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Empire Universe 2 – Browser Game Of The Year 2007

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Empire universe 2 – recharged (browser game) Empire universe 2: recharged Empire universe 2: recharged is one of the most innovative and powerful browser-based online games, which exist in the German-speaking market. As a player, you have the choice whether you would like to go works forcefully or peacefully. Through the intuitive game access easy beginners to achieve initial success and to find their way in the universe. The entry is made, all possibilities are open to you: occupied and plunder planets, invest in research or practice trading with other players. Empire universe 2 puts much emphasis on alliances and offers long-lasting gameplay thus opponents as well as large groups. Story two worlds, only a few light years away from each other. A war which lasts, since the first joint contact came into being.

Both peoples had conquered the outer space, and wanted more space for their population to life. Today no longer justifiable reasons the expedition fleet of both worlds came together with a little work on a planet, could have been a flourishing new world for both. But each fleet was the planet alone. And so it came to a brief but fierce battle, none survived. Both sides vowed revenge for every single dead and no one wanted to leave the newly discovered planet the enemy. So we quarreled for decades and a fleet was destroyed after the other. This should be an end now. For the first time in its long and war history, a people had gained the technological upper hand…