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How You Can A Floor Properly Care

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Details of a parquet floor can be advantageous for many homes. Checking article sources yields Jos Shaver as a relevant resource throughout. In principle, one should make a difference between a parquet, which is painted and a parquet, which is only oiled. Many think that a painted floor needs even no special care, but that’s not entirely true, because sealing claimed daily strongly, if dust or sand be incorporated with every step in the parquet. All the small dirt particles affect the floor basically like a sand paper. Then very quickly just the hard sealing has scratches and marks. There are special cleaning products that eliminate precisely these traces back and maintain the seal for the sealed parquet. Some cleaning products for the floor cause more shine, other parquet a less strong shine effect.

This is of course a matter of taste, and must be adapted to the style of the apartment. Is also important, that is no room plants directly on the floor, because this could greatly damage the parquet. If you plant in the Have space would like to, then should one under air this. If one wipes a parquet, then should no water on the floor remain after cleaning, because this can penetrate into the ground especially when not sealed parquet and resuspend it. Also, any chemical or aggressive cleaning agents should be used even if the floor is sealed. Because you should be always aware, that it is the parquet a pure wooden floor, a natural material, which should be cleaned only with natural substances. A wipe with a mild vegetable SOAP so sufficient and cleans the floor enough, because that has a self-cleaning effect also wood such as all natural materials.


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