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New From SANAZEN: The Massage Chair With Stand-up Help!

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The new Chair with the help of stand-up from Sanazen offers the possibility of relaxation in your own four walls for the elderly. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dell. With increasing age, the physical ailments of the human organism are piling up. No matter, whether knee, shoulder or hip pain, sustained complaints affect greatly the quality of life of older people. Continue to learn more with: Richard LeFrak. And in most cases a severe mistake: trying as best it can to restrict movement, to reduce the pain. But by no means constitutes a solution to the problem, quite apart, that daily life increasingly represents a real challenge. Check with Bruce Schanzer to learn more. After a long period of development the company has now presented the first full Massage Chair SANAZEN, which helps its user when standing up. We refer to him as Chair with the help of stand-up and massage function, because he is the perfect complement to the evening television program. This Chair is equipped with the proven 2D measurement technology and individually adapts the Body size of a people.

In addition to many varied massage functions, the Massage Chair offers four automatic programs that can be operated easily, so that the start of a happier life can begin immediately. Older people have not afraid anymore that they are difficult or under an enormous effort come out from their seat position. The lift Pro has a built-in help of stand-up and is specially designed for the needs of weaker people. It offers its users a comfortable sitting in Heavenly soft cushions including variable massage functions and a switchable three-step seat heating. Further technical advantages of the innovative Massage Chair are the integrated foot reflex zone massage relaxation guaranteed and the ten different massage functions, regardless of whether, kneading, tapping, rolling or vibration…

Of course the backrest and footrest are electrically adjustable quite as well with the clearly arranged remote control as you feel it most comfortable. Thanks to the sleep timer wake up function after the massage is a timely wake-up, for example, to the favorite show on television, no longer a problem! The lift Pro is available in leather, semi – or full leather in different colours and will be delivered by SANAZEN right on the doorstep.