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Many wonder: 'Where to start in our difficult time buying their own homes? " Certainly not a simple question, if we take into account the situation and our fledgling commodity economy. Complicated the situation further and provinciality of our city, where wages sharply lagged behind the growth in housing prices. Here, of course, there may be several options. The easiest and as a consequence of a faster way – is an exchange of tenure to something sick interesting. Of course, this method may prove to be the fastest. But where to find an apartment suitable for you and how to make a deal? Of course, you can crank out everything from scratch, wanting to find, meet, discuss, but what next? Still the best option, but rather will appeal to the real estate agency, which will provide you with the base flat, tells how to quickly and efficiently process the deal. And of course, buying second homes can not do without help real estate agents.


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