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Storage Water Heater

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In today's market, which offers many different models of water heaters to suit every taste buyers are faced with the question of how to choose the right water heater. With years of experience Sales and installation of water heaters and water heaters store employees HVAC number 1 (www.teplo-spb.ru) identified the main criteria for selected storage water heaters. These criteria are: 1. Definition volume 2. The choice of material in the inner tank: stainless steel or enamel 3. Size, shape, 4. Power 5. The warranty period; 6.

Price and brand. Below we tried to open each item to facilitate your choice. 1. Determination of the volume in general volume of the water heater should be chosen depending on the number of people using water from this water heater (for example, the number of people in the family), and water intake points, at which this water heater work. The table below shows the choice of water heater: But before you finally decide on the size, we recommend you test the strength of the wall on which you intend to hang him. As Practice shows that most water heaters installed in bathrooms, usually on the back of the toilet (the thickness of which is often low, because it is a ventshahta). If a house or apartment "Xruschevka", then in the bathroom this house is the Sanitary cabin, made at the factory. To manufacture the walls of these large-cabin used asbestos-cement panels, mounted on a metal frame; gipsotsementobetonnye rolling bar on a wooden frame, reinforced gypsum concrete.


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