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Extra Borrower

Therefore, in the case of financial difficulties of the borrower, both parties will find the best way to repay the loan. In an extreme case, an apartment, located in the pledge will be sold and the proceeds from the sale will go to debt to the bank. In this case, the cost of real estate owned by the borrower, can grow, therefore, likely that the remaining funds will actually buy another house. Misconception 9. A bank may go bankrupt, then the apartment can be sold for debts of the bank What is the risk of a person who has taken a mortgage loan in the event of bank failure? Bankruptcy creditor bank that issued the mortgage, practically does not affect the fate of the borrower. He will continue to regularly make payments to repay the loan can change only the payee details (name, bank account). Terms of the contract of mortgage Credit can not be changed in the new creditor unilaterally, so the borrower does not need to fear any unpleasant surprises.

In addition, housing, purchased the mortgage is a property of the borrower and is not may be brought to recover debts of a bankrupt bank-creditor. In this regard, mortgage well protects the interests of the borrower. Delusions 10. Appeal to mortgage brokers – is the extra costs of all changes, and now mortgage brokers reduce the cost of their services, and real estate agencies are increasingly offering free services to their own mortgage specialist. The main advantage of mortgage brokers or offices of major agencies property that they have information on current developments in the programs of banks, special bank promotions, have agreements with several banks, according to which the client has a number of preferences. Perhaps rate reduction for customers by 0,5%, free or expedited hearing, etc. in the struggle for client real estate agents themselves carry all sorts of action, offering discounts for payment of interest on mortgage payments or surety for the client. Gain due to the lowered rate could reach thousands of rubles, in addition, specialists can help borrowers save time and effort, which nowadays is also worth its weight in gold.

Loan Calculator

Loan calculator helps you determine what kind of house or real estate you can purchase. This tool can be found in various ways, but you must be sure that you have found exactly the calculator, which can be use for free. The main purpose of the use of credit calculators – it is calculated how much you will be and will be able to pay your mortgage loan. As a loan calculator to help you find your dream home? There is several ways. The purpose of this calculator is not only to provide you with information about mortgage loans and find the best mortgage for your circumstances. As a loan calculator to help me? First, you'll see the difference in interest rates offered by different lenders. Do not you think that from a quarter percent can be the difference? Depending on the conditions of the loan and the amount of your loan, this seemingly unremarkable detail may lead to you several thousand dollars over the life of the loan. Therefore, use a loan calculator to help you more accurately determine the interest rate.

Do you know what the amount you can allocate to buying a home? If not, then this calculator will also provide you with this information. Basis for calculating the required amount would be your monthly family income, deduction of taxes, as well as insurance. Loan calculator will also provide you with information about monthly payments, summing up the principal and payments on the interest rate. Finally, the loan calculator will give you information about maturity of the mortgage loan. For example, if the term of your mortgage loan is 30 years old, and your income has increased during the loan period, you'll want to repay earlier loans, which can be in seconds can be calculated using a loan calculator. On the Internet you can find lots of different calculators, but be careful when using them, because Some calculators may not include taxes and fees insurance. In conclusion I would like to note that anyone who wants to buy a property should be kept handy loan calculator to compare different types of loans that can be obtained without resorting to specialists.

Kiev Real Estate

As expected, the increase in prices for apartments and other real estate in Kiev and its suburbs in 2007 continued its steady growth. Of course, not as frantic leaps, as in previous years, but still at 2-5%% in the month given. And what the most surprising – this growth occurred alongside a significant downturn in demand for apartments. Also of note, and decline in the number and volume of transactions on purchase and sale of apartments and real estate in Kiev over the same period of 2006. And despite all that construction companies Kiev motivate growth in property prices supposedly the increased demand. Such arguments are only interested Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, which has held a number of inspections (see details). And yet, you can try to identify such causes a rise in price of real estate in Ukraine.

The relative improvement of living standards in large cities and the capital of Ukraine and associated increase in the money supply in the population. Unequal distribution of income among the population of Ukraine. Rich inflate asset prices, including real estate, as generate demand.

