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The studies of the AD ones of French line veem the citizen conditioned to an ideology that it precedes what it can or not to say in one definitive historical and social situation. The paper of the materialistic theory of the speech is to desconstruir the apparent unit of the citizen, therefore its relation with the language is crossed by this construction of the subjectivity: the language has its real proper value, as well as history also has its Real. The speech is the place of meeting between these two Reals, crossed for ideological the historical process of constitution of the citizen. (GREGOLIN, 2007, P. 140) Of this form, the citizen is assujeitado to the ideological devices and ' ' the ideology interpellates the individuals as sujeitos' ' (GREGOLIN, 2007, P. 134). The citizen of the AD ones is historical and social: description because he is not mentally ill of the world that the fence; social because it is not the individual, but that understanding in a collective space. According to Brando (2004, P.

34): ' ' The citizen leaves of being an idealistic notion imanente, the citizen of the language is not the citizen in itself, as exists socially, interpellated for the ideology. Of this form, the citizen is not the origin, the absolute source of the direction, because in its it says others you say if dizem' '. What it defines the citizen is the place of where it speaks. thus being constituted of several ' ' eus' ' , one alone voice in its being does not exist, is not the owner of its to say. In view of that the speech is where if materializes the language and brings with it the ideological formations, it is in the statement that the manifest ideology if, being directed for ideological formations. According to Brando (2004, P. 19), ' ' …


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