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Cyprus Property

Property owners in Cyprus are allowed to stay without any problems. Swarmed by offers, Greenberg Traurig is currently assessing future choices. There are two types of residence permits in Cyprus: temporary and permanent. If you would like to know more about Richard LeFrak, then click here. In order to obtain a temporary residence permit (Residence permit) are required to provide immigration documents to the right of tenure, as well as extract c external bank account in Cyprus with sufficient finances to ensure trouble-free stay for the entire period for which the application is filed, a minimum amount – some 7,000 dollars per adult. The period of temporary permits ranges from one to four years. With this permission, you must be in Cyprus at least 9 months of the year, otherwise it will be canceled and the application will have to apply again. If you are legally and continuously lived in Cyprus for at least 5 years old with a valid permit for temporary residence, you are eligible to apply for the status of long-term resident of the eu (Green Card).

Keep in mind that even one day of illegal stay in Cyprus can serve as a denial of long-term resident status. Obtaining this status gives the following rights: the right to work, social rights (allowances, benefits, tax credits), the right to move to another eu country, the right to free medical care, etc. Simplified procedure obtaining a residence permit in Cyprus in 2009 ats Cyprus adopted a new law whereby citizens of countries outside the eu, priobrevshie and legal form to his name Cypriot property value over 300 000 euros, will be subject to preferential treatment. The presence of such real estate will allow their owners to greatly accelerate the process of obtaining permits . The owners of these permits exempt from time-consuming immigration procedures that exist for third country nationals (for example, consular visa, renewal of temporary residence permits, re-entry permit and so on). The new measure is intended to stimulate sales of real estate to foreign investors.

Indian Ocean

Condor flights with convenient connecting flights from all over Austria can all travel agencies, online at or by phone 01/585 36 31 45 or be booked by email at. Here you can book direct flights from Vienna to Mombasa Condor: ibe/cfi/de/offersLong/flightOffersListView.xhtml?origin=VIE&destination=MBA Varadero, Cuba 13:15 it was for the first flight from Munich to Varadero: the Boeing 767-300 for the first time took off in the direction of the Cuban peninsula. Arrived in Varadero, the guests of the flight with local music and cocktails were received and immediately brought in a holiday mood. The popular Caribbean destination is known for its beaches, which invite for swimming and relaxing. The impressive underwater world offers divers coral reefs and colorful fish world. During a trip through the downtown Varadero offers the possibility to stroll through colorful, Cuban markets. Customers can in winter 2013/14 every Tuesday from a one-way complete price of only 349,99 euros in economy Class and 449,99 euros in premium economy class fly to Varadero. Here you can book direct flights from Munich to Varadero Condor: ibe/cfi/de/offersLong/flightOffersListView.xhtml?origin=MUC&destination=VRA Mauritius In winter 2013/14 Condor flies to on Tuesday for the first time again the small island nation in the Indian Ocean from Munich since 2006/07.

Customers can already fly to Mauritius from a OneWay price of only 429,99 EUR in economy class, 749.99 Euro in premium economy class and 1499,99 in comfort class. Flights can be booked in all travel agencies, online at or call 01805 / 767757 (0,14 euro / min. from the German landline, max. 0.42 euro / min. Mobile) Condor.

Here you can book direct flights from Munich to Mauritius Condor: ibe/cfi/de/offersLong/flightOffersListView.xhtml?origin=MUC&destination=MRU Condor Flugdienst GmbH flies its guests since 1956 on the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. Every year 6.7 million fly Passengers with Condor in around 75 destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Since October 1, 2013 all businesses of Thomas Cook Group plc. United under a single icon: the sunny heart. The aircraft of the Thomas Cook Group wear the sunny heart in its tailplane airlines therefore, expressing their common identity. The airlines of the Thomas Cook Group fleet consists of 86 modern and environmentally friendly aircraft, of them 39 aircraft from the Condor fleet: twelve Airbus A320, 13 Boeing 757-300 and twelve Boeing 767-300 and two Airbus A321. The aircraft are serviced by the airlines own technology companies. Footage of Condor, see newsroom press contact: Condor Flugdienst GmbH Johannes Winter head Communications Tel.: + 49 (0) 6107 939-7804 fax: + 49 (0) 6107 939-7147 E-Mail:

Real Estate Loan

Mortgage no equity until fails to 50000 euros over the lending value of the property the dream of your own house or apartment among many Germans in the financing. Clearly one taking a loan to pay the purchase price while perhaps 20 years. But the banks want to see equity, typically 20-30%. Then comes even the real estate transfer tax and the notary. 25 are total according to, fast times ‘ 000 euro or more, depending on the object.

Many workers cannot afford it. The special mortgage now is there in Germany a mortgage where you should bring no equity. On the contrary, it is even possible up to 50’000 euro in addition to record of the lending value of the property,. You can realize that speak two financing projects in the parallel and to the same favorable real estate interest rates. The mortgage is not ring-fenced, the sum about however, it is available for free use. Whether to use the money for the establishment, the notarial costs or for the next holiday, nobody cares about.

