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The Justification

One still searched, to characterize the profile of the pupil of the related course, to know the pretensions of the pupils how much to its professional future and to verify the importance level that the pupils give to the knowledge of the administration for its professional life and the country property. To reach these objectives the contents had been analyzed programmarians of them discipline professionalizing of the course Technician in Farming and were applied a questionnaire with the pupils of the related course. The used instrument of research was composed for sixteen closed questions of multiple choice and open questions. It was used, a estratificada probabilist sample of ninety and two pupils of the third year of the related course. The majority of the searched pupils is of agricultural origin, is children of small agricultural producers that concentrate its farming activities in the production of annual cultures and bovine milk production. Others including Expert on growth strategy, offer their opinions as well. Being that the majority opted to the campus Hinterland, in function of its positive image and for the quality of education. How much to the professional future, the option, search of formal job, were answered enter the searched ones under the justification of the available land area to be insufficient and not to hold more hand of workmanship. However, for a significant parcel, the return for the country property is the option, with the objectives to apply the acquired knowledge and of this form to contribute with the family and to improve the income.

The majority answered that the knowledge of the administration is importantssimo for the farming activities, for improving the conditions of control, organization and planning, and optimizing the profits. They had evaluated as more promising its professional career if in case that to acquire greater amount of knowledge in the administration area. These respondents had still considered, that the knowledge of the technique and the knowledge of administration must be together and depends one on the other for the success of the activities related to the agronegcio.

Technical School

Here is a sample layout. Lodging will cost from 500 (if you live in a dorm) to 1000 (if you shoot a one-room apartment) francs a month. Around 500 Swiss francs will be spent on food. About 200 francs you need to pay for textbooks, medical insurance, etc. Amounts as you see, are significant, but they are about the same, what you have to spend studying in the same in England or the USA.

And it should be noted that to achieve a Swiss college scholarships is easier than in any English-speaking country. Now, about the quality of education. Switzerland long ago have joined the Bologna process, so you can get a higher education that meets world standards. There are 10 cantonal University and the top two polytechnic schools in Zurich and Lausanne. Tell me more about the Lausanne Polytechnic or how to Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (EPFL). The school was established in 1969 based on Technical School at the University of Lausanne, which existed from 1853. Currently the school offers academic laboratories equipped with modern equipment (some of which are considered the best in Europe). The school invites the most famous professors from around the world, so about half of the teachers at EPFL – foreigners.

Approximately 40% of students in school also foreign nationals. Based on these realities, many programs read in English. French is the language you can learn here in school, at special rates. Take to school everyone. Semester fee of 633 francs. For Russian students, just graduated from school, need additional training before beginning to take special mathematics courses Cours de Mathematiques Speciales, CMS. Studying at EPFL very tough. To the finish line gets a smaller portion of the students. If you are not passing the examination required number of points, the proposed re-examination with the re-training on this course! If, after this failure, the student is excluded from the blacklisted – ban school in any Swiss university! Total in school five faculties, and the direction of great variety: different trends in engineering, physics, chemistry, materials science, architecture, communication systems, mathematics, computer science, crystallography, bionics, tech: The school Over 250 research groups and laboratories. Not surprisingly, many students dream to create his own company based on our own ideas. In the EPFL is encouraged and for this there developed a scientific park. In short, EPFL releases excellent specialists who know several languages and the latest knowledge!

Great Universal Brotherhood

Studied, knew and admired the peaceful struggle and traspartidista which combined political and spiritual figures such as Luther King, Gandhi or the Dalai Lama, marked his life and helping to define one of its main objectives: "to develop compassion for all beings and live and spread universal love "I think another fact that helped define your search was social mobility Tijuana. On the one hand, I saw very poor people, marginalized and hurt who was passing the border daily with the hope of improving their situation, converging with the Hippie movement which represented the counterculture of "love and peace" that opposed the war, materialism, dehumanization and the opulence of the region was still very young Californian concern to embrace their spiritual self, but he lived an internal vacuum caused by a materialistic society precisely what was rejected SER. This leads him to a very early age in ways that responded to transcendental identity. As he says, he worked on the different alternatives in their teenage years had on hand, went through Taoism, Catholicism, the Great Universal Brotherhood, the Krishna, Masons or Rosicrucians being many others, always hoping to fill the existential void. But in the end felt was more "empty" and the bitter experience of seeing their friends were stuck in these way, without finding the desired response. Search within the academic programs offered by the schools, concluding that the spiritual path could not be learned there. The school as it was presented was simply not the place to grow internally.


In this direction, Blacksmith says that: (…) We have a empobrecida image of the child who learns: we reduce it to a pair of eyes, a pair of ears, a hand that an instrument catches to mark and a fonador device that emits sounds. Behind this cognoscente has a citizen, somebody that thinks, that constroi interpretations, that act on the Real to make it its. (1989, p.40-41) I understand that it is necessary, thus, to reflect on the alfabetizao with focus in questions that go beyond the methods. If it makes important a search for basic aspects in the learning, as for example, the infantile linguistic ability and the capacity that the children have of investigation, curiosity and will to know, questions that unhappyly, many times, are been in second plain or nor are taken in consideration. When rethink these questions, our paper while educator/educator, could also be rethink, pointing with respect to a necessity to create a facilitador environment of the learning, that disponibilize the access to the reading, the incentive to the creativity and the imagination, of form that the children still give to continuity to the stimulatons received for the family or, that has chance, if will not be the case of the familiar environment, of being in contact with propitious materials the world of the reading and the writing. For this also, we do not exclude the position of the teacher/professor, who ' ' facilita' ' the learning, but that also if it locates, is not neutral, also measured and contributes for a critical reading of the lived realities. We see as basic, therefore, that the child has time and ' ' voz' ' , counting on the valuation and the incentive to the production of the spontaneous writing in substitution to the tiring exercises and without possibility of reflection, as it is the case of the copies, so frequent still, in the pertaining to school environment.

