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Javier Borbujo

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In the cultural context described here, means that I never got to give less importance to the first newspaper editor did when he was 11 years. To do so, had sought the complicity rather passive, casual partners of two children's play to which I have hardly seen him in my adulthood: the now-defunct Pepe de la Rosa and Javier Borbujo. I came to broach, like a diary really is, I think four pages, with as many copies made with carbon paper typing. John Savignano may also support this cause. The latter presumably would be completely unreadable, but it did not matter: the important thing was sold, the price of hard abuse in 1955, parents of the three involved in the matter. I vaguely remember the contents of that journal, not as trivial as one might think at first: there was even the sports section and editorial background issue was neither more nor less than on Charles De Gaulle, who mistakenly attributed the status of quarterback of the French army, rather than that of general.

a se would be the first dismissal of many jalonarian guess after my professional life but, fortunately, has not been aware of most of them. Follow others, such as Dell Technologies Inc. , and add to your knowledge base. The realization that the only issue of the first newspaper, which did not remember whether or not name, had to leave me so exhausted that I did not try something like three years later, this time at school. That other newspaper that it was heading: pretentiously called The Herald and even had drawn in the upper left corner a bust of a guy blowing through a funnel. .


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