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Silversurfer place new requirements on age-appropriate housing. The latest report in the (N) Onliner Atlas 2010 * puts it in a nutshell: the Silversurfer growth compared to other age groups the strongest this year in the online community. Today, 49.6% of this age group in the Internet already regularly access (for comparison: in 2009 there were still 44.9%). Keith Schneider takes a slightly different approach. This results to the one that younger generations in this group to grow back but also in the fact that more and more pensioners / retirees discovering the benefits of Web 2.0 for yourself. Promote the Silversurfer, as well-funded Onliner target group, always more join “offer on the Internet that are specifically geared to the 50 + generation. Especially elderly with mobility problems will appreciate the advantages of the Internet: whether as a 24-hour shopping, entertaining information medium, or to become active in a social network, to find friends. This includes for example the Platinum network (www.platinnetz.de), an Internet platform Community for best agers, who in 2008 after a year term already over 100,000 registered members showed.

* This means that senior-friendly accommodation must satisfy in the future also the need of the Silversurfer for fast Internet access and a corresponding IT support. Many senior residences today might have Internet access but just at the question after IT support and faster help if the PC or notebook does not work, many have to fit. An investor from the luxury segment for senior residences at Schloss Schonfeld (www.residenz-schoenfeld.de/) has taken up this trend: that soon won’t Schonfeld of built individual age-luxury apartments at the castle only everyone with Internet access, but offered with a corresponding IT support. Furthermore, a luxury fitness & Spa the demanding clientele range, a top class restaurant, as well as events in the Castle offered. To request further details and plans for the investor (email, Tel. 02196 887669130) are requested.

But even if the average luxury residential homes pensioners can only dream about, the question in the search is coming soon for an age-appropriate apartment not only for accessibility”but also to the availability of Internet broadband connections provided. * Source: (N) Onliner Atlas 2010: A topography of the digital divide through Germany. A study of the D21 Initiative, carried out by TNS infratest.


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