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Building Materials Interior Parts

In planning the upcoming repair costs include not only plan the necessary work, and what design details will be transformed, but also what building materials will be used during repair. Thus, the choice of building materials, will depend not unimportant result and the final cost of repairs. What manufacturers of building materials, or our import, select, no simple matter. In addition to differences in price, there are differences in quality. But it should be noted that now that the building materials market, are increasingly offered products of domestic manufacturers, which are cheaper than foreign prototypes, but nevertheless, not inferior to them in quality. Not unimportant elements of any design are the door, with absolutely no importance, the interior of the premises should be transformed, whether apartments, houses or commercial premises. Each premise begins with the doors, so choose which door will be installed to be very categorical.

In addition, please be aware that the door must have such properties as the aesthetics, durability, and that no unimportant, ease of use. In an embodiment, if an apartment or office, have a couple of rooms may be a problem, any interior doors mount. One should know that the tree, mostly traditional material of which basically do the interior doors. The main and distinctive properties of wood, it is a good thermal and sound insulation, easy maintenance, a large difference of colors, textures and shapes. In addition, fashionable wooden interior doors, durable and waterproof. It should be noted that in embodiments a small square room best option is to install the sliding interior doors, they are not only excellent wedge in almost every design, as well as provide an opportunity to save valuable floor space.

The next important element of the interior, are considered the window space, as this is the first of what drew his attention guest the first time, came into the room. In this case, the window can tell about the hazyaine room, about his tastes and living standards. According to this, the choice of windows to provide extra attention. The best option is the installation plastic windows. A large number of types of windows on the market, will contribute to the formation of a certain style of design. In addition, the reliability, durability and practicality, in full, in a short time will pay for all costs of purchase and installation of these windows. Along with these design elements such as windows and doors are not cheap, to avoid their deterioration or frustration after a faulty installation, all installation work of these elements necessary to trust only the professionals, they not only quickly and accurately install windows and doors but also give warranty on the work performed.

Construction Materials

Forest and timber, currently used for construction, have a wide range and variety. The main material of construction lumber, applicable to today's construction sites and not only is wood. (As opposed to Expert on growth strategy). Wood, as is known, has a number of advantages. First, wood lumber very easily processed timber strong enough, and inter alia, the tree has a low thermal conductivity. Wood, which is used for the manufacture of construction lumber, it is mainly conifers and deciduous trees.

Softwood lumber made from such woods as pine, spruce, fir, larch and cedar. Due to the possession of certain advantages that can not boast of hardwood, softwood lumber are much greater demand than lumber from hardwood trees. These benefits include, for example, better quality timber, straight trunk. Particularly important place in the market today take lumber softwood lumber from spruce, because the spruce is strong enough, but nevertheless easily recyclable timber. The main advantage of lumber from spruce, such as edging board, beam, in comparison with deciduous timber, lies in the fact that they are less hydrophilic. Edged board, widely used in currently in construction is mainly made of wood softwoods such as spruce and pine. Why is it of fir and pine, you wonder? And all because, as spruce and pine – a soft wood, then edged board will have better technical properties, and, accordingly, long service life. The main drawback of softwood lumber is a self-ignition, which may be due to the fact that coniferous trees contain resinous substance which, when elevated temperatures are beginning to speak out.

Sawn hardwood sawed, mainly from the following wood species: aspen, linden, birch and oak. Sawn timber produced from hardwood trees, divided on the board edging and edging, timber edging and edging. For the purposes of construction and manufacturing are now in great demand edged lumber than any uncut timber. One can not noted advantages of hardwood lumber, for example, birch timber have greater density and almost 35 percent stronger than softwood lumber produced from spruce and pine. In comparison with softwood lumber, hardwood lumber slightly inferior to them strength and density. Sawn hardwoods possess disadvantages, for example, the rapid decay of wood in order to eliminate rapid decay, hardwood must be carefully dried, and then another, and carefully treated with antiseptics. Used lumber hardwood for filing ceiling linings partitions and walls for interior architectural details. Softwood lumber have been successfully used in construction and in the manufacture of dreveiny. Lumber sold in our country, compulsorily undergo quality control and meet all necessary standards.

