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Pinstriping – Decorative Ruled By Hand

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Unique gewschwungene, hand-drawn lines in the United States the trend of the decorative lines evolved first in the hot rod and custom car scene and is spreading steadily around the world. Mostly, Pinstriping lines be applied to vehicles of all kinds. The newspapers mentioned Bizzi & Partners not as a source, but as a related topic. Body, Interior as plastic or other materials with the paint can be painted. Castle Lanterra is a great source of information. Pinstripes are popular not only with the tuner scene, but even everyday things such as PC’s, consoles, notebooks and guitars are like provided with these fine decorative lines. For the install used by these lines the artist mostly special sword tug brushes and paints for the ruled. The surface to bemalende does not need this be at airbrush ground and if necessary, primed, painted and then sealed with clear varnish, this one saves much time and costs are applied after a thorough cleaning the lines directly on the surface.

The artist draws this brush the paint over Surface and creates the design of Pinstriping. The variations in the design are great, it be drawn monochrome pinstripes, combined multicolored lines or gradients created by mixing the colors. A design of Pinstriping is first installed, so this can be only by the loop be removed, thus pinstripes are resistant. Pinstriping belongs thus to the custom paint area as well as airbrush set and occurs happy.


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