Uneven development of various regions of Ukraine. The rise in prices will not stop until the city, such as attractive to live and inserting money as Kiev, Odessa, , Donetsk, Lviv. For most Ukrainians, the most coveted city has one. The surest way to launder dirty (the earned-gotten) money and the willingness to invest money without losses including and profitably, which results in the desire to hold each subsequent resale 5-10% more expensive than buying. The need to provide housing for residents of Ukraine, 92% of whom live in uncomfortable flats and houses. Input space is not enough to meet demand. As a result – real estate all missing. When the demand for housing increases, its price, of course, is also growing. Economic: The growth of construction costs. Various approvals, statutory deductions and city areas, high prices energy, rising wages, rising prices for building materials, high resource consumption, etc. High interest rates on loans for the development of construction projects. Stricter requirements to technology security. Increased regulations laying building materials and mounting systems than the construction of housing in the past years. Binding of construction companies to cash market currencies, including the foreign, as well as rapid development of the mortgage market. Development of small and medium business, dollar inflation and inflation hryvnia, resulting macroeconomic processes. The influence of the secondary real estate market, which tends catch up on the price level (and almost caught up with) the market buildings. Alignment property developers in the price (but not the purchasing power of the population) in Russia and Moscow. Political: Constant rotation of government bodies and local government. New officers get for themselves and their families for housing and real estate business upon arrival in Kiev. Absence of the normal tendering market instruments of land allocation.

Floating Floor

And with the new wear-resistant lacquer finish Xtreme wrt (with ceramic microparticles) suitable for use in offices and any residential premises. By choosing the "floating floor", you will appreciate the speed and ease of installation, especially when self-assembly. They fit without glue, which allows him to walk on immediately after installation. Requirements for the substrate on which fit into the floor, the same as that of the laminate. Less sex on the locks – they can not be used in humid environments, because They contain fiberboard panel. Surprisingly, cork floors have excellent durability. Despite that the touch is a soft material, the coefficient of abrasion of natural cork is very low.

This means that the floors with cork coating are durable and resistant to wear. On these floors do not podskolznetes – coatings have greater resistance to sliding. This is especially significant for bathrooms and other wet areas (baths, saunas, swimming pools, etc.), which is used adhesive cork coatings that are not afraid of water and stick directly to a flat, stable base. Glue the plate consist of a layer of compressed cork, decorative cork veneer, covered with one layer of varnish or lacquer without, implying further polish at home. Proceedings of the tube can not be shrinkage and rotting, as they have antiseptic properties. After special processing plant in it do not start fungi and insects, it is not moldy and prevents the development of pathogenic microflora.

Tube do not eat mice, rats and other domestic rodents. Wear resistance of cork floors combined with soft elasticity, and an amazing resilience that allows the cork floors available original shape after deformation and creates a special orthopedic effect, unloading of support – human locomotion. Tube has an unconditional aesthetic qualities. Despite the fact that aesthetics – it taste, however it is generally accepted that non-recurring picture tube in conjunction with the tree is aesthetically pleasing. When looking at these intricate and original designs resting his eyes, clearer thinking. For all softness and pliability of this material is aging very slowly – it is believed that his property for 100 years can not change by more than 5%!


Germany begins the flight from the real time Internet is a high-tech country, with us everything goes faster and faster, more efficient and better. The productivity and the performance of each individual grows from day to day. We live a wonderful world in which, especially when one compares the Habitat of Germany with other, less favourable areas in Africa or Asia. However, all these advantages have downside too. So the expectations and the pressure rises too much on every individual in the society. Who works in the field of advertising, marketing or media is particularly betrfoffen to this, because he has almost never work. Connect with other leaders such as Bizzi & Partners here. Thanks to mobile devices and cheaper flat rates, one is almost constantly on the Internet and is flooded with information.

But not only that, because it has become once a certain status in the world of social media it is elaborated finally over with the rest. Constantly come messages via Twitter, Facebook, blog, E-Mail and many other services. Want answers, articles and information written and distributed be. At the same time to look not to damage the hard-built brand on his reputation management. Because the Internet is sleeping at night or on weekends, and even holidays it quickly enters a forced dependency. Because of course, you want to maintain the developed status and expand it even further, finally is there also a great sales potential. “But after some time we noticed that the life of the positive social media addicted” has converted to the workaholic.

