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Plan to buy an apartment and get a choice, seek their own apartment, prevlekaya for this estate agent, or still go to a professional … But if you own, then the risk to remain without an apartment and no money, but if handled in a real estate agency, then surely he must pay for services and a lot, and part with 'blood' oh so you do not want … This conventional wisdom, no? But the reality is otherwise. In a good real estate agency flock information about apartments for sale in Moscow or the Moscow region from a variety of sources, including information about apartments for immediate sale. Can you guess what I mean? They appear in the first information about all the new apartments and to whom they offer them? That's right, customers – their customers. And the apartment is in urgent sale prices are reduced, simply because it is urgent. Profitable? Profitable and more like … Now more …

Found an apartment, and who will check you? And know how? Can not go wrong do not forget, do not miss? Serious real estate realtors over the years of his teaching, constantly on the training courses are sent. Documents and information to the transaction checks first for a realtor, then Briest, then apartment inspects security service agencies, and only then flat 'pass' on the deal. Can check the same? And in the transaction to transfer money, you can all the same to organize themselves? I think not … So You save by buying an apartment on their own doing? never mind, just undergo the risk to remain without an apartment and no money, so think, and whether you should take the risk?


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