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Grageru City

The raised prices of lands and the fort to be able of control of the State had made with that the migrantes if located in the periphery are of the tracing of Pirro of disordered form (CARDOSO, 2003). ' ' It has ramifications notables between the three areas that had followed the directions settled for initial planning of the city. is there, between the south and the west, the sets Castello Branco, Mdici, Coast and Hisses, Incio Barbosa, Rising Sun, the Luzia, the Grageru, the latest and beautiful quarter Gardens, the City of the Employees, and many other places of dense population. The ways Contour North, or general avenue Euclides Figueiredo, and South Contour, or Tancredo Avenue Snows, had established linkings that facilitate, extraordinary, the communications between all the quarters with the center and between they themselves. The new quarters reproduce, aesthetic, old models of house, together with the standardization of the housings of the habitacionais sets, and with the condominiums of apartments that more than what to determine the vertical growth of the city, created a differentiated standard of housing, that more comes being accepted each time for the aracajuana population. The old and new quarters of Aracaju keep the good taste of the aracajuanos, certifying the economic power of the middle class, that answers for the growth and the frantic rhythm of constructions that widen the borders of the three originary directions of the city that, arranged and pretty, arrives at the 150 years in continuous expansion. Contained in its bashful 170 squared kilometers, Aracaju is projected on the cities of Is Cristvo, where the Federal University of Sergipe, where they are some residential joint companies and, amongst them is hosted the Rose Elze, or Eduardo Gomes and Luiz Alves de Oliveira, and of Ours Lady of the Aid where they are great residential sets – Joo Alves, Fernando Collor, Frank Albano, Freire Landmarks, and others, and industrial sheds, commercial and industrial companies.

Physical Educator

b) basic Abilities: voluntary activities that allow to the locomotion and manipulation in different situations, characterized for a general goal, serving of base for future acquisition of more complex tasks, as to walk, to run, to jump, to hurl, to kick, etc. c) percipient Abilities: motor activities that involve the perception of the executant, through which visual, auditory, tteis and sinestsicos the stimulatons received are interpreted by the superior cerebral centers that emit a decision as reply, having made possible the adjustment to the environment. d) Physical capacities: essences in the execution of a motor ability are the functional characteristics. When developed they provide to the executant an improvement of the ability level. Amongst these capacities they are the force, flexibility, the resistance and the agility.

e) Ability specifies: more complex voluntary motor activities and with specific objectives, as the cut one in voleibol, the kick in soccer, I hurl it to the basket and the tray in the basketball. f) Not-verbal communication: more complex motor activities, organized thus the quality of the presented movements allows the expression, as in the dance, porting rhythmic gymnastics and even though olmpica gymnastics. (PROENA 1997, p 05). So that the motor abilities are extended are imperative that if it gives to the child property to play them. Putting into motion itself is of great biological, psychological, social value and cultural, a time that, is through the performance of the movements that the people interact with the environment, becoming related with the others, perceiving on itself, its limits, abilities and deciding difficulties. Jonas Alfredo Da Silva Saints CREF: 066032-G/SP Physical Educator