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Brick: The Ideal Building Material

There is no material as optimally suitable for the construction of houses, like a brick. Suffice it to say that the houses of brick extremely durable, very resistant to weathering. They are able to serve owner for many years. Not for nothing is in Russia, where there are severe frosts, heat waves, winds, much rain in summer and winter, building houses out of brick is widespread. Therefore, the technology of building brick homes rather developed, and experts available in sufficient quantity. The company Vostok Trans Service 'effects work on all phases of construction of houses made of brick, from the design. Possible to provide Architects, interior and landscape designer.

Why brick is a unique building material? The fact that the brick has many advantages over other materials used in construction. One of the biggest advantages – durability. That strength is taken into account in the first place when selecting a building material for houses. Marked by this characteristic letter M. A special strength has Brick labeled M100, which means that the allowable load of 100 kg/cm2. Using it you can afford the construction of a three-storey cottage.

Another good quality of brick – its frost resistance. Without hesitation The Related Companies explained all about the problem. Time service from a brick house in a high degree depends on the ability of construction material to carry frozen and then thawing without loss of properties. To mark the longevity uses the letter F. For cottages in the suburbs best suited brick marked longevity F35, which suggests that it would allow 35 cycles of freezing and thawing. With all of these properties to build homes in the suburbs is desirable to choose ceramic brick, full-bodied K 100/1/35 gost 530-95. However, the brick as a building material has some drawbacks, one of which – the low level . For this reason, the construction is sometimes used hollow bricks. It creates a wall layer from the air, preserving the heat better. But the strength of a brick home is reduced, if not significantly increase the thickness of the walls. Another way to keep warm in the house – the use of special heaters. In any case, construction of brick will cost a bit more expensive. In the winter the best time to fairly regularly and often heated brick house, otherwise it could take no heating one day. Began to build brick houses outside the city, you should pick up the finished project or to pay for the design from scratch. Next, the foundation work that needs to be sufficiently reliable. In this If not do lightweight foundation, as in the case of wood construction. Home insulation should be given serious consideration. Implement it in two ways. One of the ways: thermal insulation system is outside. On the wall mounted heater, which is then closed with plaster or in any facing material. Such a system of insulation brick houses preferred multi-layer system when insulation is placed inside kolodtsevoy masonry. The next phase of construction: building the internal floor. The construction of construction of the attic or loft. Brick cottage, built from quality materials, will serve for many years without repairs and problems.

Building Materials

Looking into the past, we can follow that with time, with the development of science and technology, there are all new and new building materials and technologies. Add to your understanding with Stephen M. Ross. The famous engineer, architect Eiffel, to realize their own, in fact, a unique project that showed people the earth with a bird's eye and the sky above big cities with skyscrapers pierced the tower of glass and concrete. However, despite all this, even today in the xxi century, the century of computer technologies and Multilevel Information Systems, a tree, like many thousands of years ago, has found application as a unique building material – laminated veneer lumber and laminated beams. I'm sure many even ever heard of these construction materials, but hardly anyone thought about the question: 'And what is the best laminated veneer lumber as compared to conventional wood? ". Resort to the help of expert opinion and, above all, look at what is called laminated veneer lumber.

That's what gives us the definition of the project 'Multi-laminated timber – carrying a constructive element, made of wooden planks, glued together in parallel to the grain. " In other words, laminated board created by gluing wooden slats (design elements) with special adhesives so that the fiber slats arranged alternately in different directions. This is primarily provides strength and reliability of construction materials, as well as eliminates the 'pasting' timber by physical or isothermal exposures. Despite the fact that the building materials made of laminated wood appeared long enough in Russia, they began to gain its popularity only in the last 3-4 years. In Western countries and in Europe a lot of people prefer wooden houses from glued beams rather than "boxes" of glass and concrete. I'd like to hope that our country is in the future, too, will become a trend. Because overseas comfort of your home, and even more home from laminated veneer lumber, environmentally friendly building material – it symbol of security and prestige. Today, it is difficult to talk about any accurate forecasts for the construction of wooden houses in Russia, but it is already clear that the industry simply is growing at a frantic pace, the annual turnover companies multiplied several times, but as always critically-minded experts, in this case, predicting the market of construction materials from laminated veneer lumber 4-carat growth already this year.