This mortgage loan without equity is offered even in suboptimal Schufa. Clear will be therefore somewhat higher interest rates, but the offer is intended for many people in Germany attractive. Finally, it is also less good at the present time, allows to realize the dream of homeownership-earning people. The lender will this unique real estate credit by credit Advisor in collaboration with Bon credit offers. Bon credit has made himself a name in the online agencies, mainly through legitimate and fair lending despite Schufa. The offer is extended with this new real estate loan. Bon credit is a credit intermediary, no lends itself so, but gives the customers of partner banks. The advantage of this, it finds the best offering from up to 20 banks and this with only a binding and free credit application. I can only recommend this offer personally. Alone because the quotation process is free of charge and without obligation, and only takes a few minutes to complete. As a result, this can Request also just used in order to obtain a settlement offer.

Heidelberg Estate

Redesigned website with enhanced service about Heidelberg real estate 03.05.2013 – the cancer real estate boasts a newly designed website, representing a considerably expanded service offering at the same time. The brokerage company, which has been operating for more than 20 years in the real estate market, underlines the individual and cooperative care, which can expect the customers here with the redesign. Who wants to sell a property or rent today for days, is confronted with a variety of questions. This involves not only the evaluation, the time horizon, financial security and settlement. To achieve an optimal result for our customers, their homes must also optimally presented on the market. We see ourselves here since time immemorial as a competent partner of our clients”, explains Ralf Krebs, owner of cancer real estate in Heidelberg.

The new site takes into account this objective not only in the design, the offers will be published also on target group-related marketing channels and social media. Carefully Image materials created and 360-degree video presentations in the own YouTube channel are already of course. An extended range of information in the service area belongs to the new site. Customers and prospective customers for information and expertise to major issues related to the sale of real estate, the real estate rental and the real estate assessment in the future. In particular with regard to the valuation of real estate, cancer real estate is pending sellers with competent advice and knowledge available. Certified market value broker of Sprengnetter Academy, which stands for highest expertise in the real estate valuation is cancer real estate.

More information: cancer real estate E.k.. The cancer is working over 20 years of experience in the real estate market in Heidelberg as a real estate broker real estate. Owner of the company is Ralf Krebs, leading it in the form of a registered merchant diploma management host. Cancer real estate is located at two sites in Heidelberg and employs 6 staff. Ralf Krebs is in addition to his acquired qualification as diploma management host (FH) also finance (bbw) and certified market value broker of Sprengnetter Academy Sprengnetter stands for highest expertise in the real estate valuation. Cancer real estate offers comprehensive service for sellers and landlords of residential properties. High-quality consulting means not only serious real estate assessment, optimization of the selling price or lease price, timely design of the sales process or lease and secure financial settlement. It means also support and comprehensive consultation of the customers in the market-oriented presentation of your property, that leaves no (marketing) desires. Not for nothing is the guiding principle of cancer real estate: sell better.

German Estate

Learn the value of real estate is one of the most controversial elements of the gain compensation lawyers Alexander Dobiasch & Rupert Richter. Given its great practical importance, the law firm Danielleeee & judge family law specialists describe as the value of the property is determined. The dispute over the valuation of properties in the scheme of divorce consequences deals German courts and in the highest judicial bodies. In this context, the Federal Supreme Court in a decision dated November 17, 2011 formulated (BGH XII ZR 170/09) once more its principles. Starting from the relevant provision of, the real estate valuation in the equalisation in the responsibility of the competent court falls 287 ZPO. The judge dealing with the divorce effects control is optional, as he reaches that if his approach takes all circumstances into consideration a valuation of the property in question and to an understandable, realistic assessment. Usually, the court sets a knowledgeable reviewers, the real estate affected earnings and asset value methods for evaluating reach.

The Court undertakes this exactly run in his decision, what assessment methods were used and their result came as they. The relevant governing divorce consequences real estate value is not always the realizable value of sales. Low evaluated real estate during the sentencing and an improvement of the market situation at the same time is to be expected its value in the equalisation is applied, if necessary, than the current market value, if the sale of real estate is excluded. Prospect of such long-term rating is not taken by the Court, if the divorce parties sell real estate in question, to perform the equalisation. In this case, only count the actual retail value. Are done to evaluate condos, this based on the rent that can be achieved on the local housing market for a suitable rental property in General. The actual amount of the rent is not relevant for the assessment of a condo.

Are real estate placed in the equalisation, ignite quickly a dispute about its value. Those affected is urgently to advise on a professional, familienrechtlich experienced legal representation to express their interests and needs in court in light of the high value of the dispute. The family law expert of the law firm Danielleeee & judge in Bergen auf Rugen represent their clients in family law disputes for many years and are at the disposal for more information on the real estate valuation in the equalisation.