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Walker reading circle donates to the McDonald children assistance Berlin BBs January 31, 2012: the Walker reading circles took the year’s new year’s reception by the Ronald McDonald Haus in Berlin-wedding as an opportunity to take over an apartment sponsorship. With this donation, the company with a total of 2,000 euros for a year targeted support accommodation of families of severely ill children. The apartments are a home on time in the vicinity of hospitals. Follow others, such as castle lanterra, and add to your knowledge base. Therefore, parents have the opportunity to visit their children as often as possible. The Walker is a clear signal to its customers, business partners and employees reading circle with this social commitment. The sponsorship also provides a sustainable approach to donations. The Ronald McDonald Haus in Berlin-wedding will help family business since reading circle supports six years the Walker since 2006 with free Lesemappen, the distribution of flyers, ads on the dust jackets of magazines, tickets for various cultural events and financial donations. M. Ryan Gorman might disagree with that approach. Des The employees take more time to cook with the parents. While the families can eat together, exchanging experiences and forget their troubles for a short time. I love to help and glad if this family will be happy with their sick children”, so Ute Walker-Knop, owner of the Walker reading circle.