Building Materials

Therefore, when selecting materials for the bathroom and exterior of buildings should take a more dense varieties of marble. Pattern pattern – a matter of taste of the future owner marble finishes. However, we must remember that the plates with soft flowing lines are more appropriate for recreational facilities, but the offices and halls shone special luxury, if the marble will have a large pattern or original color blotches. Color of the stone largely affect the well-being and mood, so try to choose the colors and shades that will not bore you. Warm yellow or pink tones help make the room more bright and cozy, the green will relax, the red will set up an active working mood, and light gray or white will make your home look like a real palace. The use of marble in the interior of marble used for decoration bathrooms, kitchens, corridors, halls. Floor slabs, wall panels, window sills and countertops made of this material allow to give the interior refinement and originality.

However, all this can only be achieved if the treatment natural stone professionals involved. Availability of quality materials, modern equipment and highly skilled professionals can realize any fantasy of the customer and provide excellent results. As care for natural marble marble Care is simple, if you know how to do it right. In the first place on a clean polished product should be applied to the protective waxy coating that prevents contamination of the stone. But it is not exempt from regular wet cleaning of marble.

Building Materials

Silicate, production of which began several decades ago, are used much less frequently. A size standard brick is single – 250h120h65 mm sesquialteral – 250x120x88 mm and double- – 250h120h138 mm (ceramic stone), the shape – rectangular, profile, angular with chamfered corners, etc. Professor Rita McGrath insists that this is the case. A brick can be solid and hollow (perforated or multislit) with through-and dead-end cavities. In hollow Brick weight less, so its use reduces the load on the foundation. In addition, thermal hollow products better, so the wall thickness can be less.

Even better, heat-shielding properties of the so-called efficient brick with porous ceramic crocks. And the sound it absorbs better than usual corpulent. Mostly average density of this product allows to produce an enlarged bricks and stones and large-scale blocks rauf, porotherm, which are hollow-core construction. Their size is several times larger than the single brick (for example, the dimensions are equal to 15F 510h250h219 mm), but at the same rate less than the average density of 1,000 kg/m3 and strength 10-15 MPa. The main producers of ceramic bricks and stone, and their suppliers to the domestic market are the company 'Ceramics, "Kerma" Golitsyn, Karasevsky ceramic factories, Kudinovsky Plant, Ryazan, Bryansk and other brick plants; ABC-Klinkergruppe, aka Ziegelgruppe, Bernhard and RoBEN (Germany); Wienerberger as (Austria), CRH-Klinker and EKO-Klinker (Poland), ao Lode (Latvia); silicate – Kovrov, Bor lime plant , Pavlovsky Plant of Building Materials; maksit (Finland) and other silicate Brick pales by comparison with the ceramic. Its density is higher and, consequently, heat-insulating properties worse. It is hygroscopic, so the frost resistance, and durability it is lower than that of ceramic, but the lower and value.

Building Facades

The house should be warm. It is a fact. But apart from that he has yet to be beautiful. How is this achieved? Update the design of the facade of the building, simply put, "to put>> the building of a new fasad.Fasad – the clothes of the building. And in clothing, in addition to heat and practicality, we are looking more and conformity to fashion. Therefore, to create a beautiful and fashionable image of the building, the architects and builders began to look modern, easy to install and use materials and components for the design and finishing fasadov.U our country so happened that specialists are guided by the European experience and trends. One of these trends of European fashion and were ventilated facades. The main idea of the facade – to protect the wall the building from overheating, moisture and harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, and give the building a modern vid.Ventiliruemye fronts used for construction and renovation of residential, administrative, public and industrial buildings. Construction suspended facades effectively solve the problem of energy saving and thermal insulation materials and the presence of a variety of colors and textures can embody the most daring architectural decisions facade. Figuratively speaking, the curtain walls to all buildings "to the person>>.

