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For many investors from countries that are affected by the credit crunch, such as Great Britain and Ireland, the purchase of such land is beautiful investment strategy. Well, now understand the advantages of buying land on buying property – no maintenance costs, tenants etc. And what about the disadvantages? The obvious disadvantage to investors who immediately apparent is the fact that the land does not bring a regular income, therefore, can not use borrowed capital for its purchase or loan capital to increase profitability. You are absolutely right. Exactly therefore the business model Landcorp International received such a success. Investment capital of our customers is used in conjunction with a capital development company for the building, thereby increasing the value of the land. We offer excellent value for money, starting with the 18 400 Canadian dollars / 12 150 Euro *, and thus providing an attractive market opportunity without borrowing, which simultaneously meets the needs of real estate companies.

You also need to cancel that these prices are not affected by the credit crisis because investors do not depend on rising costs and dwindling resources, the mortgage in the UK and abroad. Do not risky such purchase of land in the hope that it would be received valuable planning permission? More like a game of good fortune. And if you get planning permission – it has already been settled, will not affect whether it's the price? You heard the saying – nothing ventured, nothing gained. However, the land we are putting on the market was already zoned for development, so the probability that the building permit is obtained, is very small.


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