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Professor is who says the truth public, takes the veil. Truth is the real fact. Soon, professor is that one that he displays correctly, socializes the knowledge. Already the word profession means specialized activity, entailed to the act to take the veil. Nvoa (1996) brought in that all profession affirms them an identity and this, in turn, ' ' it is not acquired data, it is not a property, it is not a product. The identity is a place of fights and of conflicts, it is a space in construction in ways to be and to be in the profession. Therefore, more it is adjusted to speak in identitrio process, enhancing the same dynamics that characterizes the way as each one is felt and if it says professor' '. One concludes that the identity crisis is the crisis in the way to be of the professor.

Searching on the subject, I discovered interesting premises: TO BE PROFESSOR: either present; either prompt; either cordial; either educated; either cautious and it prepares the lessons with antecedence; either active, either professional. Or still, of a teacher of infantile education, when questioned on what is to be professor/educator. ' ' He is to come to the school, to be glad, likeable, to teach. To possess luggage, penxs, books, pencil. To use eyeglasses, to write in the picture, to guide the recreation, to play, to play ball.

To draw, to teach to write the name, to read histories, speech low not to beat in the children. To have much light around. ' ' In such conception, being professor is to be endowed with moral virtues. The article in study cites the professor-astro, who of the show in classroom, formatted for the neoliberal education. The new chain of the liberal thought treats the education as merchandise, a business. The university nothing more is of what a capitalist company.


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