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After analyzing all the important factors affecting the cost of land is determined by its NEI, which is determined by the response the following questions: 1. Is the intended use of the rational and probable? 2. Is the use of legitimate or is there a reasonable chance that you can get a legal document on the right use? 3. Is the property physically fit for use? 4. Is the intended use of the financial feasibility? The market value of the right to lease depends on the powers of the tenant, the term operation of law, the right to lease encumbrances, rights of other persons on site and the purpose (permitted uses) of land. The cost also depends on the expected magnitude, duration and probability of income from the right to lease the property for a certain period of time with the most efficient use of it. The first phase of work begins long before handling the customer in evaluating companies. First, need to make sure you have all the title and certifying documents of the land, their right legal form.

This step is performed to determine the legally competent object of valuation appraiser, a detailed description of the rights to it, the various restrictions and encumbrances. In the absence of the documents necessary to enter certain assumptions in the delivery of services, which could affect accuracy of the calculation. The second step is to transfer documents in evaluating companies and photographic images of the property (the land). The most common misconception about the customer that an assessment can be made without examination of the object. But it's not entirely true, although the law and there is no clear indication of inspection. The most important factor is the evaluation date (the date as of which assesses the value of the object real estate). An example is given for a single household for a better understanding: as of yesterday on the land, located a new cottage, but it is now burned.

The market value of the object, of course, has changed. Thus in If the assessment without examining customer can submit the documents on homeownership and home in fact. Accordingly, an examination is mandatory in all cases except run the Expert conclusions (document expressing the opinion of appraisers, who performed in the free form and does not have proper legal force). The third step is the hard work of appraisers, the implementation of its stated objectives. Test run a report on the assessment of land (plots) and payment services. Typically, the cost of work starts from 10 000 rub. The only recommendation that can give – do not chase the cheap, and do not be afraid to contact the a small but rapidly growing company (a company in St. Petersburg is the appraisal company "Capital Assessment"). Good indicators are: the presence of additional certificates from appraisers, evidence of participation in seminars. When you contact the company must prepare an assessment following a package of basic documents required for qualified: Certificate of registration of property rights (or other rights, such as the right to use) the land; Cadastral plan of land; details of encumbrances (long-term lease, mortgage, etc.) If the plot has a building, structure or improvements, provide the information for each facility improvements.


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