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The Impression

Valley to mention that in the crisis of 2008 in U.S.A. they had banks alavancados in up to 30 times the capital in hand. As the point is related as the bank gets profit. Beyond the loans, the bank invests in financial assets and carries through other types of activities/services, in order to gain money of other forms and to diversify its operations. In case that the banks have captation problems, for example, they will possibly go to expose each time more in riskier assets in order to contrabalance the yield that are leaving to earn normally, This can highly be harmful for the bank and, consequently, for financial system, national, not only as well as world-wide depending on the cases, mainly due to globalization. Today diverse banks assume rights and obligations between itself. In case that one of them comes to disregard such commitments the system can pass for a collapse and, with this, it would have deep necessity of governmental intervention.

Of this form, we arrive at the focus of the question in relation to the paper of the banks. As to judge them and so that really they exist. Seguidamente the people if delude and create a distorted vision of what she is offered by the banks. When one is offered credits rotating charging interests of 100% to the year, many people tends if to feel special, therefore the impression that is of that we are being remembered or presenteados, in view of that institution is placing our disposal a resource for any necessity that appears, when in the truth it this making its main activity that is of in loaning to the expensive interests a money to them that acquired with other people the very low interests, as was cited at the beginning of this article. Being thus, the natural person would have to use the bank of simple form, only using the account as easy form and practises of storage of resources and never to catch loaned money, unless it is really necessary.

Hurricanes In Cuba and Florida

Hurricanes or tropical cyclones are the most dangerous weather events affecting Florida and Cuba. Despite heavy security measures taken are the cause of human losses and frequent cause material losses whenever one directly affects the island, or even when not directly hit pass close enough to cause strong tides or heavy rains. Hurricanes have caused natural disasters with the highest number of human casualties of those who have records on the island: – & n bsp; the hurricane of Santa Cruz (1932, still not given names) with more than 3000 deaths and “Hurricane Flora (1963) with around 1500 deaths But they are hurricanes, how often they come to Cuba? Hurricanes are low pressure systems with strong winds that rotate counter to the clockwise and toward its center and can reach speeds of over 300 km / hour with devastating effects. They arise as the season in the Atlantic Ocean (43% of total) or in the Caribbean Sea (57% of the hurricanes) and move westward so their paths often lead them to the Caribbean islands, the coast of Mexico on the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico or the United States , especially to Florida and Gulf states. Cuba is located in a place of frequent path of hurricanes and is affected on average one every two years in the past two centuries (from 1800 to 2004) have beaten Cuba a total of 109 hurricanes, 28 of them Category 3 5, considered destructive. Classification of hurricanes Hurricanes are classified into five categories based on wind speeds at ground level, the categories on the Saffir-Simpson scale are: – & Category 1: 119-153 Km/h- & nb sp ; Category 2: 154-177 Km/h- & nb sp; Category 3: 178-208 Km/h- & nb sp; Category 4: 210-249 Km/h- & nb sp; Category 5: over 250 km / h when are more frequent hurricanes? Hurricanes are strong seasonal phenomena, the season officially runs from 1 June to November 30, in Cuba the most dangerous months are October followed by September, August and November.

Landscape Design

When we decorate our interiors to any ancient goods, or precious natural stones, we bring a special flavor to our environment, history notes snugly envelop the atmosphere by bringing in her chic and luxury. For example, ammonite – a wonderful decoration for any interior or landscape design, ammonite can become a great accessory and a talisman of your home. Today, ammonites adorn luxurious design and beautiful gardens. Preserved pearl coating, rich coloration of fossilized ammonites surface – is only a small portion of their merits, in addition, each sink ammonite is unique, its spiral simply fascinating, and this energy Stone fills the whole house with positive energy. Ammonites of the mysterious and, in fact they have managed to preserve its beauty for the hundred and fifty million years since they became extinct, and generously gave up their beautiful shells in all over the world. Well-preserved ammonite shells are inserted into pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets, they decorate the room.

Large ammonites sawed in half and polished – so you can see chalcedony partitions, or just good clean from the stone and clay, while keeping mother of pearl. Today ammonites are very fashionable and stylish accessories for the interior. You can order a coffee table or countertop with ammonites on the surface, You can make original watch or to use the ammonites in the finishing of the fireplace, an aquarium, a swimming pool. Ammonite shells look great in landscape design and finishing in winter gardens. Ammonite – while not cheap, but a truly splendid and magnificent decoration. The price for ammonite set depending on how he survived a copy and what is its size.

Ammonites variety of sizes, from two inches and up to two and a half meters in diameter. In landscape design, ammonites are popular as decorative accessories for the garden or as a decoration material pools, arbors, fountains, and so on. Sometimes create beautiful accessories ammonite form of various metals, silver or bronze for example, which were later also used as an unusual artistic garden ornaments. Order 'pseudo ammonite "from some not very expensive metal to decorate his garden, a good solution for those who are fascinated by the external appearance of ammonites, but can not afford a real copy. In addition, there may be to dream up a size, color and pattern of ammonite shells. In general, there are many options as possible to decorate your landscape design even if not true ammonites. Will look very impressive patterns of ammonites on the fence or on the door to the garden and fountain will be decorated with ammonites beautiful decoration for your garden. Still, ammonite – an incredible creature, it was once lived on our land, Pat died, and now it is resurrected with the help of designers, making this luxury and beauty to our interior.

