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To be able of policy To be able of polices is the state activity that limits the exercise of some individual rights in favor of the collective good. The State cannot allow that the particular one harms excessively, in such a way this power of policy places the State with the purpose to assure that
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Professor is who says the truth public, takes the veil. Truth is the real fact. Soon, professor is that one that he displays correctly, socializes the knowledge. Already the word profession means specialized activity, entailed to the act to take the veil. Nvoa (1996) brought in that all profession affirms them an identity and this,
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Familiar Agriculture

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As Lima and Wilkinson (2002) familiar agriculture shelters an important number of families who not Rattlesnake – PR – 17 the 19 of June of 2008 would have another option of survival are of the agricultural world, to support will not only prevent it the aggravation of social tensions in the field, but also in
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