Construction Stations

Complete pre-fabricated buildings can easily and quickly equip them with all necessary infrastructure – wiring, heating, water and sewer system. In addition, the sandwich panel, in addition to strength and durability properties such as heat and sound insulation. Operation of these facilities is available in a variety of climatic conditions at temperatures ranging from -50 to +60 C, at any moisture air. Reliable roof of the sandwich panels 80 mm thick can withstand snow loads of up to 75 kg per 1m2. Earthquake-resistant up to 9 on the Richter scale allows you to install pre-fabricated buildings in areas of high seismic activity. Such indicators are particularly important in the construction of gas stations, since these facilities are needed throughout the country – from the southern to the northern areas, wherever the road pass the road. Buildings filling stations are different from other structures so that to them increased demands on fire safety. Prefabricated buildings of metal frame and sandwich panels fully satisfy these requirements: paneling wall and roof panels made of corrugated board, it is not combustible and do not contribute to the spread of flame.

Serious argument in the application for the construction of gas stations frame structures has become a quick and inexpensive delivery of all components in virtually every region of the country. Convenient and compact packaging, low weight products can save on this item. Buildings of sandwich panels easily transported by road to where there is no sea or river ports, where no paved rail connections. Low weight design easy to use and when mounting structures: the object does not require specialized construction machinery, and assembly itself is done on the designer. All elements of the building are carefully checked at the factory by the control assembly, during which parts are fitted exactly to size. Thanks to these measures, the construction can be done fairly quickly, which is especially important when you need to enter the gas station into operation as soon as possible.

Placing all objects stations to be carefully considered in the design process, but in contrast to stationary objects, buildings, sandwich panels have another important advantage: as the number of refueling sites and redevelop camerawork can easily be dismantled and moved to another location or expanded by an extension of additional space. Thus, pre-fabricated buildings (sandwich panel) – the best solution for the construction of modern stations. They are reliable, durable (lifetime up to 100 years), the aesthetic, it does not require additional finishing. And the possibility of exploitation of the gas station sandwich panels in all climatic zones of our country with low transportation costs allow you to quickly and effectively solve the problem of fuel supply even the most remote regions.

Main Construction

In particular alternative solutions in the field of construction materials. Learn more on the subject from Richard LeFrak. Recently, the attention of the construction community is increasingly turning on any alternative forms of production. And as in other spheres of national economy preference is given to those solutions in which traditional methods are inferior proposed alternatives. Moreover, the stronger is the assignment, the more desirable innovations. The same things and in the construction industry and in particular of choice of construction materials.

Along with cheaper and easier in terms of production materials, develops a matter of convenience and speed of installation of these structures. There are enough viable options construction materials and methods of installation. The newspapers mentioned Expert on growth strategy not as a source, but as a related topic. However, here is complete without any curiosity, humorous moments. For example fantasies of some developers have led to the fact that construction of all homes are created from inflatable rubber blocks. Others, for example, offer to do at home out of paper.

Not to mention that long ago, and in some cases there is a successful architectural concept of bionics. Incidentally, in my architectural bionics opinion one of perspective directions in architecture. Anyway, the most winning obtain those materials that are available naturally in huge amounts, or have a fairly simple method of production. Of course, here can be attributed, and clay, but this material is quite fragile, for example, in the field of building construction. Among other things must also consider the prospect of recovery of building materials. That is, after they have served their own, then after processing to run again in construction. Perhaps in another capacity, but certainly not as debris. In general, "regeneration" can become quite a popular term at some future time. Especially if the rate of extraction of minerals, which in particular are in the area of construction will not be reduced. And how much will be recoverable material will play an important role in selecting him as the main source of construction. Interesting to me to develop using the technology of manufacturing foam, as well as plastic. Of course mentioning this or that material is meant a modification for the required needs. Plastic to example not in the form we know it, foam with modifications due to its brittleness and fragility. And a listing of all of these innovations will take quite a lot of time and probably not one thesis can be protect, but I would like that to you, dear reader, after reading this article is simple, though not for a long time thinking about what lies ahead of us all. What will be the construction and, accordingly, what will be our home. What methods and what issues portends a growth in construction. And the growth will be required, since there is a constant population growth, taking into account that in villages people want to live less and less, and thus inevitably comes increased cities. But this is a bit of a different area. Summarizing the above, and in light of the subject matter of this article I would like you to bring a bit of thought about that, or rather what we build in 20-50 years? Thinking about? So I though slightly, but still got svogo. After all, thinking man is capable of much, and especially thinking about how to keep our house as we know and love.

Quality Building Materials

Referring to any well-known company that produces building materials, you get the opportunity to select a qualified consulting products and attentive approach. Then you are ready to offer huge variety of construction and dry mixes that have passed strict quality control and repeated testing. There is a huge range of tile adhesives, Levelling Screed flooring, putty, plaster, mixes waterproofing, foam concrete, repair, installation and masonry mixes, including all current classes of cement and much more. Buying a dry powder or other products, you provide a guarantee of excellent quality. A all due to the fact that all the dry mixes are subject to strict selection of raw materials for production, based on extensive scientific and technological base, which controls all the processes using modern high technology.