Building Heat Engineering

For building materials limit moisture sorption varies widely. At 00C the lowest limit of moisture sorption has mineral wool w0 = 0,13%, and the largest timber-w0 = 15,7%. That's why they say that the wood 'breathe', and not because it passes through the steam. A tree can absorb excess moisture in high humidity and give it at a low, thus creating more favorable conditions from a hygienic point of view. Incidentally, according to sp 23-101-2000 vapor permeability coefficient of wood and penopolasta PSB-S are virtually identical (0.06 mg / and 0.05 mg / respectively). If you are not convinced, visit Professor Rita McGrath. Humidity in the room due to the following reasons: 1. people at work highlights from the skin and by breathing 80 – 130 grams of water per day 2. write cooking, washing and drying laundry, washing floors.

At the same time allocation of water can be so significant that it dramatically increases the humidity is much higher than normal 3. Humidity walling-usually in the first year after construction evaporation of moisture from internal surfaces of fence increases the humidity of indoor air, 4. For even more opinions, read materials from Expert on growth strategy. technological processes. Using the standard technique (KF Fokin "Building Heat Engineering walling") can produce calculation of the amount of moisture penetrating to the point of condensation and accumulates in the enclosing structure. Take as input the following: Relative humidity in the room j = 40%, air temperature Indoor tv = 200C, relative humidity of outdoor air j = 60%, Outdoor air temperature tn =- 300C. A wall of ceramic bricks with thickness 0,51 m (La = 0,58 W / (m.

Building Homes

New housing – quite a laborious process, requiring compliance with any and all required norms from the very intonation of his design. scanty suspension and failure to all the terms that are meaningful in the construction may be very thoroughly to shoot at your pocket. It is important to the quality of materials of all components (for example, it is preferable to buy an expensive metal and the doors of the array). Estimating the likely costs, having picked up land by designing the house, and implementing some other integral procedure, you can move on to more pressing problems. Namely – to engage in construction of the foundation, not forgetting that he predetermines follow the solidity and strength building. Many writers such as Expert on growth strategy offer more in-depth analysis. Is essential to the structure was chosen correctly, thoroughly designed and built as a support, in this case, foundation of the house you do not necessarily serve one decade. Thus, the fundamental basis of future housing is defined, it is time to move on to the next stage. In the original place to build a wall, taking into account the peculiarities of technologies for masonry brick.

important theme is also a symbol of all the ceilings and floors. after that should take a particularly important component of the building – construction of a roof. At the same time not lose sight to take into account all weighty moments when selecting a roofing material, shape and design of the roof, as of this is directly depending on the time of its life cycle and aesthetically pleasing, decorative appearance. beyond that period – constructions and heating. Optimal solution in this case – the install independent engineering designs. Next step – installing interior doors. log door, no doubt, green and presentable, but the doors of mdf made from synthetic manufactures different attractive low cost. Doors of opportunity in the market to meet a lot of producers, but special attention are those who advertises the door of Minsk in Belarus. And finally, put doors and windows, you can fully concentrate on the inner workings of the walls and ceilings by connecting skilled professionals, and perhaps – his imagination and design skills.

Czech Building

All this plus. There are disadvantages, chief among them – the high cost of repair and remediation of a historic building in acceptable condition when the building is already possible to live or to use other means (eg, post office, hotel, restaurant, etc.). Costs for reconstruction and overhaul such an object can be approximately 20 percent of the purchase price. With this in mind, investment in historic sites are often paid off only at their subsequent resale. Can you live in a castle? There is one point to keep in mind.

"With the disposal of historical buildings plays an important role and what the state of the object, whether it is referred to historic monuments, protected by the state, and whether or not the present if it is complete or only partial reconstruction. This is important because, as is usually the case with historical objects are stored only after the reconstruction of the exterior walls and the interior is completely replaced. However, if The building has the status of historical monuments protected by the state, this may have great difficulty "- says a representative of the development company Peter Marek. Ie historical building historical object – the strife. It's one thing when the building can be, even after spending a lot of money, bring in the "divine" form and is normally used. Another – when the buyer, in fact, offered the ruins, which still can not really do do. Of course, buy an old castle (which is a castle in the conventional sense, ie, a fortress of such objects are called Czech hrad) – originally, and perhaps prestige.

