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Highquality Interior Design

Modern glass panels and glass doors in aluminium, wood, steel and drywall which combines color and light desire for aesthetics and security is possible with Planline in outstanding fashion. The ideas of architects and planners, builders and craftsmen to carry out complex building tasks, high-quality and economically viable Planline at are the focus. Planning freedom to produce visually and technically sophisticated glazing, which perfectly complement with functional components for fire protection, sound insulation, security, privacy, radiation protection and laser protection can also provide the elements by individual dimensions. Clear interface between the frame and glass: the protected shutter system which is at the same time a clear interface between glass and frame is the core for the Planline glasses in an elegant all-glass optics, bring best ease of installation, non-recurring integration capability and maximum individuality, atmosphere in buildings and premises. An interface that allows Planline as in almost every construction a flush glazing. Suitable for all constructions and trades: Planline is the perfect solution for metal fabricators, carpenters, drywall installers and many others don’t care whether floor to ceiling glass walls, skylights, transparent window, endless concatenation without static intermediate posts or as Plandoor in single – and double leaf swing doors. Planline is suitable for installation in schools, kindergartens, hospitals, office buildings, and all other objects with increased requirements.

Convince numerous references, a very good price / performance ratio, and many other benefits. Benefits at a glance – fire the G30 classes F30, F60 – high sound insulation values up to 57 dB – always flush with frame and wall – either with wood, steel or aluminium profiles – no sharp edges – no dust – and dirt – quick and easy installation by high prefabrication degree learn more: request for info: info-material / about Planline “Dry construction window planline-glass system/planline drywall / Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH new road 9 83071 stephanskirchen wife Dorothee Kriewald Public Relations, marketing 08031 / 94148-51 since 1990, develops and produces GLASTEC Rosenheim – Rosenheim GmbH successful glasses with system” and asserts itself successfully for years with multifunctional glass products for the window facade and partition wall construction. This one draws both from the knowledge of the glass technology, the insulating glass technology and solar technology. The resulting technical synergies flow in dominant’ products and services. With the development of a comprehensive range of high-tech insulating glasses with daylight and solar shading systems in between the panes GLASTEC Rosenheim carries the ever higher requirements of the law to save energy, to the Sun, heat and environmental protection consistent invoice. Also in special areas such as day light and climate control, fire, radiation and laser protection is Glastec operating successfully. The product line Planline, a flush glazing system of GLASTEC for the high-quality interior design and drywall is unique. The exclusive partitioning system in aluminium, wood and steel frame and new! in the drywall with a special frame system can be combined with additional functions such as fire, radiation, noise and privacy. The Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH sees itself as a creative driving force of the modern glass architecture and offers a large variety of programs which includes customer-specific special solutions for this purpose.

MCM Investor Management

Investors love Germany: Germany is the most attractive real estate market in Europe for them. Germany is more popular than ever as a real estate site. The cities are booming. The Federal Republic is the most attractive real estate market in Europe, according to a survey among investors. Four German cities end up among the top ten has Germany surpassed even the United Kingdom. A survey of consultancy CBRE group of 362 investors showed that 35 percent of those polled consider the German market the most charming.

One reason for the increasing attractiveness of Germany is calming the euro crisis according to CBRE. The fears of the real estate investors prior to a breakup of the Monetary Union had declined, said CBRE expert Peter Damesick. Among the cities, London but remains the number one. The southern German city of Munich is the German number one. Behind them comes the capital Berlin, followed by Paris and Warsaw. As a whole succeeded in four German cities among the top ten: Hamburg ranked seven, Frankfurt square eight. In Germany shows the real estate boom also to the increasing number of building permits for new homes. Go to Greenberg Traurig for more information.

She was the third consecutive year 2012. According to the Federal Statistical Office, 239.500 building permits were issued in the last year – 4.8 percent more than 2011. Historically low building interest and fear of inflation as a result of loose monetary policy in the European monetary policy are reasons for the upward trend. Also running through the high attractiveness of the German real estate market. The results of the survey will attract even more investors. Especially modern office buildings, shopping centers and hotels are in the focus of investors. The discrepancy between the low range of high-quality properties in top locations such as Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt, and high demand is however problematic. The real estate market is expanding but also on the previously less attractive locations, this could affect positively on the entire site Germany as the real estate market. Those in charge of MCM investor Management AG see good prospects for investors in East German cities. For example, the also in cities such as Magdeburg, Leipzig and Dresden continuously, demand creating a stable real estate market here. The sites are becoming popular, young and dynamic student town with a high quality of life. The management of Magdeburg-based MCM Sachwert concepts AG & co. KG can rely on over 13 years of market experience. The management successfully accompanied the capital market issuance of three closed-end real estate funds, participated in the design and marketing of 67 major real estate and participated in the marketing of over 2,000 condos. The brochure of return on investments of MCM Sachwert concepts AG & co. KG describes the successful investment policy of the company and provides 15 real estate projects to all by himself a convincing residential output, high rental levels, good to very good rental yields and by the individuality stand out.

