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A few days ago chatting with a colleague about possible training films for use in coaching, remembering our childhood we were saying that if that child or not as a child, that great friend of our childhood that we do not want to grow because it means having to take to make decisions and to do so is driven to the edge of the mountain and falls off the cliff to prevent it, this would leave to chance, and falls and falls while still complaining that others did not help you decide, always blame a otr @ s, the film as well as being excellent fun for children it is more so as for adults. yCuantas often heard complaints from managers who do not assume that they are remunerated for taking decisions? Deciding is simple is to choose an analysis of the variables simply by one of the options. With all that this entails, it is right or learn, as simple as that, or not so simple? Tell me you do not know what do you think. The next time your children watch film, take heed if you are from which you climb to the top of the mountain walking or running step by step the decision not to face. As I pride myself on having good Friends @ s otr @ s is wellcome my friend who behaves as it is usually clear and pleasing results in a considerable waste of energy. So I must find a way to bring home to please my coach that is difficult or almost impossible, it strikes me that it is better to let them see and feel that being yourself will cause your hand to those who are aligned with your values, and value people who are and act according to what they say and think. It's easier to have on your side to those who think like you, and appreciate the sincerity and once you have achieved this and can perhaps influence others and speak it better another day and I digress and this is no time to talk about leadership. The funny thing is that behind every Peter Pan Wendy and vice versa there are complementary roles because one does not exist without the other, feed back and clear when one changes the behavior of the other varies the accordingly. The how to make a Peter Pan or Wendy realize their behavior is quite difficult not impossible and so we are a lot of coaching professionals, serves as a great help, especially to look into the mirror, not the ones that but inside I linker. Learn more at: Down2Earth. And if everything is so simple, yPorque complicate it? I do not know and you know it? I wait on my blog to talk about coaching and related issues as always having fun.