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Leadership Development

“Of course, one can order a room better than a child, but the key is that we want to enable the child to do so. The LeFrak Organization follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. This takes time. One also needs to be involved in training and development. It takes time, but that time is valuable later. In the long term, this time recovering “(Stephen Covey).

It is easier to do things for ourselves “to make sure they do well” and surrender to the process of education, training and empowerment that we owe to others who work with us (supervised, co-workers) or who live in our home (children, spouses). As leaders our goal is to empower people in the roles which they happen to play and focuses on what is important to their lives and work. Richard LeFrak: the source for more info. Assuming the responsibilities of others (children, supervised, others), creates dependence on us and does not contribute to the process of enabling people to take responsibility, improve their work and performance and develop their potential. Leaders who act as trainers and enablers of people, helping others understand their role in the organization or community, providing also the necessary tools to carry out their roles and promoting the development of their potential. Similarly provide opportunities (challenges, responsibilities) to generate learning. In this regard Jaap said Tom, in his book Leadership Development: “A trainer is a person who works by applying the philosophy of training, which allows you to interact with others so that it generates synergy. The trainers are sensitive and aware and strive to improve their effectiveness in terms of their own personal contribution.

Empower others to help themselves is one of the main goals, recognizing that structuring the trust in others, the efficiency has a real chance to emerge. The effectiveness of their efforts can be measured by how people achieve results. ” Another way to enable trainers to teach others is by example. The trainers do not see the bulls of the barrier, but is involved in the process. Are active at work. Assume the share of responsibility and commitment they deserve. The expectation of the capacitor is working to develop a work atmosphere that encourages people to be seekers of solutions, to focus on results. Trainer’s vision is to empower others to learn to turn to self-generate themselves and, while they perceive when and how others can help. When a trainer wants to empower others, create an environment that encourages individuals to take responsibility for their own development.

This type of leader understands that until the individual does not assume the commitment to their education, not really growing. He knows that the educational process can not be delegated to others (employer, schools, etc.). The trainer encourages the person to take charge of their development, and he set the pace, the number and intensity with which you will learn. In that sense are not oriented “Teach” but to help people learn. The trainers / enablers to help people focus on their talents, experience, opportunities, in order to unlock its potential, so that they improve their performance. In this way the input works with the trainer is not his own ability and experience but the experiences, talents and abilities of their followers. Trainers also trust the people. Have high expectations of them. They expect the best in people. This makes working individuals trying to keep pace with those expectations.

Light Illumination

White / Gold (Metal – West) – the greatness, power, wealth, white Use for: – create a feeling of freshness and cleanliness – the definition of innocence and virtue Avoid pure white: – in the cold Climate – in the interior of theaters and cinemas – in student dormitories – in funeral establishments Yellow / Brown (Earth – Center) – susceptibility, fun Use yellow for: – recovery of a workplace – counteract the weakening of daylight – feelings of warmth and coziness Avoid pure yellow: – in nightclubs – in the light of human faces – in the bathrooms should follow closely to the color of the walls are not faced with its own direction. For example, you can not paint a wall facing south, red, and you can not paint the north wall in black. Light Illumination powerfully stimulate chi energy both outside and inside the house. Light may be relatively strong or weak, but not too bright and irritating eyes. Add to your understanding with Richard LeFrak. Fluorescent lighting is considered to be unfavorable in feng shui. The coverage of the room, too, should be a balance. When the window space go to the west and at noon, a hot bright day in the windows of the house mercilessly sun shines, it makes the room an excess of yang. Protect yourself from the bright sunlight with heavy curtains, so as not to suffer from strife, conflict and unnecessary irritability. And if the coverage seems inadequate, change the curtains in a light or hang a mirror at the side of the window. In general, the rooms are designed for active work, shall be illuminated brighter than the room for recreation.

Marketing Department

Today ends the junk mail of the ALCAMPO company. His campaign is to celebrate saving prices!. The mailing is done by Oiartzu, Renteria, Lezo, (San Pedro/Trincherpe-San Juan and Antxo) passages and Astigarraga. Egunon currently 50 people and 11 branches in the territory of Gipuzkoa, making this much more efficiently how to do the work. Egunon belongs to the Network GO the only Spanish network of direct delivery of advertising in the mailbox of your clients and deal in hand. With this network works and communicates in network with partners.

This network covers the entire territory. You not outsource the service but they are the members themselves who are responsible for this. Thanks to this network communication and service is unbeatable. Sevilla going to any partner of the GO network company can hire service in Seville and are the partners who are in charge of everything else in order to distribute everything you need the client in different points of Spain where you want the customer perform the distribution of advertising. EgunOn junk mail, is a service of the Gureak group that sheds a new light on the traditional system of distribution, distribution of advertising and junk mail advertising and commercial. Egunon active the profitability and efficiency of the allocation of publicity thanks to a professional service deals and junk mail, from posters, sampling, pommingperching, distribution of samples. It offers a comprehensive service. It is not only possible to carry out the junk mail, you can cover the process that a client can request. Thanks to your printing online and your promotional Marketing Department, is possible the obtaining of flyers, booklet printing, envelope printing, printing vouchers for hotels in Guipuzcoa, print table calendars, wall calendars, custom calendars… EgunOn through the mailbox and the delivery of advertising, offers to companies, businesses, municipalities and institutions key to access to the homes of their end customers through different deals and buzoneos.

