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Distant Cottages

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More recently, the capital buyers are more interested in showing to the chalet, located in the 80-150 km from Moscow, the so-called "Far summer cottages." The fact is that at the moment cottages, which are located within 10-30 km from Moscow, heavily loaded and polluted, and the remote villages and sites allow potential buyers to feel the impact of a favorable environment and please the eye with beautiful scenery. Many prefer purchase such sites, and more because the cost is comparable to the cost of an average Moscow apartment. As the Director of Investment Consulting and Analysis Agency Featured Property "Manor": "The most attractive factor for the buyer's summer projects is the presence of" big water "in close proximity and easy access to transportation projects with the arrangement, but at the same time sufficiently remote from large settlements. " The main factors for the development segment "distant cottages", which started 3-4 years ago, were as follows: A large amount of undeveloped areas, at this distance from Moscow (the 80 km from Moscow), development of land market low land prices, increase income and promote an active Moscow civilized rest of town, the natural characteristics of rural areas located far from the big city Transport accessibility in terms of size suburban residence. The volume of deals as of July 2008: Simferopol direction (p region.

Oka) 2000 cottages. Kiev direction (Kaluga region), about 370 cottages. Leningrad area (Volga River, Ivankovskoe reservoir.) 240 cottages. Minsk naprvlenie (Mozhaiskoe reservoir.) 130 cottages.


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