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The Construction

Then a clutch laid a number of bricks as evenly as possible, align the mortar. To put this number in two layers of waterproof roofing felt or tar paper. It is better to put these materials do not dry, and the mastic (bitumen felt – on the asphalt, roofing felt – to Degteva). Placed on top sealing the second row of bricks, and it almost reaches the level of the finished floor. Put itself above the stove. Nobel Laureate in Economics helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. When, during the construction of furnaces, the foundation lay bricks, we also do it on the penultimate series of waterproofing, which last for a number of brick kiln fuses kladki.Gidroizolyatsiya suction of ground water from which the oven will soar, and brick – gradually break down.

Laying the foundation for the construction of furnaces, it must be remembered that it is forbidden to dress to the foundation walls of the house, because there are different sludge and furnace walls, as a result of the foundation of the furnace may become distorted and ruin the clutch. Foundation of the furnace must defend from the foundation at home for at least 50 mm. The gap between them covered with sand. The LeFrak Organization can provide more clarity in the matter. The foundations of the stove pipe and the root should run independently of each druga.Vypolniv foundation, the space between it and the ground to sleep and rams. Guided by the above outlined concept, and the basics of proper design stoves Podgorodnikov, we define the basic rules design centers with ductless convective systems: hood (top and bottom) can be any shape, round, rectangular, L-shaped, U-shaped, etc., is not permitted within the deck (upper or lower) do consecutive caps, so when the subsequent cover will warm up worse than the previous.

The Walls

A few words about what metallopolymers. In this case – aluminum in combination with the surrounding layers of polyethylene, which has a special strength. The thickness of the structure, in other words – the walls of the tubes is around 2 mm. They can be used not only for water supply, but also for the heating system – metal-pipes are designed for this because the necessary water pressure kept on their wall when you receive it in a thermal battery. In the sewer system, they are not commonly used.

When buying a metal-pipe pay attention to what color they are painted. Blue and blue indicate that these tubes are designed for cold water (stand-zero temperature to 30 C), and the tube of white are used for heating and hot water. Curiously, these fragile items, at least in comparison with the same steel, can withstand water temperatures over 100 C. Of course, we must bear in mind that such an increase in temperature of hot water can not be long. Do not be concerned about the unusual nature of these tubes. They are beautiful, fairly well connected to other plumbing fixtures, and why have the corresponding parts. And it does not matter from which material made or that the equipment that you want to attach a metal-pipe, there are no problems in any case – accessories designed for all options. If you are reaching maturity, equip his apartment with quality pipes from metallopolymers, you can easily live a hundred years.

Gas Boilers

This type of gas boilers, most preferably at a power of 100 kW because: It is cheaper than the boiler burner with fan less noisy in a wider range when the pressure of gas in the pipeline. Cheaper ekspluatatsiiOsobo focus on changing the gas pressure at the inlet to the boiler, as not all boilers with atmospheric burners behave identically at low pressure. Learn at which a minimum pressure of the boiler can be run in those. description or from the manufacturer. In our experience, low-pressure boilers work best Sime. Approximate calculation of boiler house equipment depending on the area can be found here. Diesel boilers (boilers for liquid fuel) for domestic use where there is no natural (main) gas as the coolant used diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is expensive, about the maximum hourly diesel fuel consumption service.

Approximate calculation of boiler house equipment depending on the area you can see better zdes.Kakoy boiler steel or cast iron? Speaking of iron and steel boilers, household products, each of They have their pluses and minuses. Let's start with the advantages of cast iron boilers. Cast iron burner has virtually unlimited service life. Cast iron boiler – it is always a sectional design. In the event of an accident can only be replaced defective sections, and not the entire pot.

Another advantage – it's a high corrosion resistance of cast iron. It's no secret that the iron is such an interesting property – it is covered from top to dry rust, corrosion and further practically does not go. Another advantage of the cast-iron cauldron – the possibility of low-temperature operation, which allows achieving a higher degree of comfort and efficiency of the entire system otopleniya.Stalnye boilers also have their advantages. To begin with, the steel pot is always easier to cast. For this reason he deshevle.Teper about the shortcomings of cast iron boilers. Cast iron does not have such elasticity as steel, can not tolerate large temperature differences. How to determine the necessary capacity of the heating system? Correctly determine the necessary power and type of equipment, piping diagram, additional automation can only be a specialist. Therefore, the most sure way to make a calculation – contact the office. For a rough estimate on 100sq.m. heated area to 10kW of power. Boiler rooms differ from each other. Approximate calculation of boiler house equipment according to on the area you can see the type of boiler zdes.Opredelivshis can proceed to the selection of a specific brand (manufacturer). On the market today there are several dozen producers and here everyone chooses for its criteria – price, quality, size, color, country of origin, the advice of friends …. every seller (manager) in the shop 'prove' to you, that is better than what he sells – does not exist! Is it really?