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Tent Rentals

Rental of tents in alicante, in Alava, our, OCEAN II tent, rental of two plants for zone vip tents, temporary Ocean II building is a structure of last generation in the field of temporary architecture. This structure with inclined, glazed facade is a unique, exclusive piece muldial. NATIVE OF ALAVA Rental of tents, company of Alicante, since 1976 in constant innovation, dedicated to the manufacture, sale and rental of tents, puts at your disposal a wide range of models of tents. With your desire to constantly innovate to released their new arch structures, available 8 m, 10 m, 12 m, 15 m and 20 m of porch, and can extend length unlimited via modules, 5 m. Now available the new Ocean model by ALAVES, is a structure double floor of an elegant, innovative and sporty, design with smoked glass enclosure vitro velum. You can visit its new facilities of 8,000 m2 where you will advise and make a design for your project. Or please contact us at: Tel.: 965 675 775 or via email:, also if they wish can visit us at: rental and sale of tents in alicante.

Tourist Rental Reacts

Muchosol, leading portal for rent online apartments for rent in Spain, has carried out a comparative study on how tourism has evolved during the last year. It is the economic crisis affecting tourism? Spending and the days of stay are determining factors to check it. The average expenditure per stay falls 7% in 2010 as well, at a general level, we see that while in 2009 the average expenditure per stay climbed to 964 euros, in 2010 this figure has been reduced nearly 7 per cent descending to 884 euros. Spain, which in 2009 was already a 15% below the European average of spending, has seen fall its spending average stay in 2010 up to 780 euros. In the rest of Europe, except in the Netherlands, they have seen their average holiday costs were reduced.

The most remarkable falls has been the German and French tourists who have invested in your vacation by 11% and 10% less than in 2009 respectively. Tourists who have over spent this year have been Russians, choosing as destination mainly the Costa Brava, with an average of 1,327 euros per stay, 16% more than the Netherlands, situated in second position. The increase suffered by United Kingdom has also been considerable, with 38% more than expense coming up to 850 euros. The days of stay decrease also other data critical in analysing how the crisis has affected tourism in this past year is the length of stay. Spain, which has been reduced the number of days of stay of tourists by 5%, is below the European average with 7 days duration, one day and less than the 8.5 of the other countries of the continent. Germans and Russians are placed in front of the classification of days of stay with 14.8 and 13, 5 respectively.

Curious case of the Germans, who have increased 33% your period of stay in rented accommodations, reaching 43% above the European average. French tourists have been minimally reduced their days of stay, going from 9.8 to 9.4, and the Dutch, despite having increased their holiday spending, they have also reduced it 3 days, going from 10 to 7. About Muchosol Muchosol is the leading portal in Spain in the vacation rental on the internet. After a few years of strong growth, the portal now allows reserve 4,500 apartments online, paying by credit card and without leaving the web. Muchosol has presence also in Russia, Netherlands, France and United Kingdom, where it has own portals. Data relevant to the study universe: 450,000 bookings of holiday accommodation. INE font and homemade. Sample: 9,000 reservations made from January to September, in the years 2009 and 2010. Sampling error: 1% Note: data include only Spanish tourist areas.

Home Sales

If you have not had luck in selling your home after a reasonable time, you might think about renting it, every time the price of rents is rising while increasing the number of tenants. But if the market does not have a great recovery in the coming years – which I doubt will happen better find someone who not only wants to rent your House, also buy in the future. To do this, you and the tenant may sign a lease with purchase option. In exchange for a slightly higher price, the potential buyer will have the option of buying your House at a predetermined price. Providing an option means that you will probably find the cherished tenants, who seriously considered the possibility of buying. These deals also attract people who really want to buy, but can not at this precise moment for some reason, such as the need to save for a down payment, a divorce or a recent costly foreclosure. Often, these people are willing to pay a little more to buy some time to restructure its economy, while living in the House who think buy.

Although rent to people with problems can seem risky, often the reality belies it, especially if they had a good payment and credit history before they faced financial disaster. The number of people suffering from financial problems is growing on a daily basis, but I do not see many contracts of rent with option to buy, perhaps because many homeowners don’t understand business, when it normally is a winning proposition for the seller and buyer. They are simple formalization contracts, although it is good to hire a good real estate lawyer to advise us about potential dangers and dispel our doubts.

