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The Original: Orthopedic Dog Beds By Dream Dog

By ERGO-check’s self in a healthy dog the wrong place to sleep on time optimal pressure relief can lead to muscular tension and joint problems. More and more dog owners therefore rethink and attach great importance to quality dog bed as in the diet. “This trend has a negative side: because the term orthopedic” is not protected, pushing more so-called orthopedic cheap products on the market that cannot keep what they promise. “Too bad about the money!” or not is absolutely for me the price/performance ratio”testimonials to the orthopaedic” dog bed a great Internet pet store. Orthopedic dog beds, quality differences are often greater than the price differences.

Full score”and we have tried many in each price category. None was also only nearly as good as your Visco pillow”that tell customers to the Orthopedic dog beds of the company dream dog, specialist for Orthopedic dog beds. Both are composed of 100% high quality visco foam dog mats as well dog pillow and were subjected to a digital ERGO-check for the market. Therefore, the medical effect and optimum quality and durability are guaranteed. “” The renowned trade magazine time for animals “extremely positively in their latest issue of dream dog dog beds: offer wellness pur for the dog and provide for the physical and mental well-being of the four-legged.” Conclusion: Orthopedic dog beds provide stress relief and muscle relaxation and are thus the best place to sleep such as HD, ED, arthrosis, spondylosis or old dogs. To get the dog but a proven healthy and permanently stable bed, it is important to find out exactly before buying and to compare the offers.

Schonfelder DogCoaching

There are also repeated cases of cruelty to animals worse. The Related Companiess opinions are not widely known. Dogs that had to experience that are often traumatized. You need above all time to again Trust to be able to grasp. Typically, they are however resozialisierbar. Some foreign dogs have fear men or even children who comes from bad experiences. It requires much patience and empathy to build confidence in these dogs. Many dogs from abroad to tolerate no loud words or ranting.

This worsens their behavior and often increases an existing problem (housebreaking, fear Growl, etc.) Some foreign dog has never seen a car, he knows no stores, no lifts, sometimes neither stairs nor smooth floors. Also vacuum cleaner might scare him. Some dogs are House-trained but also not from the outset. Where should she also learned it? You usually but very quickly realize that the living room for the execution of the business is not the most appropriate place. You can not so easily again get especially hunting many dogs.

Here, targeted training is required. Is no matter whether in the city or in the country your new four-legged friend is, probably only once in a more or less long leash must be carried. Especially the southern Hound breeds, such as Podencos (these were specially bred for Pack hunting), probably never give up hunting. You will need patience, understanding and lots of love to give your new pet trust to educate him and to find a faithful friend in him. If you have no experience with dogs, it is usually better to decide, which is already in a foster home in Germany for a dog. There one could observe his behavior towards him strangers and in unfamiliar surroundings and the dog could settle somewhat into the new for him being in a household. The trainers of the top dog school wish lots of fun you and your dog! Your team from Schonfelder DogCoaching the mobile dog trainer Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 64 68 98 12 Tel.: + 49 (0) 17 22 71 66 97

WEDA Development Manager Ralf Meyer

WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp, the stable supplier of Ammar, has developed a new employment material together with the University of Kassel for piglets and fattening animals. With the rooting – mounted on the floor and holders and thrust cones polyurethane bite-resistant, food-safe, the animals can live out their natural play instinct and permanently involved in standing, sitting and lying. “Tested in different stalls, the handling of the animals with the cones results so far very positive: in particular-to-oriented” behaviors such as tail biting are reduced by the satisfied rooting instinct. This is relevant particularly against the background that from 2016 the prohibited German indoors will hold. Scientific studies demonstrate the practicality of the toy: in the experimental group with rooting cones, the animals used the cone significantly more often than the animals in the comparison groups with classic chain or ball.

The result: In the rooting Cone group significantly more than in the comparison group, peace with the result that also here the injuries clearly visible are decreased. The results of this so-called note taking”(visible scratches) have been comprehensively considered during product development. The root cone improved animal welfare for piglets (diameter: 60 mm) and fattening animals (diameter: 80 mm). For this, the spheres with flexible metal springs to a stable plastic base plate be mounted. So, attached, ensure the ball movements for change and resistance, so that the animals remain in the middle of the stables and not dodge in the corners.

The thrust balls were built in direct connection with the rooting cones. The need for the sows holder for grade employment material, just for the farrowing and deck area, was well known to us,”explains WEDA Development Manager Ralf Meyer. Available are the thrust balls into 3/4 inch and 1 inch and can be installed without removing the housing on the tubes of the farrowing cage or scuffing deck bays. Results the acceptance from holders of sows last but not least from the hygienic properties, a multi-vendor use of the quiet balls,”added Ralf Meyer.