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Commercial Properties

Choosing the right commercial property – the first step to profits. Robert J. Shiller has many thoughts on the issue. For any businessman it is clear that for the successful conduct of affairs it is important to successfully select the room as an office, warehouse, retail outlets and so on. For the office of the company, providing certain services to the population, the ideal option would be commercial property in a shopping complex. Large shopping center – is the focus of a large number of people who came to spend the money. This the first aspect of interest for the business owner. a large shopping center contains not only the offices or shops, but also opportunities for recreation (movies, coffee shops, gaming machines). Therefore, the office worker would be much more comfortable to hold your lunch break is in the shopping and entertainment complex. This second aspect is important for the employees.

Shopping Centre – the whole infrastructure of organized protection, fire alarm and so on. So as a businessman, rental / buying real estate in the shopping center is deprived of many problems related to the safety of their organization. This is the third aspect, again interesting businessman. And, finally, a large shopping Centre for convenient by shoppers and visitors, as the entertainment industry and commerce is concentrated in one place. From the above we can conclude: lease and purchase of commercial real estate sales complexes – a very profitable way of developing their own business. Future for commercial real estate in the malls, because it is convenient to both sides of the sale. Buyers will always come into the trading Centre and find exactly what they need. Sellers of goods and services will always find willing to buy their products.

Turkish Republic

In recent years, the difference in the categories of property rights has become insignificant. All disputes relating to land are resolved at the state level between Turkey, which pays compensation, and the Republic of Cyprus. Educate yourself with thoughts from John Savignano. During the existence of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, no foreign national has not lost the right to own their own land or real estate! Taxes and fees: Stamp duty – 0,5% of the price of the property tax is payable immediately after signing the contract. This tax must be paid within one month from the date of signing the contract, otherwise the amount of stamp duty increases; vat – 5%, payable upon entry into home ownership; The tax on the purchase – 3% (when buying subsequent properties – 6%), payable upon registration of real estate to the purchaser's name (in case of ownership in your name). Additional costs: Payment of a notary public – 1 000-1 500 pounds (1 075-1 610 euros); Payment for the registration of the contract – 40 pounds (43 euros).

If you purchase a new property, you must pay the costs for connecting water and electricity (the amount entered in the contract), and usually it is 2 000-3 000 pounds (2 148-3 222 euro), depending on the acquired property. The annual municipal taxes and charges constitute no more than 100 pounds (107.50 euros). Water supply – centralized (at some sites supplemented their own wells or boreholes). Wastewater discharged into individual septic tanks, which served time in 1,5-2 years, maintenance costs – about 25 pounds (27 euros). Mobile communications and the Internet are cheap and available virtually throughout the Northern Cyprus.

Buying a Property in Portugal

That came the moment when you finally ripe for buying their own homes. Of course, just a desire – to start moving in this direction. But like it because the first time? Information from acquaintances and friends already who bought their apartments, of course, gave you some insight into the buying process, but here I am with some confidence say, you have to do your first small steps and personal experience to learn all over again. To ease your the way I decided to share my experience in real estate. For more specific information, check out John Savignano. So, to start on the stages of the home buying process. Several of them The first and undoubtedly the most important stage – it's a loan.

Sredito Habitacao is still one of the the main sources of income for banks. But the situation of credit by Portuguese banks in 2009 radically changed. After the economic crisis, increased volume does not pay bank charges on loans past years, the name of it – 'credito mal parado', resulting in decreased cash fund of the banks themselves. All this has led to a tightening of requirements for applicants for mortgages. Today in the analysis process credito habitacao banks require maximum security with by the applicant. What does this mean? This stability in the work of an employee 'efectivo' – is more profitable for the bank than someone who has worked at the firm just a few months, or working at temporary jobs. This high irs, loans more easily pass from human to have a permanent residence, as well as the presence of the share equity, which is paid immediately upon purchase of selected homes.