Thomas Cook Group

“The Group Airlines fleet is sunny heart on the tail unit Frankfurt, October 1, 2013 In the context of the transformation of the company and based on the long tradition as a tour operator which today announced Thomas Cook Group, that they the brand in all markets under a common symbol, the sunny heart”, together. The sunny heart is introduced from today in the Group and the former Thomas Cook logo, the globe, the Web pages and catalogs, travel agencies, replace worldwide on the aircraft and all Office buildings. The Thomas Cook Group brings together many leading brands such as for example, Neckermann, Condor, Ving in Sweden as well as Airtours in the UK, which will carry the sunny heart as a complement their brand appearances in all. To the introduction of the sunny heart surprised passengers at the baggage carousel in Palma de Mallorca. A video is online at

This is a significant milestone in our high-tech, high touch transformation”, says Harriet Green, CEO of Thomas Cook Group. It is not easy the introduction of a new logo, but a promise. What we announce today is the renewed promise to our customers, employees and partners, that we put them in the center of our transformation. It is the essence of what we are.”the Association of our brands is triple: you helps our customers understand the size and utility of all Thomas Cook Group together with our innovative range of our services and products; It shows more clearly what differentiates us and how we ensure a consistent customer experience at every point of contact from the search and booking, through the preparation to the holiday itself. We concentrate on a clear and strong portfolio that can be incorporated the essence of the sunny heart in our brands and our customer promise clearly makes the full range of unforgettable vacation experiences for our customers.”.

Burglary and theft – ultimately it can each make… starting with the small retailers about schools, gyms, homes for the elderly to carriers and car dealerships. The police can not always be, to prevent offences with property and at worst also injury – how can we insure ourselves? Many believe a collapse could not meet them. Then it happened, the shock is often deeply. Easily accessible and poorly secured entrance doors, window or basement ducts are not a big problem for burglars. Even easier, it is during the day made burglars in for example schools, old people’s homes or office buildings, because here no input controls exist in many cases. Simply, the doors are open for everyone.

Burglar to the detriment of the carefree concerned like to accept this invitation. Not to protect burglar to come in anyway everywhere “, so the statement of not yet degraded is often. Far from it – against intrusions or unauthorized access can very well, we protect ourselves. The police (see brochure bad deals for burglar”page 6) the experience that burglars fail to backup technology makes again and again, especially in the commercial field,. Burglars are in many cases not well equipped and deterred so often with simple backup technology or burglar alarms.

Visible deterrent as video surveillance and access control pose a greater threat to the potential burglar and prevent forcible or unlawful entry. Professional access control can be used to control exactly who, how long and when access to different rooms, areas and buildings have. To gain access to a room or area with technical access control, a proof of identity must be provided. This can be done in different ways for example by code entries, magnetic stripe cards, smart cards, Bluetooth mobile phone or by biometrics such as fingerprints, iris or Netzhautscan or Palm prints. Usually, an access control system consists of at least three components. A sensor takes the identification of the user and transfers them to a central control unit. This access control determines who gets what access rights when and where. A user is actually allowed a so-called actuator is activated and the user is granted access. There are 2 ways, such as the Headquarters this decision”can meet. Either it is an offline system, in which the Central can make the decision himself or to an online system in which the Central only confirm the decision by a central supervisory body must settle. Backup system which is suitable for who, always depends the secured object or area. What is certain is that well designed and tuned to the object security systems contribute significantly to the property and personal safety. No matter whether it is a mechanical device, a video surveillance, alarm systems or an access control. Also affect Backup systems positively on the insurance protection from. V.i.S.d.P and your contact Torsten food food safety technology industrial park road 3-5 44339 Dortmund Tel. No. 0231-9898351 email: Internet: food safety technology from Dortmund is an experienced and reliable specialist for modern security technology, both for commercial and private customers. The company places an emphasis on cutting-edge technology, fast and uncomplicated realisation of orders and best customer service. Many years of experience, qualified personnel and reliable partners, such as for example the company Abus and Dorma, stand for a qualitative execution of planned projects.


Thus, the display ideally meets the requirements for the TV in hotel rooms, public areas in hotels and office buildings as well as sports bars and for advertising in stores. In conjunction with the new wireless gateway ViewSonic WPG-370, displaying presentations and the sharing of content on the CDE4200-L are more comfortable. The WPG-370 allows the wireless connection of displays with numerous devices such as desktop computers, laptops and even Tablet PCs and Smartphones. It is no matter, whether the users of Windows, Mac, iOS or Android as the operating system uses the content may quickly be transmitted via radio. This solution is ideal for executive offices, where PDFs, important business documents or other documents together on a larger display can be seen.

Combined with the new wireless full HD media player NMP 570w ViewSonic creates the CDE4200-L the ability to present content from centrally-managed files. The NMP 570w is extremely reliable and supported a resolution of 1080 pixels for videos. In addition, content from the cloud can be obtained and presented in real time. In the NMP 570w sat on current technologies such as, for example, HTML5 to display dynamic information at the point-of-service from the Web or from a server on the network. Additional information at Nobel Laureate in Economics supports this article. The very user-friendly content management software “Signage Manager Express” now features both high – and vertical-format templates, the HTML5 “smart widgets” support for multi zone screen applications can be used. This is a perfect solution for advertising in retail areas and information terminals in Office buildings.

All ViewSonic products include a 3-year warranty which can be extended to additional options. The CDE4200-L is available with a 3-jahigen warranty on selected parts and repairs. Gets the full HD display, CDE-4200-L June in Europe, Russia and Turkey for 599 (RRP Excl. VAT) offered. The WPG-370 wireless gateway (available from June 2013) will cost 169 (RRP Excl. VAT) and the network-ready HD media player NMP-comes at the price of 499 (EIA + VAT). The ViewSonic Corporation headquartered in Walnut (California, United States) is a leading, global leading company in the field of computing, consumer electronics and communication technology. Since the company was founded in 1987, ViewSonic focuses on, to be world’s first choice under the brand provider of Visual solutions. The portfolio includes LED monitors, Tablet PCs, projectors, smartphones, digital-signage – and cloud-computing solutions. ViewSonic will also continue to significantly help as paving the way for innovative visual technologies a digital networked future.

Business start-up for architects and engineers often professionals is too risky and too expensive after completion of the study the acquisition or purchase one on the market consisting of offices. Already some courage include, particularly, if this even existing staff should be applied with. On the other hand will be paid sometimes learned the hard way in building an own Office in the early years, experience in the use of the corresponding all-encompassing Office software do not exist and the purchase of software is too expensive. To its own extensive collection of literature is to think not even for cost reasons. Also the question arises when taxes again and again for the important references. Other, far cheaper and less risky had an idea the arcade GmbH, Saarbrucken together with the building & expert service Ltd, with the Office in Gottlieben on Lake Constance in the Switzerland. The arcade GmbH has with the acquired ing.-Office of Schutgens together over 30 years experience in the provision of all architectural and engineering services at municipal Construction projects, as well as projects of the housing industry, banks and office buildings, commercial buildings and industrial buildings.

Many projects were completed as general contractor or as a project manager, or provided only partial performance of the HOAI. At peak times, the Office had more than 10 employees. The arcade GmbH together with the building and expert service Ltd. to a franchise or license system has bundled this experience including the references and the extensive project data. After a wide consultation of interested young colleagues, including detailed written documentation on the subject, either can the entrepreneur for a sole proprietorship, or a Ltd. or all its founding and anmeldeunterlagen GmbH for the notary and the trade register. All documents and information to establish an Office easily and in a few days. Includes patterns for commercial logging on the transitory support at the conclusion of insurance, registration with the competent professional association and the Chamber of Commerce, the Finanzamt and the health insurance fund.

Editorial Responsibility

In this virtue can have values as the care, acceptance, sobriety, obedience, self-esteem among others avoiding gluttony, drunkenness, lust, pride vanity and cruelty. The fortress is overcome or withstand all obstacles that oppose our purposes, is the habit of the domain itself and truly acting on rational grounds. With this we can obtain values of perseverance, commitment, work. The absence of this virtue would have as a result the cowardice, weakness, timidity and impatience. Justice is to give to each person what he deserves, it inspires us to self-control and treatment with others or our similar. Therefore with this virtue we can practice values as teamwork, solidarity, respect, shared responsibility protection job. Professor Rita McGrath has firm opinions on the matter. Injustice provokes the discontent of many people and it is here where our actions should be taken with prudence and Temperance since our decision must be consistent and always to do good.

In conclusion in order to have a guide on how to instill some values can help us from the above-mentioned virtues which help us together to dominate our passions and control us ourselves all with the purpose of avoiding evil acts and vices. Since no one is born with virtues as parents have a responsibility to start this teaching to their children and get them a good moral start in life. And it is that I do emphasis the parental responsibility since today has noticed parents to delegate this responsibility to the teachers of the schools. Here the key is give a time to cultivate values in children, be aware of their needs concerns as well as their joys and successes. We must not forget that in the family the most important value is love because it is the basis of the family relationship as it is love that everything believes, can do everything. Angel cuts Vieyra Puebla, Pue. Mexico. June 18, 2010 reference: Ethics: theory and application, Agustin Fagothey.

The Secrets Of An Island

Only 35 minutes of flight separated the cities of Barcelona and Menorca. Nothing, practically is accommodated in armchair and in a twinkling of an eye we will be enjoying a place that is all fun, and that combines so amazing nature, the Sun, the sea and history, shaping the peculiar idiosyncrasy of this Mediterranean island. Fortunately, lots of flights and rental deals there are cars Menorca, which allow you to combine short trips of a few days to cut a bit with the daily routine and clear the mind and the soul. The city of Menorca is fascinating. It truly is a bizarre combination of styles, cultures and personalities, which combine beautifully to make this island what we know today. Menorca has it all: small streets near the port for walks, places where stop to drink or eat, and the possibility of taking a ferry that will cross that bright and blue sea to take us to one of the many beaches that this archipelago is reserved.

Hotel in Menorca, is everything and for all tastes. From Hotels five stars, where a little pampering spas, departments or small rural properties away from the center of the city. The island offers an incredible variety, both in performance and price. Definitely, those who enjoy the blue sea seek accommodation close to the beaches as Des Grau or Binibeca, although never miss that adventurer who look for arriving in some more remote and lonely beach. After landing on the island it is worth booking a rental Menorca airport car to explore the prehistoric essentials in the area, as the Naveta Des Tudons, considered the oldest building in all Europca and one of the most tourist attractions of Menorca. Or the prehistoric settlements of Torre d Galmes and Torralba d in Salord, where the largest taula from the Menorcan island is, in the latter. The best way of approaching this area of the city is with the predisposition to enjoy long walks on foot, and with a pair of shoes and comfortable clothes, for enjoying the many historical testimonies that the rich history of Menorca has saved.


That is applicable to any situation, any service that you need and pay for therefore requires the best personalized attention, if it is not possible to receive it, may be that the company this getting into areas where it does not have neither the experience nor the possibilities of offering a good service. We as customers require the best, without having to pay more in price, different models of cars offer us a future vision of future plans for our vacation. Go with our family to the Costa del Sol, involves renting a spacious car. If going alone, as more secure than if we can afford it, you want a sports car or a vehicle luxury, and if our idea is adventure, an SUV hara our delights. A good rental company you dara the vehicle that I will best suit your needs at a competitive price.

Advantages of renting the car outside the airport although the companies best known worldwide as Avis, Hertz and Europcar have their counters inside the airport, that’s not what more face Commodus customer, which cannot avoid in any form worldwide known in the airports traffic jams more tourist if we add to that heat, it is a cocktail of thing more irritating to our senses. The best thing is a rental company cars, which offer the possibility to pick you up on arrival and take you out of the airport to pick up your rental car, thus avoiding the crowds and the traffic from the terminal. Doesn’t seem ideal?, is it the ease of reach that you pick up and when returning the car, take you back without worrying about anything other than arrive on time for your flight is priceless, and is something that some companies provide for free, but not all.

Remi Di Gregorio

Voeckler, of the cycling team Europcar, is awarded a stage of Paris-Nice cycling team Europcar, Thomas Voeckler runner, won the fourth stage of the Paris-Nice, disputed between the towns of Creches-sur-Saone and Belleville, 191 kilometers. Voeckler, who has in its palmares victories in rounds of the importance of the Tour de France and is the current French champion, made gala of its quality during a reduced arrival, avoiding an end of leg mass, after having also starred in the last meters of the stage the previous day. In this case, the corridor of the car rental company was wrapped up since the beginning of the stage, in which the getaway, was forged by his compatriots Remi Di Gregorio of team Astana, Remi Pauriol, runner of the FDJ, the leader of the first day, Thomas de Gendt, and De Greef, Omega Pharma-Lotto. After traversing seven mountain passes, escapees, except De Greef, pooled their efforts to break out of the peloton together to line goal in Belleville, where finally Voeckler won the victory. After the stage, the Belgian Thomas de Gendt, Vacansoleil-DMC team, regained the leadership of the French round.