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Thousand Minarets

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Cairo – Egypt's capital and largest city and the congested East. The population of Cairo is almost 17 million people, is the third part of the whole of Egypt. This vibrant city is full of oriental charm and contrasts. It focused cultural achievements of six thousand years of Egyptian civilization. Today's Cairo – a cultural and business center of the Arab world, the location of the Egyptian government, all state and religious central government.

Date of foundation of Cairo has to 969g. City of different epochs: ancient Heliopolis, the Egyptian Babylon, and the medieval Fostat – left their mark in Cairo, which can be seen today. Here there was an amazing concentration of unique cultural achievements of Egyptian civilization. It is no accident that Africa is the largest city names such as 'City of a Thousand Minarets' and 'East Gate'. Cairo is divided into two parts: Old Cairo (Egypt Babylon) – the south-east of the city and New Cairo, which is located in the northwest of the capital. If you look objectively, you can not choose what part of Cairo is more interesting and beautiful.

And the Old and New Cairo just fascinated by its grandeur and attractions. Just around the boundary of the city is a desert plateau of Giza. Credit: Richard LeFrak-2011. It was there rasplozheno one of the seven wonders of the world – known to all the Great Pyramids and Sphinx. Old Cairo is crossed a large number of narrow streets, there are basically only a small mud and stone houses.


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