Kavar Vahid Banani

Citizens of the old world demanded freedom, because they could not decide on many issues. As equality subsumed to equal treatment before the law, the fair and balanced should be structured, as well as all citizens and citizens equal opportunities should really cannot allow what in highly structured State society was. Fraternity thinks something, what we today call solidarity, a responsibility that doesn’t stop with the own advantage and economies sees as fair and cooperative activity. The interpretation of equality, which spills from the pen of Keschvari in the world, does not refer to an equality before the law of rule of law, but on an equality in the treatment of all subjects regardless of rank and names that do not follow the commandments of the Supreme Leader. A subtle and absolutely power-keeping interpretation.

The hunt by Kavar In September 2011 12 made himself a young Mullah on the way to the province and rushed chapters of violent Bassij against Whirling Dervishes. Often, the pattern is the same. Only is rushed, the dervishes are slandered and with enemies of the regime in context, then there is physical attacks against the dervishes and their homes and businesses and eventually regular police forces on the sides of the Bassij intervene in order to wrestle down the Dervishes. 13 after the action in Kavar Vahid Banani was shot during protests against this approach in the neighbouring Sarvestan. A Web site operated by Dervishes, Madschzooban-e Nour, was closed and almost all staff in custody. Few could save himself by flight to Turkey. The crimes of these people was to tell of the events in Kavar. The droves of false Pharaoh do not like the light of the public.

You can shut not every citizen through threats, defamation, bribes or promise of benefits. These men Act in the shadows and cover their tracks brutally. Their plans are far-reaching and are implemented since den1990er step by step into action years.

Stefan Lauer

Already on Monday, Nov. 29, the E12 Summit with a festive gala evening began. The speeches of three top managers of German industry, including as a high point of Stefan Lauer, Board group airlines and corporate human resources, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, which surprised the visitors within the framework of the first hosting of the group formed the exciting kick-off. The lecture by Prof. Dr.

Gunter Dueck, Chief Technologist at IBM and a member of the IBM Academy of technology, which was the question of the future of social media is moving in bridging the gap between real and virtual identities. The welcoming speech held Dr. Thomas Endres, CIO of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, which gave an insight into the use of collaborative Web applications in the enterprise. Details can be found by clicking Expert on growth strategy or emailing the administrator. In addition to controversial discussions and creative workshops, the E12 Summit gave its participants also again to experience the possibility of current trends in the practice. The extensive exhibits Park with over 30 exhibits offered many highlights, so NOKIA demonstrated available augmented reality applications, as well as examples of navigation and location in a specially built aircraft scenario. “There were also among other things worth knowing about future business models for the new ID card from OpenLimit, the next generation of the inflight entertainment system by Lufthansa systems, as well as the 3D-Klassenzimmer of the future, the Cyber classroom”, from VISENSO. The E12 Summit offers the opportunity to present the latest developments and technologies to the company and to demonstrate live our institutions. Here we may collect first feedback and prepare cooperation, to bring these innovative solutions in the market”, explains Thomas Bendig, Managing Director of Fraunhofer composite ICT, who accompanied the E12-Summit for the umpteenth time as a technology partner.

More information on the E12-Summit, see background: E12 Summit which is E12 Summit with an initiative by leading companies to self framing annually changing digital hot-topics. As a cross-industry network of the E12 Summit brings together every year users and manufacturers from different businesses and industries and offers a platform for the exchange of views on topics from the fields of E-business and digital communication. “” “” “In recent years the E12 Summit devoted to following themes: digital living”, business innovation management “, next generation collaboration”, security”Internet of services”and business 2.0″. Institute of electronic business e.V. The Institute of electronic business e.V. makes biggest Institute of the University of the arts Berlin and in close cooperation with the University of St. Gallen for more than 10 years the transfer of latest findings from the research to the economy. Design aspects of the user interface play an equally important role as economic and technical aspects in digital communication. As a non profit-making organisation, the IEB is the research on the needs of its Members out. Press contact: Mario Hess Mitteldeutsche communication and Congress company MDKK E12 implementing partners Tel.: +49(0) 341/12 47 9630 mobile: +49(0) 160/71 09 178 E-Mail: