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Home Heating

Periodically turning off the heating element and including that in turn supports desired temperature in the room. Equipped with some instances of a fan for fast heat in the room. In addition, the heaters have a good security system: shut down, if there is an obstacle to Release the air in the fall, and in contact with the heating element outside predmetov.Teplovye fan heaters, as heaters are available with closed and open spiral. In order to quickly warm room, using forced air circulation. Accelerate the heat transfer of air fans axial (eg, fans Innovent firms) that do not require large heating elements and as a consequence of this are small. When you save power and at the same time opportunities for small size is an open spiral, which become heated to high temperatures.

Large temperature gradients, convection currents in premises, all fees for heating rate and the compactness of the unit. Available in models with removable filter, which is responsible for the misses on a hot dust spiral. Many heaters have multiple speeds and heating levels. It is also possible to use the device in automatic mode, thanks to the thermostat. Overheating sensor is used to disconnect from the network in case of critical temperature, which is responsible security appliance.

There are models with rotation and tilt housing, with stand and legs. In summer, turn off the heating if it is possible to use as a regular ventilyator.Teplovye guns Heat guns, these are the same heaters, only great power. They are used to heat large buildings: sheds, greenhouses, garages, and are used outdoors. Heat gun with a closed coil can be used indoors without ventilation or poor. Produced heat gun and an open spiral. Required electrical network capable of supporting a large capacity. Such models are not recommended for use in areas where people are a lot of time. Also, the gun can be equipped with a thermostat to protect against damage, overheating and vibratsiy.Teplovye curtains Air curtains on the basis of his work similar to the heat guns and fan heaters. Due to the flow of narrowcasting air creates a barrier to the penetration of cold air from the street. The veil also protects the building from falling into the smoke, dust, insects, along with air and various zapahov.Maslyanye Radiators Oil Coolers are not very high temperature of its surface, up to 80 degrees. As a result, do not dry the air and on this parameter are in first place among all the heaters, but have very large dimensions. So before you do choice in favor of the oil cooler, consider its location. Oil heaters have different design and capacity. Electrical Safety – off overheating and overturning. As with all heaters, has heat setting – a timer that allows you to work the radiator program.


If you can not unscrew the filter, call your neighbor – maybe his fingers stronger. In this case, be sure to tell him that you think his arm is very strong. This will add him to enthusiasm. If a neighbor does not help you able, look at his friends time to loosen oil filters. If this fails, the filter will remove with a hammer and chisel.

This is the first way. Beat should be along the edges of the filter (assuming that the filter has shape of a cylinder, then here and an edge filter, called the base of the cylinder). If the metal breaks, it is necessary to replace a chisel to some blunt instrument, and again try to hit stronut filter away. This "stupid" tool can serve a large flat file. Shank him (by him will hit the fall of the hammer) for greater rigidity strikes should whittle away at Emery. The second way – to sharpen a flathead screwdriver and the side punch filter.

Then, using the same screwdriver, using it as a lever to turn off a half-turn filter. If he unscrewed at least a half-turn, continue to have, most likely, it will be possible to turn off your hands. When the latter two methods unscrewing the filter it comes in complete disrepair, since it appeared a hole, but there is one more "barbaric" way in which the filter is integral, albeit badly crumpled. For this we need to have good "montazhki" with integral faces at the ends and at least a good persistence. End "montazhki" rests on the edge of the base oil filter (where it has a collar) or in its upper edge, then "montazhku" turn up until it rested in something. Thus, "montazhka" plays the role of a lever, the end of which scrape the edge filter. If this edge with a blunt chisel to make a dent, even a little dull "montazhka" catch hold of the filter housing. End "montazhki" naturally slips off, but after 5-15 minutes. such "soskryabyvaniya" filter is typically "rent". Experienced auto mechanic in this way can unscrew the filter for 2-3 minutes. Before screwing the new filter it is desirable to at least half fill with fresh oil, the oil impregnated filter element. Then, after starting the engine oil filter is rapidly filled, and the oil pipeline immediately rise pressure. It is also desirable lubricated sealing gum on the filter. In this case, tightening the filter arms, but in a different way to do this can not be easily achieved by tightness in planting the filter. Source All of oils and greases

Latest Security Systems: Radio-wave Detectors

'My home – my castle' – is a saying in the course of the English. Surely, the world would find a man who would not want to protect their "nest" the most reliably. During the existence of mankind people have come up with a lot of ways of Defence housing. This complex system of locks and sturdy metal doors, fences and inaccessible. However, without doubt, to date, remain the most advanced technical means of, namely the perimeter alarm. Perimeter security systems are distinguished by the fact that given an opportunity to fix the fact of threats before they enter the house. Often, they are mounted to the fence that protects your possessions. Perimeter security signaling is highly sensitive and, therefore, can not guarantee that an attacker will be noticed and neutralized in time.