Apartment for sale, as well as its purchase, it is a serious issue that must be approached in advance. Today you can buy a house only two ways: in a new home or on the secondary market. The main advantage of the second option involves wanting to buy an apartment is in a low price so-called "second-hand" apartments. In this article we will discuss how to properly sell the house, what to look for when buying and how to avoid becoming a victim fraud, which is very much on the real estate market. So, you're going to buy an apartment. If you are you interested in sale of apartments in new buildings, it is very important to check all the documents at the house, which is your future housing. Frequent cases of illegal construction companies phony.

Must be very careful, because the acquisition of real estate – a very bold step. When buying an apartment with a hand the first thing to note availability of documents from the seller at this accommodation. Do not be afraid to ask about what you're worried or in doubt. You have every right to know everything about the apartment, which is buying. Double check is not written anyone in room. To do this, we must require an excerpt from the house of the book. It will identify all persons who had previously lived in this apartment.

Your future home should not be anyone registered, otherwise one day may declare one of the owners of which you were unaware, for example, a person in the prescribed place of detention. In that case, if the seller refuses categorically to check on her apartment "Legal clarity", it is virtually one hundred percent guarantee that he hides things from you. Better not to buy such property. Finally, we reached the very important issue – the collection of documents. Apartments for sale and purchase require tedious configuration we need to agree. Better to turn to professional help, in other words, go to the real estate agency, where you all prompt, or even assemble a package of documents for you. It must be noted that Kiev apartments for sale is often carried out gray methods, so you should be very careful when purchasing the desired property.

Big Estate

The most reliable way to check – book excerpt in egrp. Commercial real estate shall not be pledged or mortgage. The big problem may be passing the trial, challenging the rights of the owner or one of the former owners of ownership. Generally, the smaller hosts were in real estate, the better. If you are interested in land, be extremely careful.

The local administration should learn it for any additional burdens. Public easement, under which the land is located, may subsequently cause it alienation. There were cases when to sell the land, which is a couple of years should begin to serve the needs of the city. For example, to become part of an aerodrome or place to myself a new subway station. After careful study History of buying property, pay attention to the identity of the seller-owner. Needed to clarify its authority and to secure guarantees the transaction. Acquisition of commercial real estate – it is not easy.

By testimony of experienced lawyers – ideal objects do not exist, but the buyer depends on how it can minimize the risks. It is in order, to purchase residential or commercial real estate has not become a tragedy for you and transaction went smoothly, it is necessary to enlist the support of people who know. The best thing you can do – order a legal support. Under the supervision of a professional process of purchase and will flawlessly. Then that for you out of the ordinary event for a lawyer – a daily practice. Making the deal, the lawyers know what points require special attention. Legal support for the acquisition of real estate, you can avoid large monetary losses, and therefore not worth saving for this service. Normally, a lawyer will consist of three main stages: – the study of documents concerning the property and the definition of a real owner and his rights – developing and carrying out the deed of sale – registration of title of property. You can hire a specialist to perform all three phases, as can be for a specific task. The cost of such services is usually a lawyer, calculated as the total amount of work and of the value of the purchased object. Only enlisted the support of these professionals, you will be able to perfect a real estate deal.

Property Purchase Expenses

Costs on registration of the sale will be approximately eur 1,000 (of which, notary 500 euros, the state register of private ownership of 300 euros, and services for real estate registration 200 euros). These amounts may be slightly vary. Insurance housing up to 300 euros per year. Life insurance and up to about 300 euros a year (depending on the age of the buyer). Total cost of the apartment with all the expenses will amount to 215.600 euro. 2.

Case of a mortgage loan to the above-mentioned amount is added for extra items. Assume that the bank assessment of housing was 200,000 and the bank issues a credit of 60% of the assessment, ie 120.000 euros. Then the cost would be: Banking rating apartments – up to 300 euros. Fees for opening a credit – 2% of the loan amount (from 120.000 euros) = 2,400 euros (bank charges). Costs of mortgages (the amount of 120.000 euros) will be approximately 3.400 euros (of which, notary fees 600, State register of private property 300 euros, 2,300 euros tax and central bank accounting – services for real estate registration 200 euros). These amounts may vary slightly.

Total cost of the apartment with all expenses amount to 221.700 euros (11-12%) of the cost of housing. To reduce the cost of buying property, by agreement with the seller in the sale contract specifies a bit underestimated price of housing, thereby decreasing the amount of vat. Centralized accounting of the bank, providing services for registration of real estate makes a preliminary calculation of the amounts for all expenditures. All payments are made (the new property owner) at the time of signing transaction. Subsequently, after entering the real estate register and get her originals of all documents, accounts of the bank gives the new owner all the paid invoices. If the actual amount paid will be lower than previously calculated, the monetary difference is returned to the owner. In recent months, financial institutions, mainly banks, greatly multiplied the number of its real estate. According to Central Bank of Spain in 2008, the seven largest banks in the country have a real estate almost 8 billion euros. In this sense, according to the president of Spanish Banking Association (AEB) Miguel Martin financial institutions to become “major real estate agency.” Thus, banks offer very favorable conditions for purchasing real estate, reducing prices by more than 30% Many banks offer special Internet portals, which provide their real property. Our company has cooperated with the big banks – Bancaja, cam, Caja Madrid were among the first creators of specialized units engaged in the sale Real Estate. Our agency is fully responsible for the quality of the service – comfortable transportation, the demonstration sites along the coast, finance, full legal support and after-sales service. We value our impeccable reputation and its customers, each of which have great attention and respect.

Real Estate Transactions Giving

Once a rich and important Uncle Frank decided to give his nephew a country house near the big lake and the lovely mountain views. As soon as he came up such a great idea, he alerted his nephew about this and that some time later moved to its new home, and lived as if nothing had happened, until Until one of the cloudy autumn day my uncle died. And then began all sorts of troubles. Here, Nobel Laureate in Economics expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Turned up his wife's uncle and a great number relatives, who also laid claim to the house, they began to exclaim: "Why suddenly, this is your house? Uncle Frank gave it to you, huh? And why we do not know? ". Nephew lost his head, long sought help from lawyers who have not yet realized that Uncle Frank was supposed to issue a document called a deed of gift, and thereby secure the rights to this ill-fated nephew's house In my legal practice I have many years to come across such cases. Question clearance dedication is quite complex and often misleading, and describe the issue continuous text would not be easy. For even more details, read what Robert J. Shiller says on the issue. So I decided to be easier and cite as an example a few cases, issues, that people treated me. The first case A good friend of mine wants to issue gift certificate to the apartment to his cousin and sister. He lives in Moscow, and the apartment is located in the suburb of Novgorod. Hero Our stories are wondering where you can, gift certificate, and what data are needed for its execution? It's very simple – you can make a donation contract in any city, but to register the contract with the Federal Registration Service should be at the location of real estate – in Novgorod.

Even at the grandparents influenced civilization! Now sometimes easier to gas than to find a good stove to oven resigned "to the conscience." Fireplace – it's certainly a wonderful interior decoration. In our room, too, is a fireplace, but in corner of the kitchen is our beauty – Russian oven. Immediately after the move, we also wanted to demolish it, but it turned out to be so many advantages that the hand was raised. How nice dank autumn evening or a harsh winter to come up with a walk and to warm their bones on the stove. I do not think we wasted our ancestors were so strong, healthy and hardy. Do not forget about your roots, what we do not have the glamor conjures west. Stopping in the house with stove heating is the probability that the furnace is not all right.

Do not worry, your stove can be saved. First, consider the reason. In this article I'll show you how to eliminate the most common problems furnace. Among the most frequently occurring faults furnaces include: a weakening of traction in the pipe and smoke ovens otsyrevanie chimney and leak out of it. The reasons for the weakening of traction in the furnace can be: 1.

Clogged and overgrown with soot and chimneys, collapse and blockage of channels crumbling masonry or mortar. An urgent need to clean the canals and through the chimney clean outs, damper or valve tube. Violation of the density of masonry stove or chimney with the formation of cracks, resulting in inward furnace or leaking pipe outside air, the cooling combustion gases.

Extra Borrower

Therefore, in the case of financial difficulties of the borrower, both parties will find the best way to repay the loan. In an extreme case, an apartment, located in the pledge will be sold and the proceeds from the sale will go to debt to the bank. In this case, the cost of real estate owned by the borrower, can grow, therefore, likely that the remaining funds will actually buy another house. Misconception 9. A bank may go bankrupt, then the apartment can be sold for debts of the bank What is the risk of a person who has taken a mortgage loan in the event of bank failure? Bankruptcy creditor bank that issued the mortgage, practically does not affect the fate of the borrower. He will continue to regularly make payments to repay the loan can change only the payee details (name, bank account). Terms of the contract of mortgage Credit can not be changed in the new creditor unilaterally, so the borrower does not need to fear any unpleasant surprises.

In addition, housing, purchased the mortgage is a property of the borrower and is not may be brought to recover debts of a bankrupt bank-creditor. In this regard, mortgage well protects the interests of the borrower. Delusions 10. Appeal to mortgage brokers – is the extra costs of all changes, and now mortgage brokers reduce the cost of their services, and real estate agencies are increasingly offering free services to their own mortgage specialist. The main advantage of mortgage brokers or offices of major agencies property that they have information on current developments in the programs of banks, special bank promotions, have agreements with several banks, according to which the client has a number of preferences. Perhaps rate reduction for customers by 0,5%, free or expedited hearing, etc. in the struggle for client real estate agents themselves carry all sorts of action, offering discounts for payment of interest on mortgage payments or surety for the client. Gain due to the lowered rate could reach thousands of rubles, in addition, specialists can help borrowers save time and effort, which nowadays is also worth its weight in gold.

Kiev Real Estate

As expected, the increase in prices for apartments and other real estate in Kiev and its suburbs in 2007 continued its steady growth. Of course, not as frantic leaps, as in previous years, but still at 2-5%% in the month given. And what the most surprising – this growth occurred alongside a significant downturn in demand for apartments. Also of note, and decline in the number and volume of transactions on purchase and sale of apartments and real estate in Kiev over the same period of 2006. And despite all that construction companies Kiev motivate growth in property prices supposedly the increased demand. Such arguments are only interested Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, which has held a number of inspections (see details). And yet, you can try to identify such causes a rise in price of real estate in Ukraine.

The relative improvement of living standards in large cities and the capital of Ukraine and associated increase in the money supply in the population. Unequal distribution of income among the population of Ukraine. Rich inflate asset prices, including real estate, as generate demand.

Uneven development of various regions of Ukraine. The rise in prices will not stop until the city, such as attractive to live and inserting money as Kiev, Odessa, , Donetsk, Lviv. For most Ukrainians, the most coveted city has one. The surest way to launder dirty (the earned-gotten) money and the willingness to invest money without losses including and profitably, which results in the desire to hold each subsequent resale 5-10% more expensive than buying. The need to provide housing for residents of Ukraine, 92% of whom live in uncomfortable flats and houses. Input space is not enough to meet demand. As a result – real estate all missing. When the demand for housing increases, its price, of course, is also growing. Economic: The growth of construction costs. Various approvals, statutory deductions and city areas, high prices energy, rising wages, rising prices for building materials, high resource consumption, etc. High interest rates on loans for the development of construction projects. Stricter requirements to technology security. Increased regulations laying building materials and mounting systems than the construction of housing in the past years. Binding of construction companies to cash market currencies, including the foreign, as well as rapid development of the mortgage market. Development of small and medium business, dollar inflation and inflation hryvnia, resulting macroeconomic processes. The influence of the secondary real estate market, which tends catch up on the price level (and almost caught up with) the market buildings. Alignment property developers in the price (but not the purchasing power of the population) in Russia and Moscow. Political: Constant rotation of government bodies and local government. New officers get for themselves and their families for housing and real estate business upon arrival in Kiev. Absence of the normal tendering market instruments of land allocation.