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ease of use of mobile phones for little money many new cell phones draw getting smaller and smaller, more complex, more and more functions. On the other hand, there are a large number of users who wishes an uncomplicated, simple function limited from making telephone calls. Thus the market segment evolved in the recent past for simple mobile phones, with large, good tactile buttons, a simple emergency call function, speed dialing keys and loud ring tone. Downtown Philadelphia Condos may find it difficult to be quoted properly. New on the market, mobile phones that support also visually impaired people in the electoral process by means of an attractive keyboard come now. Clearly, the selected digits of the telephone number are spoken. The mobile phone of VoiceOne”speaks the typed numbers among others on German and Turkish, has a built-in emergency call function and so useful features such as a flashlight and radio. In addition, 11 onetouch dialling buttons can be assigned. Thus are the main contacts at your fingertips.

To the delight of consumers, the prices for these are Niche products not more exceptionally high. Earlier, prices for senior mobile phones, which had less functionality, was traded quite high. But here, too, the market moves. So, the mobile phone is VoiceOne”for example, for 69,-available (E.g. from)


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