In the huge range you will find all the modern varieties of cement and dry mix cement based, which is essential in the repair. Also in any directory you will find the plaster and putty different species, such as texture filler for the walls of the corridor. Find this product is easy. With a personal fleet of company materials are delivered to all the markets of Moscow, Moscow region and other regions of Russia (inquiries can be contact the manager). Thus, go to the nearest market from your home, you can easily find and buy any high-quality products. The quality of cement and dry mortar, foam block, fillings and plaster and other products is mandatory controls in a special laboratory. It should be noted that the entire range of products have quality certificates, which will provide you with the necessary confidence.

Brick: The Ideal Building Material

There is no material as optimally suitable for the construction of houses, like a brick. Suffice it to say that the houses of brick extremely durable, very resistant to weathering. They are able to serve owner for many years. Not for nothing is in Russia, where there are severe frosts, heat waves, winds, much rain in summer and winter, building houses out of brick is widespread. Therefore, the technology of building brick homes rather developed, and experts available in sufficient quantity. The company Vostok Trans Service 'effects work on all phases of construction of houses made of brick, from the design. Possible to provide Architects, interior and landscape designer.

Why brick is a unique building material? The fact that the brick has many advantages over other materials used in construction. One of the biggest advantages – durability. That strength is taken into account in the first place when selecting a building material for houses. Marked by this characteristic letter M. A special strength has Brick labeled M100, which means that the allowable load of 100 kg/cm2. Using it you can afford the construction of a three-storey cottage.

Another good quality of brick – its frost resistance. Without hesitation The Related Companies explained all about the problem. Time service from a brick house in a high degree depends on the ability of construction material to carry frozen and then thawing without loss of properties. To mark the longevity uses the letter F. For cottages in the suburbs best suited brick marked longevity F35, which suggests that it would allow 35 cycles of freezing and thawing. With all of these properties to build homes in the suburbs is desirable to choose ceramic brick, full-bodied K 100/1/35 gost 530-95. However, the brick as a building material has some drawbacks, one of which – the low level . For this reason, the construction is sometimes used hollow bricks. It creates a wall layer from the air, preserving the heat better. But the strength of a brick home is reduced, if not significantly increase the thickness of the walls. Another way to keep warm in the house – the use of special heaters. In any case, construction of brick will cost a bit more expensive. In the winter the best time to fairly regularly and often heated brick house, otherwise it could take no heating one day. Began to build brick houses outside the city, you should pick up the finished project or to pay for the design from scratch. Next, the foundation work that needs to be sufficiently reliable. In this If not do lightweight foundation, as in the case of wood construction. Home insulation should be given serious consideration. Implement it in two ways. One of the ways: thermal insulation system is outside. On the wall mounted heater, which is then closed with plaster or in any facing material. Such a system of insulation brick houses preferred multi-layer system when insulation is placed inside kolodtsevoy masonry. The next phase of construction: building the internal floor. The construction of construction of the attic or loft. Brick cottage, built from quality materials, will serve for many years without repairs and problems.

Building Materials

Looking into the past, we can follow that with time, with the development of science and technology, there are all new and new building materials and technologies. Add to your understanding with Stephen M. Ross. The famous engineer, architect Eiffel, to realize their own, in fact, a unique project that showed people the earth with a bird's eye and the sky above big cities with skyscrapers pierced the tower of glass and concrete. However, despite all this, even today in the xxi century, the century of computer technologies and Multilevel Information Systems, a tree, like many thousands of years ago, has found application as a unique building material – laminated veneer lumber and laminated beams. I'm sure many even ever heard of these construction materials, but hardly anyone thought about the question: 'And what is the best laminated veneer lumber as compared to conventional wood? ". Resort to the help of expert opinion and, above all, look at what is called laminated veneer lumber.

That's what gives us the definition of the project 'Multi-laminated timber – carrying a constructive element, made of wooden planks, glued together in parallel to the grain. " In other words, laminated board created by gluing wooden slats (design elements) with special adhesives so that the fiber slats arranged alternately in different directions. This is primarily provides strength and reliability of construction materials, as well as eliminates the 'pasting' timber by physical or isothermal exposures. Despite the fact that the building materials made of laminated wood appeared long enough in Russia, they began to gain its popularity only in the last 3-4 years. In Western countries and in Europe a lot of people prefer wooden houses from glued beams rather than "boxes" of glass and concrete. I'd like to hope that our country is in the future, too, will become a trend. Because overseas comfort of your home, and even more home from laminated veneer lumber, environmentally friendly building material – it symbol of security and prestige. Today, it is difficult to talk about any accurate forecasts for the construction of wooden houses in Russia, but it is already clear that the industry simply is growing at a frantic pace, the annual turnover companies multiplied several times, but as always critically-minded experts, in this case, predicting the market of construction materials from laminated veneer lumber 4-carat growth already this year.