According to the study by Muchosol, leading portal of rental apartments and holiday homes, rental of tourist accommodation shall comprise an average of 26.7 euros per person and day in the months of July and August. Last year the average rent in the same months stood at 28 euros on average per person per day, so the average price has dropped by 4.6%. The provinces with the lowest prices are Zaragoza which has a price average of 9.3 euros, Madrid with 15.8 euros, Huesca with an average of 16.2 euros and Castellon with 16.7 average euros. On the other hand, the provinces with higher prices are Balearic Islands which has an average EUR 64.6, Guipuzcoa with 49.5 average euros, Lleida with a 40.3 average price and Cadiz that is priced at EUR 39.4. The intermediate provinces have an average between 16 and 35 euros.

A stay in a furnished accommodation in Catalonia will cost 28 euros on average. For its part, in the Valencian Community the average is 20 euros per person and day, in the Canary Islands, 24 euros and in Andalusia, 29 EUR for this summer. The price has dropped by 39% in Fuerteventura (from 32,7 to 19,9 euros), price in Huelva has fallen by 14% (from 34 to 29.3 euros) and the price of the province of Girona has fallen by 21.6% (from 25 to 19.6 euros). In other provinces the price has increased although with very low percentages: Teruel has risen 22.6% (from 16.8 to 13 euros), Pontevedra rose 6% (22.8 to 24.3 euros) and in Castellon the price has risen 5.3 per cent (from 15.8 to 16.7 euros). Apartments & houses for rent remains among the cheaper options to stay during the summer holidays. About Muchosol Muchosol is the portal of reference in Spain in rentals of houses and apartments since it has more than 5,000 accommodation distributed all over. Furthermore, it gives the tourist the ease of booking accommodation in 5 minutes and with instant confirmation. Information about the study universe: 121.998 holiday accommodation to rent in Spain (source: INE) shows: 6476 (source: accommodations) available in ITSolutions in Spain June 2011) sampling Error: 1.

Car Rental

In Spain, when diz customer rental cars here is very expensive, not without reason, is simply to compare the prices of the national companies of for-hire cars with international car rental companies. Becomes more expensive, as the basis for comparison are the rental companies. Taxes, taxes and bureaucracy – and that does not lack the diversity of laws, procedures are complex to measure, but it must be estimated prices at the risk of compromising the gains. They are also the costs of the vehicles themselves as the maintenance, conservation, claims, insurance and other times. It is worth mentioning that you can not compare the rental fleet in the United States.The U.S., for example, in Spain. The number of vehicles estimated to landlords on tour in Spain at 400,000. Only a company of car rental in Florida the only thing has almost double this number. We want to stress here is the impact of the sale of the rental car after the time means of use, which rotates in Spain between 13 and 16 months.

Many rental mixed the result of leasing the vehicle with the result of the sale, to know the result of business when in reality it should be analyzed separately. One thing is to rent a car, car sale is another thing. Well, a survey was published by a company specialized in the automotive industry, the Molicar, and published by the officer of the State of SP, which indicates the increase of the depreciation of vehicles after the lease term. The data refer to vehicles of medium size, which have higher rates than popular. A Honda Civic in 2009 after a year was devalued by 14.3% and after two years, 20.3% went on to have a depreciation commercial 15.5% and 24.7% respectively. Worse still was that Vectra sedan Elegance of 13.6% in one year and 18.9% in two, in 2009, is now worth less than a year a 24.9% and 34.4% in 2011.

Good: 60-70% of rental vehicles are very popular base or popular Spanish with the direction of the air and power, impact depreciation is lower in the first two years, but this does not invalidate the analysis. Companies of rent of cars that do not follow the trend of the market, are undoubtedly have unpleasant surprises to check their financial results. Depreciation eats a good part of income for the lease, when it does not cause prejudice to the purchase of all / rental / sale, which is the mixture of shops. To complete the line of current credit for new and used vehicles?on the needs of funding, the reduction of the demand for automobiles. What the management of this image policy: 1 management of business by product, i.e., purchase, rent and sale;? 2. Rental companies union of reducing bureaucracy and administrative costs imposed by the representative bodies with global vision of the business, rather than the individualistic vision; 3. The effective implementation of the Government tax load applied in roads and streets in good condition, what current Directors and future of public money the importance of the location of the segment of tourism, commercial and industrial activities. 4 Calibrate large depreciation of vehicles, not upwards fat even to have a competitive price. 5 Has the best possible relationship with the points of sale, either itself or through distributors.