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Classical Interior

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Classic style in interior design. In the classic style is learned and the principles of previous styles, this is an attempt to create the perfect style and design is not for ages, but forever. Classic style from time to time and reborn again becomes relevant. Features classics are easily recognizable and simple. They differ in detail, clarity and rigor design – all known "order system, which is proportionally related to architectural elements and decorative details on all surfaces of the room or facade. The classic character inherent simplicity and reticence, as the exterior of the building and interior.

All volumes obey the laws of symmetry. Still considered, if you do not know how to do, do classicism. In a classic interior design, or of a building used mainly elements of ancient architecture, the so-called "Made out to order" organization dekornogo clearance. Classicism is mainly characterized by clear geometric forms, not too pompous, we can say restrained decor and, as a rule, high-quality materials such as natural wood, silk, stone, granite, marble and others. Classic interior is decorated with sculptures and also stucco.

Applied most often a column or semi-colonies. Basically, the purpose of the columns that support the ceiling, the shield visual space in the middle of the room. Cut the same column a bit ironic but at the same time discreetly simulates the ruins of antiquity. In the classical setting there must be symmetry and precision. If space of the room allows, it is most relevant to the fireplace, which usually is coated with white tiles or, even better – with marble. Ornaments on the mantel in the main repeating patterns of the walls and ceilings. So, for example flat ceiling around the perimeter desirable to decorate the stucco frieze (Frieze – a band with ornament that adorns the edge of the product). Walls can be done so that strictly preserves the symmetry of vertical and horizontal articulation. Wall can be separated from the ceiling cornices with some dressing. If the room is large, you can give it a palace view by adding columns, half-columns or pilasters. If the scale of the interior is quite large, most relevant to the application of any ornaments on a small scale to maintain a sense of maturity and freedom. You can use wooden floors made of natural wood, and even better to use the inlay is complement the overall color of the room. Colours should not be screaming for a neutral interior fit and calm, but at the same time, warm colors such as shades of brown, olive, sand. Can be applied and fabrics for upholstery or any parts of the walls. Well suited silk, cotton, satin, brocade, rayon, can be an unobtrusive figure, mostly vegetable. Classic style is more suitable than others for purposeful and serious modern man, seeking to design its interior in the spirit of laconic beauty, well-defined forms. Completely, the creation of the classical interior depends on the capabilities and Host preference, and only it affects the choice of decorative architectural elements and materials for manufacturing.


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