Building Facades

The house should be warm. It is a fact. But apart from that he has yet to be beautiful. How is this achieved? Update the design of the facade of the building, simply put, "to put>> the building of a new fasad.Fasad – the clothes of the building. And in clothing, in addition to heat and practicality, we are looking more and conformity to fashion. Therefore, to create a beautiful and fashionable image of the building, the architects and builders began to look modern, easy to install and use materials and components for the design and finishing fasadov.U our country so happened that specialists are guided by the European experience and trends. One of these trends of European fashion and were ventilated facades. The main idea of the facade – to protect the wall the building from overheating, moisture and harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, and give the building a modern vid.Ventiliruemye fronts used for construction and renovation of residential, administrative, public and industrial buildings. Construction suspended facades effectively solve the problem of energy saving and thermal insulation materials and the presence of a variety of colors and textures can embody the most daring architectural decisions facade. Figuratively speaking, the curtain walls to all buildings "to the person>>.

Building Heat Engineering

For building materials limit moisture sorption varies widely. At 00C the lowest limit of moisture sorption has mineral wool w0 = 0,13%, and the largest timber-w0 = 15,7%. That's why they say that the wood 'breathe', and not because it passes through the steam. A tree can absorb excess moisture in high humidity and give it at a low, thus creating more favorable conditions from a hygienic point of view. Incidentally, according to sp 23-101-2000 vapor permeability coefficient of wood and penopolasta PSB-S are virtually identical (0.06 mg / and 0.05 mg / respectively). If you are not convinced, visit Professor Rita McGrath. Humidity in the room due to the following reasons: 1. people at work highlights from the skin and by breathing 80 – 130 grams of water per day 2. write cooking, washing and drying laundry, washing floors.

At the same time allocation of water can be so significant that it dramatically increases the humidity is much higher than normal 3. Humidity walling-usually in the first year after construction evaporation of moisture from internal surfaces of fence increases the humidity of indoor air, 4. For even more opinions, read materials from Expert on growth strategy. technological processes. Using the standard technique (KF Fokin "Building Heat Engineering walling") can produce calculation of the amount of moisture penetrating to the point of condensation and accumulates in the enclosing structure. Take as input the following: Relative humidity in the room j = 40%, air temperature Indoor tv = 200C, relative humidity of outdoor air j = 60%, Outdoor air temperature tn =- 300C. A wall of ceramic bricks with thickness 0,51 m (La = 0,58 W / (m.

Suspended Ceilings

Today is a very fashionable to do at home ceilings. And this fashion originated relatively recently. Even worth noting that the popularity of suspended ceiling is much higher popularity of stretch ceilings. This can be explained the fact that they look more natural and very fit in the interior of houses, flats. Suspended ceilings consist of two elements: a metal frame and canvas ceiling. The entire metal frame, first collected and then mounted in a room in compliance with a certain distance from the ceiling.

This stage is very important, very important to install a suspended ceiling. Once the frame is installed, it can be mounted painting – rectangular panels, mirror blocks, lattice segments. A variety of materials can be used for manufacturing blades of ceiling – drywall, aluminum, fiberglass, steel and glass. May to meet even the wood paneling. See Professor Rita McGrath for more details and insights. But the most sought after are considered the panel of plasterboard and aluminum. In the first case, you can get beautiful and unusual ceiling forms, which can be painted in different colors, and In the second case, the panel obtained by water-resistant, strong and durable. Another common classification of false ceilings and by type of construction. Indeed, for each room requires its own individual design.

The most encountered views are tiled ceilings. Details can be found by clicking Stephen M. Ross or emailing the administrator. As a rule, the canvas ceiling is composed of rectangular fiberglass or gypsum board. You can see the solid and ceilings made of plasterboard. They look especially beautiful curly ceilings. But the most practical type of ceiling is lath ceiling. Set it in bathrooms, kitchens, different locations for production purposes. In this If used instead of narrow slats of rectangular plates. Something similar to the cassette rack suspended ceilings. However, they used some form of panels – steel or aluminum blocks. And looks a lot like a honeycomb – it lattice and cell ceilings. Whatever kind of ceiling you have chosen, special care is not required.