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Symbiosis Marketing – Free, But Not Free

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Marketing Agency offers new solutions for startups not recruiting, dies. Startups or entrepreneurs who save in times of crisis to the marketing, fighting for economic survival. As companies despite savings constraints insist successfully on the market, a marketing agency now shows in the North of Berlin. Thereby, the marketing communications professionals efficiently set affordable prices and flexible “symbiosis”marketing. Setting up and running a business requires highest level of commitment and time founders and corporate arms. Again and again one is faced with new challenges and faced with problems to be solved quickly. Also, financial resources in times of crisis and when startups are usually scarce.

Often saving for cost reasons in the marketing, advertising and the press – and public relations. “In some ways understandable, but nevertheless a fatal error”, Ralph Kahne is efficient marketing with his agency, since several years successful small and medium-sized enterprises as well as startups and entrepreneurs. “On one the main cause for the failure of the company is located in a poor customer and market orientation. On the other hand one has targeted communication with customers and the public key competitive advantages.” Indeed, the expenses for effective marketing are not negligible. Who but want to take everything even for cost reasons, very quickly reaches its limits. Marketing and advertising are too complex and time consuming. In addition, not every CEO is also expert in communications with customers.

In times of increasing desires when at the same time decreasing customer loyalty successfully on the market to survive, creativity and flexibility is required. This applies in particular to startups, times of crisis, companies with liquidity problems. “If customers are damp, they can not just invest in new machinery. Even if this the production costs would be significantly reduced. As well, these companies are only little money for “take effective marketing in the hand, brings the problem to the point barges.