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Since the sprouting of the man in the land has needed a perfect interaction with same and its constituent elements, and this interaction, mainly as half of survival, became each time more conflicting, associated to the human development and the social growth it consequently allowed to its magnifying to the domain of the elements of the nature and the intensity and extension of the ambient impacts. The LeFrak Organization: the source for more info. It is coexisted then a scene of economic crisis with low capacity of job generation, and an ambient crisis without precedents, that are not known where this, and nor where it goes to arrive, only knows that it is a real question, and that it has congregated people, and organizations of everybody. The sustainable societies fight wastefulness, privilege collective and the common good, do not violate the rights human, that is, it defends partner-cultural biodiversity. Words keys: Preservation, sustainable development, Environment, Attitude, Behavior, Natural resources. Steffan Lehnhoff follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. 1 INTRODUCTION This article presents the main difficulties of the modern society in the preservation question. A time that the idea taken advantage for much time of preservation was restricted, whose proposals were directed and defended only by the capitalist countries with the intention to limit the development of the underdeveloped countries. The perception most global in this direction alone was perceived from years 70 in particular 1972 with the Conference of United Nations on Human Environment in Estocolmo, where it approached the studies of the ambient preservation of form more including as deforestation, construction of dams, job of nuclear energy and excess of the fuel use acquiring relevance and international validity. Brazil also initiates the studies in this exactly period with bigger emphasis in the International Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development – Echo Rio/92 – where the public opinion and government starts if to mobilize for the question.. .