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Additional Housing Security Measures

Virtually all major manufacturers are taking measures to limit unauthorized copying of keys. Typically, they consist in the fact that copying the key may only be exercised specialized centers or authorized only by the factory. To ensure such protection applies patent protection keys. Typically, such mechanisms are implemented on the keys of the cylinder and electronic keys, but lately there and lever switches with protection against unauthorized copying. It should be understood that the copy protection keys can add some disadvantages (increased the cost of copies of the key terms and an increase in its production). At the same time protecting against unauthorized copying is an effective way to improve security. Above, we talked mainly about how manufacturers and installers of locking devices can improve safety.

Mention should be made and the measures that can be taken and the user. First of all, we are talking about controlling access to the keys and the the use of various means of restricting access. Such tools can be implemented as a cylinder, and at the lever locks: recoding the keys that allow just closing the lock, and various types of guest keys to open the lock only for a certain number of turns (this is realizable only in the lever models). In addition, consumers should remember that, if you suspect that a key could be charged an unauthorized copy, you must take steps to change the lock code. Large manufacturers of locks currently provide the possibility of replacing the code lock lever in several ways: by replacement of lever or by means of conversion. To change the code cylinder lock, you can either replace the cylinder mechanism, or take advantage of special cylinders with the ability to change the code (as a rule, such cylinders allow one or two times to move to a new key, and there are cylinders that can be used multiple times to reprogram a new key, but in Russia they do not occur). Must also give serious consideration to On the choice of the installer of the castle. Consumer or should completely trust him, or should be a guarantee that the installer was not possible to make a copy of the key. In any case, non-self-install the lock need to save the coordinates of the installer or the company-installer. Again: You can open any door, and methods of protection against illegal entry into a dwelling should not be limited only installing metal door. Nevertheless, the metal door is the first obstacle for the attacker, and with knowledgeable and skilled approach as a customer and the manufacturer's door this obstacle can become almost insurmountable for Most burglars.

The Game

The Tarot is a solitary game where there is no a fixed history, for that reason it is related to the Game of the life and why of the life; because this text is able to give to us to the keys of the way of all human being as well as the possibility of focusing the reality of so many ways as we are preparations to assume it. To try to explain what is the Tarot, how it must or not to work with him or which they are its meanings is always complex, since this one moves in the creative plane of our brain, in the pole of the sensations and will have to be our reason the one that orders those intuitive manifestations. We can try that the Tarot is only the dryness of an arduous knowledge, the fatigoso and constant study without a fixed goal; nevertheless the interesting thing of the Tarot consists of which in spite of being a complex book to understand, to read and to explain he is " " juego" " , a playful form to approach the symbolic aspects of the daily life and therefore becomes a form much subtler to try to decipher to the complicated enigmas of each naipe. According to the psychological definition of the game, this one corresponds to as much physical activities as spiritual whose reason of being is the pleasure that produces for brings back to consciousness of that the game is given to l.12 In agreement with the pedagogical aspects is considered as a formative resource of the most adapted to obtain the development of individuo.13 the considered Tarot as a game can serve us to teach, to order, to decipher, etc., to the man, its surroundings and by all means to the artistic creations of the human being with the subtility and the affability of the game.

Earth Virus

The vegetal life and animal are as different as it is it in Greenhouse of the same author, recommendable novel where the Earth is invaded by the dominant and evolved vegetal life, imperdible. In both novels the particularitities delicately are presented/displayed they take and us to the astonishment by creative capacity of the author. Science fiction allows to shine to the people who have ideas. It does not scrimp any resource, nor it leaves to loose ends in the construction of the society based on the Yuli personage and his descendants who will not be the focused ones in the social plot either, in the speech because it constructs a new language that will be presented/displayed to us gradually. Historically the society is in a religious stage in its passage the feudal one. Many centuries and generations pass.

The cold and the dark are moved away progressively, of there the title. It is to appear again, although the past it has terrible, excellent, inevitable and cyclical a weight. That Aldiss it has asked for advice to Desmond Morris, author of the Naked Monkey – invaluable work on the anthropological human study and which has produced sequels in my way to see the humanity, it is a clear notion of the care of the detail. Although in this first part of the trilogy protohombres is present, they are not descriptos too much. What it is not deprived to describe they are the virus that produce changes in the population animal, the fever of the bones nothing must envy to him to the plague, and is a virus that attacks so much phagor as to humans. We know these things so that around the planet earth dweller turns a spaceship who studies to the planet and sends to the Earth the information, the data take thousand years in arriving after the shipment from Avernus.

French Revolution

These discrepancies make impracticable the consensus as for the agreement of the object and of the methods of inquiry of this it disciplines. This caused the sociological chain sprouting different, which the author still cites and makes one brief communication in this related item of some of these. Now breaking for the item ' ' Chapter third: Desenvolvimento' ' , the author approaches the question of sociology as science that has focus in the distanciamento of bourgeoisie of its initial project of equality and fraternity nailed in the French Revolution and that each time more acted of form less liberal conservative and, using frequent repressive and ideological resources to guarantee the domination power. Social sciences had passed, then, to be used in the construction of the knowledge condizente the necessities of the dominant ones. Sociology also, to a large extent, started to have a character of tool of maintenance of the domination relations. Logically, determined critical pursuings of sociology, over all the influenced ones for the socialist thought, had remained guiding objects and the research of some sociologists. However, this sociology of critical intention, in good part, was ignored in the half left academic and to the edges for the research justinian codes. Of more including form, sciences, or the branches of each science, that received support and institucional incentive at this time was those capable ones to reproduce interests of the dominant ones.

I finish it item of the workmanship ' ' What it is sociology? ' ' , of Martins, &#039 is the item; ' Indications for leitura' ' , that it demonstrates the concern of the author with the readers interested in giving to continuity to the sociology studies, indicating to them some authors and books that approach such thematic one. The workmanship of Carlos Benedict Martins configures in a platform of initiation/introduction to sociology. With a simple and objective language, without extreme terms technician, its reading flows of course and it does not have great problems of understanding. It is a species of ' ' invitation to sociologia' ' , therefore the information are repassed so softly that they finish despertando the curiosity to know the subject more than. A possible imperfection, only, is in the deepening and in the great space that the author dedicates to some sociologists and philosophers, lingering itself excessively in its thoughts, in its ideologies, when it was enough that they were cited.