The City

With regard to the Map of Risk, its end item visualcostuma to be a plant low or sketch (croquis) of the workstation, colorful comcrculos that represent the joined risks. The maps must serfixados in visible places in all the sections of the company so that ostrabalhadores can visualize them. However, more important that the resultadogrfico of the map of risks is the process of participation and envolvement dostrabalhadores in its construction, being able to contribute for educative advances organizativose. In this perspective, it was verified as it is the health of trabalhadoresque act in the CRAS Mire located in the city of Belm and which it percepoem security and health in the work environment. Such interest is justified, poisde ownership of such information was possible to know the process of analyzed nolocal work, taking in consideration the number of workers, formaoprofissional, sex, age, types of training involving security and health, hours of working, main instruments and materials of work, exerted activities, type of environment and organizacional climate.

1. BOARDINGS IN HEALTH OF the TRABALHOR With the dapoltica advent of health of the worker had occurred significant changes in the ltimosanos that had made possible a new to look at on the dimension of the work quantoa well-taken care of related to the prevention of occupational illnesses. Through this research it was possible to investigate of that chisel work produces adoecimento process. The focus of the work if gave atravsda understanding in the different ways of resistance and them strategies of defesaao level of the psychic structure. The work if constituted around some constataesdo agreement of the form the work it is carried through and one identified to way searched quetrabalhadores construct to its to it practises It subjectivity labor can be understood as all effort that ohomem, in the exercise of its physical and mental capacity, executes for objective atingirseus in accord with the ethical principles.

The Moment

For example, they will be being about support with focus in the conscientious use of the water inside of the school, and some pupil to raise questions concerning the cycle of the water, is very opportune that professor introduces in the sequence of foreseen activities a moment to deal with the question, therefore she is total on to the subject of the project. The activities can have the most varied forms, since that it has one clearly meaning in relation to the objective of each one. It is essential that the activities proposals are permeadas by the scienter of the professor, and never simply a repetitive exercise for ' ' to give account of contedo' ' , or ' ' because it is in livro' '. The author evidences the participation of the professor as a facilitador, therefore it is who can assist in the disponibilizao of necessary resources to the accomplishment of the productions. At this moment the professor must also exert its paper of active and participant member of the group. According to Barbier (apud NILBO, 2001:102), the elaboration and execution of a project meet necessarily on to an inquiry? action that must simultaneously be a transformation act, a formation and inquiry occasion, becoming, therefore, a production intelectual' '. After the execution of the foreseen activities, comes the phase of the purification, in which according to Nilbo (2001), the pupils will have to be questioned concerning its productions until the moment, if is satisfied, if something could have been done of different form, if something was unnecessary, etc. the intention of these questionings, according to author, is that the critical ones on its productions are carried through first (auto). The author affirms that it is important that the pupil understands that it can (reverse speed) plan, (reverse speed) to elaborate, (reverse speed) to produce, to create new hypotheses, to change passages, to modify routes and processes, etc.

The Environment

– Second, that it is possible to use itself of the resources of the nature without decimating it measured them that if wall lamp technologies that respect its limits. In this way, he is evidenced that the nature exactly when degraded a planning of conservation will be had the same one can be recouped since that uses modern ways for the conservation. also fits to the man who occupies definitive areas to possess the conscience to coexist in the best possible way the environment, if acquiring knowledge that the same it is basic for its survival and of the future generations. Geography possesss important paper in the ambient question, for possessing the principle to search to understand the relations of the societies human beings of a territory (physical space) with the natural way with the nature of this territory (SANCHEZ).

Leaving of this idea placed for Jurandir professor, analyses will be made stop better to know the occupation of the man next the Micron Basin to the Stream Is Gonalo, will be made disgnostic so that if it has knowledge of the description of the formation of the quarters and if the city hall foresaw the problems that the lack of one politics of adequate sanitation provoked in the Micron Basin of the Stream Is Gonalo. The simple existence of the ambient legislation and the agencies of ambient management, does not guarantee the obedience and preservation (Idem Bidem). The areas under legal protection, the public lands, the private lands as natural patrimonies, frequently are invaded and busy by groups with great economic interests or populations of low income that without alternatives of where to live, they finish transforming areas of ambient preservation into places of clandestine housings of pssima quality (Idem Bi-dem). It fits in this way to the public power is of Federal, State or Municipal ranch, to make to be valid the ambient legislaes, using legal mechanisms that remove invaders of areas of legal protection and that it can at the same time be directing these people for other localities. She is necessary that the people understand that the environment engloba all the natural resources, establishing connection all the systems, and any alteration for minor who can seem in one definitive part of this system, finishes for all harming the complex that is the nature. The sustainable development has as basic point that the environment and economic they are seen as aspect of possible convivncia since that if it adopts measured that they allow the economic development respecting the environment.

The Environment concept (natural and social) has passed for successive transformations throughout history. This environment, in function of the economic interests and politicians, comes passing for processes of degradation, accented in century XX. This has caused a drastic reduction of the quality of life and an increase of the world-wide concern in trying to revert this picture. (War Wedge, 1997) the inadequate handling of the natural resources, as much in urban areas as agricultural, has been the main cause of the degradation. As consequence we have attended to all ga it to me of impacts as: erosion of ground, deforestations, desertificao, pollution, floodings, effect greenhouse and innumerable others. (War and Wedge, 1997).