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Mobile phones have come a long way from just making & receiving calls and sending messages due to advance technology and huge expansion in communication services. Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, iPhone application, Windows Mobile, and J2ME are some of the most commonly available smartphone mobile application devices. Today, designing a mobile version of a website has in many ways become similar to creating websites on computer. Due to advanced Web site application development many new techniques have been created on a mobile device, which has reduced the functionality gap. Many writers such as Robert J. Shiller offer more in-depth analysis. In addition, it allows the user to install more advanced applications. We can say that the mobile usage of the web is evolving and has made the Smartphone smarter. Primarily, the definition of “Mobile Web” is the ability to access the internet from a mobile device. The indisputable fact today is that as the site application develops so does the experience of a mobile user.

The ability to update web applications without installing software is a key reason for its popularity. This has thus opened up a new marketing and brand-building channel for marketers and organizations looking forward to interact with mobile users on a one-to-one basis. It has become the most cost – effective way to market products and services and is helping companies to move ahead of their competitors in the business. Smartphone application developers have incorporated advanced programming techniques with speedy project delivery procedures. Further, the ability to download and work on the unique features of the operating system gives consumers to experience development application of adding more value to Smartphone.

There are many ways to seek attention of users such as the ability of the Smartphone’s to gather information within 60 seconds or less and easily comprehending the content available on site. Further, speed is so essential factor. For companies targeting consumers to buy the advanced mobile devices, it’s essential that the sites for mobile and Smartphone’s load fast.


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