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New housing – quite a laborious process, requiring compliance with any and all required norms from the very intonation of his design. scanty suspension and failure to all the terms that are meaningful in the construction may be very thoroughly to shoot at your pocket. It is important to the quality of materials of all components (for example, it is preferable to buy an expensive metal and the doors of the array). Estimating the likely costs, having picked up land by designing the house, and implementing some other integral procedure, you can move on to more pressing problems. Namely – to engage in construction of the foundation, not forgetting that he predetermines follow the solidity and strength building. Many writers such as Expert on growth strategy offer more in-depth analysis. Is essential to the structure was chosen correctly, thoroughly designed and built as a support, in this case, foundation of the house you do not necessarily serve one decade. Thus, the fundamental basis of future housing is defined, it is time to move on to the next stage. In the original place to build a wall, taking into account the peculiarities of technologies for masonry brick.

important theme is also a symbol of all the ceilings and floors. after that should take a particularly important component of the building – construction of a roof. At the same time not lose sight to take into account all weighty moments when selecting a roofing material, shape and design of the roof, as of this is directly depending on the time of its life cycle and aesthetically pleasing, decorative appearance. beyond that period – constructions and heating. Optimal solution in this case – the install independent engineering designs. Next step – installing interior doors. log door, no doubt, green and presentable, but the doors of mdf made from synthetic manufactures different attractive low cost. Doors of opportunity in the market to meet a lot of producers, but special attention are those who advertises the door of Minsk in Belarus. And finally, put doors and windows, you can fully concentrate on the inner workings of the walls and ceilings by connecting skilled professionals, and perhaps – his imagination and design skills.


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