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Commercial Real Estate

What is the modern concept of 'commercial property'? This definition corresponds to all real estate for commercial purposes. Most popular now kinds of commercial property: it Office commercial real estate, shopping area and a place in the warehouses. Naturally, each type of property has its own specificity, its pace of development of the supply / demand for it. For example, the most stable demand retained for office and shopping area. Since kushatmy want to always, we go to the shops. If a product is not in one store, we go to another. And so on.

Therefore, trade outlets will always be. Accordingly, there will always be demand for land for various outlets. In contemporary Russia, though slowly, but still develops small and medium businesses. Private entrepreneurs and organizations need for office space – They rent or buy commercial real estate office. Somewhat more complicated with plots and real estate for production companies or warehouses. here and the amount of work the other, and the amount of necessary funds significantly above. In general, the say you need only to specialists in this field.

Rent-a Profitable Real Estate !

Have you tried to take shelter in the rent? After renting an apartment or a room in St. Petersburg, the company is very profitable. If you are the owner of residential real estate in one area of the city, and themselves most of the time live, For example, in the country, it's worth a try! The first thing to start – select a real estate agency that will help you correctly and, most importantly, safe to rent your property. You can certainly become an independent landlord. However, in this case it should be noted that neither any guarantee of timely payments, as well as the safety of your property you will not.

Otherwise deal with the agency. Your personal realtor not only significantly shorten the search , but also will help to make the lease. You can take residential property for rent for several months, a year or a couple of years and can rent an apartment for rent. Y Each of these scenarios have their advantages and disadvantages. In the first case (rent) payment may be higher, but the tenants will be changed frequently. It may cost you more trouble to repair. Than long-term lease, so tend to be lower and more stable rents. But you can count on additional income not only in a particular month, but the annual term.

What is sometimes very handy. Significantly affect your income from rental housing factors such as: – low budget, but the fresh cosmetic repairs in the apartment – the existence of the necessary furnishing (furniture, kitchen, sofa, table, wardrobe for clothes) – basic household appliances (refrigerator, tv, washing machine) – the existence of a landline phone can also, however slightly, affect the cost of rent in the direction of its increase. In any case, be the landlord in St. Petersburg – A very profitable!

Buyout Estate

Lawyers in recent years, often in contact with cases where people who are property owners, there are some serious problems. This is the version where part of housing for sale is not a relative, and third party. Now there's a new direction – the raid. Specialists in this field exist for what to avoid unpleasant situations with real estate fraud. A second option of avoiding frauds can serve treatment in the real estate agency staff estate agency advised in such situations to behave this way: The owner of your apartment is going to sell it. There still try to talk and agree on a buyout its share. If the price is well too high for you, arrange to defer payment.

The seller of the apartment can assign absolutely any amount. Here you are powerless. You have no money, then make out a mortgage on an apartment, buy out in this way. In this version requires several months or six months for the registration of all securities. Seller shall you go to a meeting. You can enter into correspondence with the seller of a notary. Best answer to each question counter-questions: Payments as would happen? The seller, what form of assurances want? Such issues may be many. But remember that to pull such correspondence also makes no sense, it does not help you avoid foreclosure share of housing, you win a little time.

Do not forget, the law on the side of the seller. Keep him on good terms. It is best to negotiate peacefully. It is noteworthy that another option out of the situation, in case of sale of a stake in your apartment, besides buying this part, no. In another option, you just may be the victim of people who want to buy shares in your apartment. You need to buy the shares already have them, and at a much higher cost, are often too overestimated. To sell their part in this apartment, will be very difficult, as it already belongs to multiple owners. Specialists real estate agency says that in our legislation poorly reflect all transactions, which are connected with the purchase of the apartments and it is necessary to enact new laws.