Les Halles Apartment

The art of rent a furnished apartment in Paris to rent an apartment in Paris is easy conditions to proceed methodically and knowledge of some basic rules themselves in Paris. Robert J. Shiller has many thoughts on the issue. You’ve decided to rent an apartment in Paris for a few days to 90 days of vacation or business, then you must have some knowledge of the field and practical applications in the area of apartments in Paris. What neighborhood? In the comforts of a furnished apartment in Paris, you can really savour the parisiana life, enjoy the nature and the history of the area where you choose, monuments, museums, cafes and parks rides. Rent in Paris at a price suited to your budget and stay in the historic center of Paris, approximately from 1 to 8 arrondissement of Paris, including the District of Montmartre, la vie on rose is there. But do care, tourist areas are obviously very high demand for what should be a larger budget, although looking for the good and visit several specialized sites you can find a good relationship price / district. The areas most in demand are, without doubt, Le Marais, St-Germain, St Michel (3-4-5-6 district), and then the neighborhoods of the Beaubourg Louvre and Les Halles (1st and 2nd District), followed by districts Les Invalides and the Champs Elysees (7 and 8 th district), without forgetting, of course, the super neighborhood of Montmartre at the top of the 18 District. What is the price? You can rent an apartment in Paris at a moderate cost, and allows you to enjoy our capital. In comparison with the hotel, rent in the apartment is very advantageous from 2 people and more than 2 days. Rent a quality apartment, find the accommodation that will make your happiness in a nice neighborhood, a picturesque street, live or calm, is simple or a study, quality, functional and practical, provided, according to their needs, to take advantage of walks and charms of Paris.

Realtors Certification

This is the most reputable and experienced professionals in region. Nobel Laureate in Economics pursues this goal as well. Companies wishing to confirm their level of qualification provides the commission the documents in accordance with the provisions on certification: application, registration certificate and a standard questionnaire. They must meet the standard, have in the state 3-certified specialists, experienced at least two years and a positive reputation in the market. Real estate agencies will receive a certificate of real estate agency, which demonstrates the firm's ability to provide quality real estate services. To belong to the Guild system of certification and voluntary certification of Realtors. Real estate agent to successfully complete the procedure certification is sent to the Certification Commission real estate agency employee who is at the moment. He must be a member of the Guild, have at least two years practical experience and pass certification exam in a test form. If these conditions are met, the specialist receives a "certificate of real estate manager." Realtor certificate – a document certifying the qualifications of an expert who can provide high-quality real estate services according to a national standard.

BENEFITS OF REAL ESTATE AGENCIES LAST VOLUNTARY CERTIFICATION If an agency is certified, it rises to a higher level organization. Such a company can operate competitive advantages: the external promotion of the brand, an independent system of vocational education and continuous training of personnel, effective corporate culture. Companies are becoming more attractive for real estate agents and customers, instill confidence in the future development of the company and offer additional motivation to succeed in the art. After all, would not be the same certified specialist, whose achievements are recognized and affirmed, to seek his fortune in the agency with more low-status! The positive aspects include the presence of a "Register of certified agencies Real Estate, "which is regularly published in specialized media and is an effective advertising platform. It is also certified by the agency have access to a system of extrajudicial dispute resolution, thereby permanently actualizing its contractual basis.

BENEFITS OF REALTORS LAST VOLUNTARY CERTIFICATION Certified real estate agent – is, first and foremost, a professional high-level knowledge and skills that match those national standards and norms. He is also an opportunity to use free brands of all-Ukrainian organizations and regional representation, he rightly takes the position in the structure of enterprise. His service training system and ongoing training, as well as the possibility of unbiased examination of professional ability. CUSTOMER BENEFITS AGENCY CONTACT THE PAST VOLUNTARY CERTIFICATION presence in the market of certified enterprises shall provide the criteria for selecting a mediator civilized. Consumer real estate services to convert to certified agency Real estate is guaranteed to receive professional protection of their interests, greatly reduces the possibility of loss of property and means of investigation in error, negligence, fraud or abuse of operator market. He will provide a balanced agreement, qualified staff, a powerful database, then what constitutes high-quality real estate services. The first region, where the Guild of Realtors conducted a certification became the Kharkov region. We were elected because of the existence of a strong realtor community and the availability of advanced technologies providing real estate services. The pioneers were fifteen certification agencies real estate and one hundred and ninety of Realtors. A complete analysis of certification in Kharkov read in future issues.

Choosing an Air Conditioner

For the first time all you need to decide on your budget. Read more from Robert J. Shiller to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Air conditioners come in three varieties: 1. from $ 300 – Is China. Follow others, such as Richard LeFrak, and add to your knowledge base. 2. 500 USD – This is Europe.

