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Errors or defects in the home occur during the rental period, the renter may reduce the rent an apartment is then deficient according to the law, if it has a defect that picks up their fitness for the stipulated use, if a warranted property is missing, or if such a property is later dropped. A defect so then, if the apartment is such that the lessee not can be used, as he wants or how he expect under the contract. The scale the so-called contractual use is, thus, the lease and the condition of the apartment at the beginning of the contract. Here we go with the conclusion of the contract. Here are the first choices, whether it in the future will be easy or difficult for the tenants to reduce the rent. The landlord is obliged to leave the apartment in a contractual condition and to maintain this condition during the term of the lease. Significant defects occur, the tenant must no longer pay the full rent.

He is committed to the landlord about These shortcomings immediately to inform. He need not announce the reduction in rent itself. The lessee may reduce the rent from the date the deficiency is determined from the. That is, the tenant must notify the landlord though, may reduce but also immediately. He must not only wait until the landlord has had opportunity to eliminate the defect or error. He informs the lessor does not have the defect, this must not accept generally the reduction in rent.

The right to the reduction is for the duration of the defect. According to the law, it doesn’t matter whether the owners fault. Even though he can’t do anything against the construction site noise in the neighborhood, the tenant can reduce. The right to the reduction in rent can be also closed. It is excluded, if the tenant knew about the defect in the contract. This knowledge must refer to a particular defect and its nature, scope and impact. The mere knowledge that the rented flat in a flood-prone area is located, is not sufficient. If concrete defects or errors in the Apartment in the transfer log are marked and the transfer protocol is part of the lease, then it will be difficult for the tenants… Of course, this has only sense if the landlord is not committed, to correct these deficiencies. An error in the rented apartment leads to considerable deterioration of the tenant he is not entitled to reduce the rent. It must be already a significant impairment of the possibility to use the apartment. The textbook author and landlord Advisor Thomas Trepnau in his book “The secret of the damp wall – rental reduction” gives many more important notes and tips for service charge settlement. Also by Thomas Trepnau in the series of his landlord guides published: “The second rent expect from your tenant – operating costs,”, “More money with rent increases”, “Asset protection and building wealth with real estate” and “Valuation of land and Hauusern” available in bookstores, at all well known online retailers and on the homepage of the author.


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