However, some specific means of detection should be chosen? For a start, it should be say that all means of detection can be divided into species such as radio-wave detector, vibration system, infrared sensor and radioluchevaya system. Vibration sensor, in turn, pinpoint certain sound vibrations. A special system distinguishes the background noise, and vibration alarm detector is triggered only when an attacker trying to penetrate the zascheschennuyu territory. The detectors are infrared security also deserve your attention. There are several types of such signaling, but the most famous are the detectors are passive infrared sensor which reacts to heat, that is, animals and people. That relatively radioluchevyh detectors, then the principle of their operation is based on the processing of microwave signals. This kind of alarm system is designed to determine the motion of an object.

Consequently, the sensors are mounted radioluchevye so that alleged robber they could "see". Usually they can be found on special poles or fences, buildings. Detectors are made radio-wave security of wires between them formed a field. If an object falls into the beyond the field, the system will be served an alarm signal. Now you know enough to find the right system for you, good luck!

Height Sensor

The recommended mounting height sensor with a standard lens from 2 to 2.4 m above the floor. Sensors with a lens of “curtain” have coverage 120 gr. installed on the ceiling or wall, and serve mainly to “cut off” window and door openings. Sensors with a lens of “corridor” formed a narrow, long and 30 – 40 and even up to 100 m zone of control, the height of the installation of about 1 m. For the “long range” sensors require accurate alignment. Installation and configuration of sensors. Properly mounted sensor must cover the maximum area of the alleged invasion, furniture, curtains, doors, etc.

should not be escape the control zone sensor. Keep in mind that the lowest sensitivity in the sensor will be when a person goes straight at him, and the largest package crosses the control zone, perpendicular or at an angle. That reduce the likelihood of false positives, do not send probes to the sources of heat, batteries, etc. convection of air entering from the street into the room, just not desirable, because – for the temperature difference, there may be false operation, is also not recommended to place (install) the sensor unit in the vicinity of GSM alarm, since the radiation from the phone while his work may be false positives. It is desirable to have the sensor on the block signaling at least 1 meter. Sensitivity of the sensor can also be affected by direct sunlight on the lens sensor.

When mounting the sensor should not touch the mirror pyroelement hands, as in a mirror are traces, it also reduces the sensitivity of the sensor. As a rule, a fee in the sensor housing can be adjusted, it needs to release the screw that secures the card by sliding it up, the area controlled by the sensor is shifted closer to the sensor, and lowering the fee zone remote. Alarm active infrared barriers principle of this group of sensors next; transmitter emits infrared pulses of a certain frequency, the receiver, in turn, receives these pulses, strengthens them and gives to the reader, which tracks the number of them. Ate in the range of the sensor appears barrier, and part of the pulse does not reach the receiver, the alarm will be triggered. Typically, the barriers are paired, that is, in one case two transmitters, two receivers in the other, arranged vertically above each other at no great distance. This is done to reduce the probability of false alarm, the sensor will work only if on both channels when a wake-up signal. The transmitter and receiver are mounted so that they were located on one axis and the alignment sensor, you should try to get as much signal on the receiver, and record blocks in this position. This type of sensor is not seldom used as fire detectors, infrared barriers by setting the ceiling. Usually it is large in size and height of the room, where it is not possible or not advisable the use of smoke detectors. When ignited in the room, the smoke blocks the infrared pulses sent by the transmitter, the receiver does not receive them, in connection with what and triggers an alarm.

Concrete Fences

In recent years, many people began to choose their housing is not as languid urban high-rises, and private homes and cottages. It is in a private home, you can feel both safe and quiet, but at the same time and not burdened by overcrowding and the reticence of city apartments. You will always be able to go on the lawn near the house and get some fresh air, feel the breath of the earth, it would be problematic if you live in apartment. But it must be remembered that any private house in need of protection and certain limits. That's what people and began to apply in practice the construction of fences. With this you can feel indeed the master of your own home without fear of unwanted guests. The range of fences, which offers most of the companies will be quite a few different kinds and types of fences. But just fences sheeting and concrete fences are the most attractive products from every point of view.

You can choose a fence and other types, but a guarantee of quality will be very much in doubt. Just for this reason all Leading experts in this area are advised to choose high-quality and modern fence, for which you do not have to worry about. Among the proposals is concrete fences are the most attractive. For quite reasonable cost of the fence you get a great deal. Here, you will not have to worry over choosing the most suitable for the overall design of the fence, because the range of concrete imeeno abortion is very high, so you can find the appropriate.