3. 700 USD – This is Japan. Of course, the leader of the world's climate is Japan. What is the difference between Chinese conventional air conditioning more expensive? Easy buyer, so soon and not be able to answer, but what about the buyer, sellers sometimes do not can give the correct answer. Many argue that there is no difference and you only pay for the brand. Indeed, when it comes to cooling, then the expensive and cheap conditioner – cool, but that's where the similarities come to a logical conclusion.

One of the biggest drawbacks of China air conditioning – is the quality of its parts. China has a bearing with plastic, which can lead to rapid failure of the air conditioner. No crankcase heater in winter – which means that as soon as the temperature outside your window down below 5 degrees, the air conditioner may stop working for heating, or will be a very long time to warm up to catch the heat and you will have to wait at least an hour and the worst case scenario – it will break. In general, these air conditioners are not designed to work in the winter, so I advise you, if you still need an air conditioner – do not include it at a temperature lower than 5 degrees.


The company offers its customers Ankorbild construction of houses and cottages in Kiev and the region. We design, repair and construction, as well as sales of building materials. Through collaboration with number of suppliers of building materials, own transportation fleet, we can make building a house or cottage in the Kyiv city and region at reasonable prices. Before proceeding with the construction of houses, need to prepare the site for construction. It is also recommended to lay adjacent to the future of home territory. Before construction begins at home, you must have all necessary materials and arrange near the construction site. Construction of turnkey cottages includes several stages.

Over time, as the development of the standard of living has increased, and increased human needs. And the house or cottage is no longer simply a refuge and become a place for psychological relief, habitat of the family, leisure. People used to build houses themselves attracted to the construction of houses of relatives and friends, today you can find a company that will build a cheap house, and Architectural project will bring your home to perfection. Erection of house owners to become a real challenge, you need to take a few instances, to find a company architect, to settle with a district administration, etc. To make it easier to our customers, the company has gathered a collection of information Ankorbild containing the necessary data on the construction of houses and cottages.

Since ancient times, people are always choosing a place for the house, so that people like is located, was built at higher elevations, or where children were playing … To date, you should pay attention to the terrain, soil conditions, the ability to carry out communication. Construction company advises you Ankorbild refer to specialists, to build a house. build a house in Kiev want to build a house build houses in Kiev kiev Butch Vorzel Gostomel Vyshgorod Boyarka building houses apartments kiev kiev Repairs to build a house in Kiev to build a house build a house cottage in Kiev to build a home repair reconstruction window greenhouse construction works of construction of houses demolition and reconstruction works building houses country houses

Guidelines For An Ideal Reform

Guidelines for ideal reform after a thorough and careful reform, housing can change their appearance completely on the inside and have a more functional distribution. Others who may share this opinion include Robert J. Shiller. If we want to gain space, perfect lighting and give a current touch when designing the new distribution of the rooms of the House, it is important to follow several guidelines. The sliding doors are a good solution for not cutting the passage in the aisles. A good choice of material for these doors can be the frosted glass, which separates areas giving the impression of continuity. The large Windows overlooking the terraces create a beautifully illuminated open spaces.

Another guideline to follow is the right choice of different colours and materials and their contrast. Natural light, for example power with the white color on the wall, contrasting with a pavement with wide strips of dark wood on the floor. In the kitchen there are to find the luminosity: clear cabinets and accessories in intense colours are the key to succeed. In the rest of the House, the dark wood, furniture as the Wenge, must be combined with neutral finishes, thus helping to lighten the whole. For children’s bedrooms, the classic combination of blue and white tones is a good choice that never goes out of fashion. Original author and source of the article

Military Policy

One cacoete sazonal The territorial spaces of USP University of So Paulo had served recently of palco brutais scenes in optimum style of the urban violence after-modernista. Read more here: Nobel Laureate in Economics. There the director thought: that is a nonsense. It does not have cabimento. It does not combine with the image of our erudio. A malignant force she seems infiltrated in our way and, if I observe well, acts freely.

I do not see alternative, seno to ask for aid to the authorities. Result: the USP signed covenant with the Military Policy, that started to watch the campus more than close and more it happens frequently. It did not delay very, like protest against the presence of the policemen, the building of the Reitoria was busy. It is to believe that for some students the installed presence of the Policy in the domnios of the University it made to vibrate a note of similitude with the presence of the UPPs in the Carioca slum quarters. In the following day, the Director, in interview granted to the CBN, declared, mentioning the occupation to it of the Reitoria, that ' ' this not it is newness that it is not newness, because in last the twenty and five years this question of the occupations is things that almost happen that in the annual calendar. That this is not positive nor that if has become something aceitvel.' ' It has in the summary supplies three concrete factual elements logically sequenciados and one room element that, finally, if it erects with the exclusive end of to appreciate not all, but only one of the elements previous. The concrete factual elements are the violence registered in the campus, the accord with the Military Policy, and the occupation of the Reitoria. The appreciative element is the commentary that the Director expende by the way of the occupation.