for the bank and, consequently, for financial system, national, not only as well as world-wide depending on the cases, mainly due to globalization. Today diverse banks assume rights and obligations between itself. In case that one of them comes to disregard such commitments the system can pass for a collapse and, with this, it would have deep necessity of governmental intervention.

Of this form, we arrive at the focus of the question in relation to the paper of the banks. As to judge them and so that really they exist. Seguidamente the people if delude and create a distorted vision of what she is offered by the banks. When one is offered credits rotating charging interests of 100% to the year, many people tends if to feel special, therefore the impression that is of that we are being remembered or presenteados, in view of that institution is placing our disposal a resource for any necessity that appears, when in the truth it this making its main activity that is of in loaning to the expensive interests a money to them that acquired with other people the very low interests, as was cited at the beginning of this article. Being thus, the natural person would have to use the bank of simple form, only using the account as easy form and practises of storage of resources and never to catch loaned money, unless it is really necessary.

Price Table

However a consideradonegativo aspect must be standed out, that is the fact> Price Table, becomes necessary to detach two comments: the first one how much to the constant value of the installments, that due to inflationary existence doprocesso, needs to pass for a monetary update on ovalor of the same one, what it makes with that does not exist in literal way a valorconstante; the other point to be detached is that the esucessivos periodic payments generally are contracted to be monthly, what facilitates oacompanhamento and, also, the agreement how much to the composition of the referidasprestaes. In accordance with Scavone (1998), Tabela Price is a system> SFH that is composed for the Nacionalde Bank Habitation SCI, and also created the correction monetrianos real estate contracts. This exactly statute, in the article 6 letter C determines that the least has left of the financing, oudo price to be paid, either amortized in successive monthly installments, of igualvalor, before the readjustment, that include amortizations and interests. In other words, what this law determines is aobrigatoriedade of the use of the French System of Amortization – Price Table, for being the only system of amortization of payments that contemplates successive monthly asprestaes and of equal value. 2,2 Decree n. 2164 of 19 deSetembro of 1984 This Decree instituted the comocritrio wage equivalence of readjustment of the installments. In its article it 9estava definitive that the contracts for acquisition of proper housing, atravsdo SFH, would establish that from the year of 1985, the foreseen readjustments of prestaesneles would correspond the percentile one the same and regularity of aumentode wage of> professional category the one that to belong the buyer. In the paragraph 4 was determinadoque the buyers of proper housing who not to belong to the specific categoriaprofissional, as well as classified as independent, professional liberal and the commission agents, with contracts firmed from 1 of January of 1985, would have its readjusted installments namesma ratio of the variation of the wage-minimum.