Asleep friendships in real life, the family feels neglected and physically the first traces of this lifestyle are noticeable. Once arrived at this point their answering difficult questions of course. It was the logical conclusion of hiring staff in its own revision and to create additional resources a few years ago this is simply impossible in such a situation. Because it is in the area of social media immermehr, not to say almost exclusively, so called Personal brands are you can not just take this work an employee. Even with the Twitter and Facebookaktivitaten of large corporations, people are often behind it with your name. This build also the relations with the fans, followers and customers, are interchangeable so difficult. This first law is absolutely unthinkable for a single person. It is therefore to find a solution. Time management could be the Buzzword, but this helps something is very difficult in this area only for organization and efficiency. Extends the time available, but just not from one must reduce. Must I be really active on all of these platforms? Or submit a few? Questions their Antworten can solve part of the problem. However, just this problem solution is as unique as the problem, depending on what business and on what channels/platforms it moves or just has to move (because the dialog will not be friends) time savings can be easier or more difficult to reach. Living and working in the Abroad and those who do not manage to come to terms with the realities can think about emigrating. In South America it should be very nice and currently real estate in Paraguay are quite reasonably priced. Also, as a rancher what a calm and serene everyday life experience. Without the whole stressful everyday life, but also with forced abandonment of many good and familiar things. E. Garcia

Russian People

Tuapse district has long been one of the most attractive locations for high-quality full rest. It is located on the Black Sea coast between Sochi, and it promotes both the influx of a large number of tourists in the summer season, and increased interest of investors who want to buy real estate in Krasnodar Krai. Flats and houses in Tuapse in demand by residents of other Russian regions, and then there are good reasons. First and foremost, it should be noted excellent climate Tuapse district, all health facilities and a huge amount of entertainment for adults and children. Note also that the Tuapse, on the same Novorossiysk, has a rather low-density construction of industrial objects. Most of the city and the district is covered by forests, while the total number of different plant species reaches 1200. Together with the excellent climate, pristine beaches and the infrastructure that makes a house in Tuapse the best choices of all the offerings on the market. And now a closer look at the city itself. A real gem of Tuapse a central city park.

From that moment, when there were planted the very first tree, the park has become a welcome place of rest for all citizens. And in winter, and summer is walking moms with strollers, it was important stroll lovers Couple, children frolic and breathe the cleanest air elderly people. To appreciate the whole beauty of the park, just look at his photos – real estate is a great choice for families with children, and for other people who care about where they live. City beach – this is certainly another highlight of Tuapse. He is huge, has a length of several kilometers and offers a luxurious environment for relaxing in the hot rays of the sun. If you do not like sandy beaches, and fine gravel and pebbles warm, then real estate in Tuapse will allow you to enjoy your holiday all year round. However, there are on the Foreshore and sandy areas. They are characterized by for the south-eastern coast. Regardless of your preference, be aware that the seabed all over the beach – small, and therefore in the season here frolic children who are not afraid of deep holes and other nasty surprises. Along the beach promenade stretches well invested with the boat ramp and footpath. This is a great place to stroll under the canopy of old trees.

There are numerous cafes and restaurants, which You can taste the delicious dishes without prejudice to the family budget. If you choose a house or flat in Tuapse and thus prefer water sports, a waterfront district you will certainly catch the fancy, as is very close sea with yacht clubs, boat stations and diving centers. What else attracts real estate investors Krasnodar? Of course, we should mention that the homes, villas and apartments in Tuapse, can serve for you good source of passive income. In the holiday season Tuapse is visited by thousands of people from all regions of our country. This means that the house on the sea is able to justify all the money invested in it for several years after purchase, and then he will bring a steady income. Basically, it’s all about what we wanted to tell you. Tuapse – comfortable, modern, beautiful city, set up for people. Therefore, a local real estate enjoys high demand from the Russians, and that is why we advise you to buy a house or apartment in Tuapse all people who want a quiet, tranquil and prosperous life in the Black Sea coast.