The Moment

For example, they will be being about support with focus in the conscientious use of the water inside of the school, and some pupil to raise questions concerning the cycle of the water, is very opportune that professor introduces in the sequence of foreseen activities a moment to deal with the question, therefore she is total on to the subject of the project. The activities can have the most varied forms, since that it has one clearly meaning in relation to the objective of each one. It is essential that the activities proposals are permeadas by the scienter of the professor, and never simply a repetitive exercise for ' ' to give account of contedo' ' , or ' ' because it is in livro' '. The author evidences the participation of the professor as a facilitador, therefore it is who can assist in the disponibilizao of necessary resources to the accomplishment of the productions. At this moment the professor must also exert its paper of active and participant member of the group. According to Barbier (apud NILBO, 2001:102), the elaboration and execution of a project meet necessarily on to an inquiry? action that must simultaneously be a transformation act, a formation and inquiry occasion, becoming, therefore, a production intelectual' '. After the execution of the foreseen activities, comes the phase of the purification, in which according to Nilbo (2001), the pupils will have to be questioned concerning its productions until the moment, if is satisfied, if something could have been done of different form, if something was unnecessary, etc. the intention of these questionings, according to author, is that the critical ones on its productions are carried through first (auto). The author affirms that it is important that the pupil understands that it can (reverse speed) plan, (reverse speed) to elaborate, (reverse speed) to produce, to create new hypotheses, to change passages, to modify routes and processes, etc.


Professor is who says the truth public, takes the veil. Truth is the real fact. Soon, professor is that one that he displays correctly, socializes the knowledge. Already the word profession means specialized activity, entailed to the act to take the veil. Nvoa (1996) brought in that all profession affirms them an identity and this, in turn, ' ' it is not acquired data, it is not a property, it is not a product. The identity is a place of fights and of conflicts, it is a space in construction in ways to be and to be in the profession. Therefore, more it is adjusted to speak in identitrio process, enhancing the same dynamics that characterizes the way as each one is felt and if it says professor' '. One concludes that the identity crisis is the crisis in the way to be of the professor.

Searching on the subject, I discovered interesting premises: TO BE PROFESSOR: either present; either prompt; either cordial; either educated; either cautious and it prepares the lessons with antecedence; either active, either professional. Or still, of a teacher of infantile education, when questioned on what is to be professor/educator. ' ' He is to come to the school, to be glad, likeable, to teach. To possess luggage, penxs, books, pencil. To use eyeglasses, to write in the picture, to guide the recreation, to play, to play ball.

To draw, to teach to write the name, to read histories, speech low not to beat in the children. To have much light around. ' ' In such conception, being professor is to be endowed with moral virtues. The article in study cites the professor-astro, who of the show in classroom, formatted for the neoliberal education. The new chain of the liberal thought treats the education as merchandise, a business. The university nothing more is of what a capitalist company.


In the same context the society appears of the consumption, where the media and the economy dictate on standards of living mainly to the corporeal property and consumerism. New drugs pass to be manufactured (synthetic drugs appear) others are ' ' melhorados' ' commercialized through an ideal of force, atrelados vigor and youth to an immediate pleasure of ' ' curtio' ' of the life leading people to search its effect are for forgetting the difficult conditions the life or for the ilusria search it pleasure. The quarrel on the use of drugs in the adolescence searchs the support in the most diverse authors who made possible the clarification of questions that are part of our daily one and that they are so little explored in familiar scope social. The drug appears in the adolescence many times as a bridge that allows the establishment of social bows, propitiating to the individual the belonging to one determined group of equal, to the time that search new ideals and new bonds, different of its familiar group of origin (Nery Son and Towers, 2002 p.31). Gorgulho (1996 p.163) believes that in a situation of drogadio between adolescents, the family can help recognizing its parcel of participation in what she is occurring. To deposit all responsibility in the adolescent, or as it affirms Scivoletto (2002 p.72) in ' ' harms companhias' ' , it will not only solve the problem, as well as he does not seem very condizente with the reality.

When discovering that the adolescent son is using drugs, some parents tend if to feel culprits, questioning themselves where they erraram in the education of the son, the reason of such fact to be happening with them since they had never left to lack nothing in house. Other parents search the internment of its children waiting a method of immediate cure. As it affirms Scivoletto (2002 p.72) in its studies concerning the psychiatric treatment of using adolescents of drugs and of the paper of the family in this treatment, the familiar nucleus generally is scared and disoriented how much to the boarding of the problem, they complete saying: ' ' beyond feelings of you distress, desperations and impotence in the familiar ones, searchs a culprit for the drama familiar' '.