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City Students

The average cost of a floor among one and four dormitories oscillates between 250 and 600 Euros. Lodging with people majors an economic alternative of university lodging is to take refuge in some of the programs of coexistence with people majors that promote in our country different organizations and educative institutions, like ‘ Vive and Convive’ , of Social Obra Catalonia Caixa, ‘ Coexistence between generaciones’ , of the City council of Murcia, or ‘ Lodging with Mayores” ‘ of the universities Andalusian, among others. The main advantage for the students who ask for these program is that the lodging does not suppose any cost to them (yes its maintenance). In return, they are committed to make company to the greater person and to collaborate with her in precise activities of the daily life (to make the purchase, to go to the administrative doctor, proceedings, among others), so that one of the fundamental objectives of these programs is obtained: to foment solidarity and the intergenerational relation. Services of lodging on line ALUNI.NET: this agency of students offers lodging in shared floors or families to resident college students in Madrid, Valencia and Seville.

The service has a cost of 77 Euros (40% less if the university has agreement with the agency) and includes the management of rent contracts. Group RESA: it manages more than 6,700 places of lodging for students in 26 residences of all the country. It offers the possibility of reserving rooms during the academic course, months, weeks and days. Schools majors: from the page Web of the Council of Schools University Majors of Spain it is possible to be acceded to detailed information on rooms, characteristics, prices and equipment of all the assigned centers of this type to the universities of our country. BHSS: Barcelona Housing for Service Students is in charge of the management of lodgings for students in individual floors, rooms, families, residences and other options. To live in Madrid: the Madrilenian Space of Education Superior proposes the college students who want to settle in the capital a finder of lodgings of different types. At present, it counts on supplies of rooms in shared floor, in families, rent of complete floors or individual apartments.

Price Table

However a consideradonegativo aspect must be standed out, that is the fact> Price Table, becomes necessary to detach two comments: the first one how much to the constant value of the installments, that due to inflationary existence doprocesso, needs to pass for a monetary update on ovalor of the same one, what it makes with that does not exist in literal way a valorconstante; the other point to be detached is that the esucessivos periodic payments generally are contracted to be monthly, what facilitates oacompanhamento and, also, the agreement how much to the composition of the referidasprestaes. In accordance with Scavone (1998), Tabela Price is a system> SFH that is composed for the Nacionalde Bank Habitation SCI, and also created the correction monetrianos real estate contracts. This exactly statute, in the article 6 letter C determines that the least has left of the financing, oudo price to be paid, either amortized in successive monthly installments, of igualvalor, before the readjustment, that include amortizations and interests. In other words, what this law determines is aobrigatoriedade of the use of the French System of Amortization – Price Table, for being the only system of amortization of payments that contemplates successive monthly asprestaes and of equal value. 2,2 Decree n. 2164 of 19 deSetembro of 1984 This Decree instituted the comocritrio wage equivalence of readjustment of the installments. In its article it 9estava definitive that the contracts for acquisition of proper housing, atravsdo SFH, would establish that from the year of 1985, the foreseen readjustments of prestaesneles would correspond the percentile one the same and regularity of aumentode wage of> professional category the one that to belong the buyer. In the paragraph 4 was determinadoque the buyers of proper housing who not to belong to the specific categoriaprofissional, as well as classified as independent, professional liberal and the commission agents, with contracts firmed from 1 of January of 1985, would have its readjusted installments namesma ratio of the variation of the wage-minimum.