Note that this "work" consisted only of the investor in finding a competent realtor and money. All other actions served a growing market. Realtors Seeing crazy growth of speculative money for clients, also could not resist the temptation of easy money. They are harnessed into the game without rules, winding its delta on the cost of selling their sites – in fact, earning on nothing and forgetting of its direct liabilities to customers. Thus, the reputation of Realtors has been severely marred, and the confidence of the customers lost. Any buyer, considering the option of selling the object, he knew that the statement Price includes planted a realtor and hidden from the sellers realtor delta. Excessive amounts of money entering the property market from other markets, inflated prices, like yeast dough.

Agent new generation What is happening today, "blowing the market" will destroy the interest of speculators and suspend unjustified price increases. Number of investors Visitor enjoy speculative cream, reduced, but the need for real estate as a residence and facility use, not decrease. By reducing the cost by 2020 60% of the population of Russia will be able to buy their own homes, says the head of the Federal Agency for Construction and Housing Sergei Kruglik. At the moment tolko17% of Russians own their own housing. Hence, the need for real estate, as well as in services in its market, and there continue in the future. However, the current situation poses realtors new challenges. How to become a client's needs? How to restore the trust that was lost along with the "Air" gains and wound deltas? The answer is simple: to create and implement a new model of the agent, with a new approach and new services that meet the current needs of the market. And, as you can not build a house on a foundation with a crack, so it is impossible to create a model using the old ways of thinking and yourself approaches. For this reason, those who will continue to chase after "easy money", not wanting to radically change their views, will be forced to withdraw from the market, giving way to a new generation of realtors. Thus, the pr move quickly, leaving the last speculative approach, the more effective their work today.

Real Estate: How To Evaluate Real Estate Apartment

Sale, purchase, exchange of housing – these real estate transactions are made permanent. When it is necessary to comply with its own interests at the forefront score apartment. There are different ways of assessing the apartment. Can use high-quality services of a licensed appraiser, professional real estate agent or try to do it yourself. Of Appraisers determine the value of real estate with a high degree of reliability and fix their findings in an official paper. Agent can evaluate both on site and by telephone.

Analyze the cost of housing can be their own. In this case would require knowledge about the required criteria for evaluation of real estate. One relates to the location. Similar apartments located in different areas will have different prices. In each city – its characteristic features. If talking about Moscow, the most prestigious called the Central District, in which – the most expensive apartments. Inexpensive, designated South, South-east. As a rule, accommodation in the heart of any city – a tasty morsel, and it respectively, affects the price.

Thus, the most expensive real estate in Tver is located in the Central area, and cost-effective – in the suburbs. The next criterion – it's proximity to transport. Large distance from the stop bus or subway may reduce the price by several thousand dollars. At the price of influence is characteristic of the location of the home infrastructure, including: supermarkets, nurseries, schools, hospitals, sports complexes. An important criterion – the situation with the environment. Neighborhood with the chp will not make housing attractive. Pay attention to the quality of the house – is important year of construction, condition of the building, the wall material, number of floors and stuff. Conventionally, the house can be divided into the "Stalinist", panel, and five-storey block- era, the modern high-rises and luxury brick buildings. By the logic of the most expensive apartment will cost in the buildings. However, housing hruschevke can be assessed much higher. The reason for this – the status of "demolition". After some time in return will be given a comfortable apartment in a prestigious area. Real estate in Tver and other cities with such a status is particularly in demand. Relevant features, such as floors and area. Accommodation on the ground floor is traditionally estimated less than average. With regard to the area, here are important: number of rooms, availability of the loggia, storage and other outbuildings. In assessing housing are taken into consideration and legal aspects. The most preferred option, which do not have any difficulties with registration documents in the apartment (it no prescribed, it is not subject to settlement and so on).

Build Or Purchase Real Estate ?

Build or buy? If you decide to get a suburban real estate, sooner or later you'll have to make this a difficult choice: to buy a finished house or build it yourself. Pros and cons are both options, and Today we will focus on key. Buying: Pros and Cons First of all, buying a ready-made house, you gain in time and save your nerves: self-construction – is, among other things, and the complicated process of paperwork on the ground, and waste of time to obtain numerous permits state services for the construction and operation of a residential building, and project selection, and eyeliner communications. Yes, and relationships with builders mean the set of "nice" surprises. Frankly, to predict all the challenges you will face when building a house, it is hardly possible.

In addition, the finished house is usually sold in a villa or cottage, therefore, solved the problem with infrastructure. Before moving you do not have to stock products for the month ahead, in close proximity to your home, most likely, and shops and schools, kindergartens, and, possibly, restaurants, barbershops, spas and fitness centers – all depends on what town you choose. As you know, infrastructure eliminates the typical fear of the townspeople to life outside the city as the stagnation in the impenetrable wilderness. However, the decision itself ready to buy a house in the village does not mean there are no problems. So, what is worth knowing and what one should try to avoid it? If the house was built long ago to be ready for what will have to do repairs due to wear and decrepitude finishing elements or supporting structures, pipes and wiring.

Offer Real Estate

Activity lessors in the iv quarter of 2008 increased significantly. With the end of summer and vacation period, usually, the volume of transactions in the rental market is increasing, due to the new proposals and review of previously concluded agreements: volume of new proposals by September 2008 reached the March figures, denoting that the second peak of activity for the year market rent real estate in Moscow. You must also specify that the rental market in real estate is not could not influence the financial crisis: some owners meters fear in today's environment to sell their assets, decided to lease them. This was reflected in a sharp growth rate of new supply in September, and will obviously affect the increase in rental market luxury real estate in the coming months, before the onset of relative financial stability. In the iv quarter of 2008, the structure of territorial distribution quality housing for rent remained the same – most of the quality of the apartments are located in the heart of the capital, mostly in areas , Arbat, . Outside the cao bulk of the proposal was concentrated in the western part of town – uab, and swad szao. Despite the fact that the overall volume of deals in the rental market is quite high, most of it concentrated in the segment of private apartments and rental market is organized remains scarce.

Among the main objects of long-term organized rent – an apartment house in the dips Nikolovorobinskom per. Tenement houses GlavUpDK company (the company provides the premises leased to foreign and Russian legal entities registered in Russia), as well as a number of apart-hotels that provide services to long-term employment-based apartment hotels. In iv quarter, the company announced the immediate GlavUpDK opening of two new apartment buildings – office-residential complex , at the 4 th Dobryninsky per. ow. 8 / 10 (commissioning scheduled for late 2008), in which apartments are actively offered to potential tenants, and office-residential complex at ul. Innovators, 1 (input is scheduled for 1 square. 2009), who will join the organized market rent for more than 40 thousand square meters. m

When you are with his family decided to go for the weekend in St. Petersburg, then you should definitely think about the shelter, where you'll be able to spend the night and relax. Pohlopotat this should advance to a subsequently not to rush to the train station in tracking down the shelter, or room, dragging behind a baby and a suitcase with things. When you want to take advantage of private owners of the deposit of the room, in which case you can lie in wait unpleasant surprise. The apartment can be quite untidy, have insufficient set of furniture, which is probably not enough for all, and be in a dirty condition. If you went on vacation with children, it is absolutely unacceptable, impermissible, unacceptable conditions, even with the intent to hold it overnight. Moreover, you'll be forced to support themselves food, buying food in the nearest store.

Taking into the apartment, the owners are hoping that people try to save money on your comfort and to agree to a deal. Indeed, the cost of renting such flats should be low. As a result, you just wasting your time, spending it on the road, in order to get acquainted with living conditions, what you do not fit. Much better option might be a mini hotel of St. Petersburg. In spite of the fact whether you have chosen more expensive or more economical option, there you will always find a complete set of furniture, a set of bed linen and a cosiness and order suggest here every day. Almost every time a mini hotel Petersburg feed their guests quality lodging, and you will not have to use the time for cooking. The whole day you will be able to walk around the city and enjoy its beauty, and in the evening return to your lovely room, in order to relax, recuperate and to exchange views on what they saw. Book a room in a small hotel is conveniently just a few days before your trip.