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Conquanto the intuitivo knowledge if shows immediate to the identical contingency and it in the direction to evidence its existence, the abstrativo knowledge sends to the logical terms that they constitute the universal concept. The double one felt of the term mentions its to it two assumed meanings: the representation (similitudo) and the naturalness (to naturaliter). The representation of the terms in the abstrativo knowledge, sent to the intuitivo knowledge, in turn unfolded in the complex proposals to the measure that the proper incomplexos terms are apprehended and validated, discloses the possibility of an object to be or not to be represented without nothing it is increased to it or removed its reality of contingency. In this direction, the term is similar to the object represented and express in itself this similarity, what Occam presents as similitudo, in such way that a similarity is a mediation unprovided of proper reality, incapable to confer evidences the particular contingencies. Therefore, the terms are not manifestations of the reality, but only representative significaes, that a time complex (chained in proposals), through the similarity if become significaes. The naturalness of the terms, a time that represents ‘ ‘ verdadeiramente’ ‘ the similarity of the term, is justified the naturalness of this term. The naturalness of the term is such that does not have as a natural term represents in similar way an object without of course it is not adjusted to the appointed term? what Occam presents as to naturaliter. Thus, the naturalness of the term discloses to the direction and the origin ‘ ‘ real’ ‘ of the term, for the fact of the term always to retake its significao representative.


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