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Shower Choices

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All Russians know perfectly well that in the homes of Soviet-built bathrooms are far from world standards both in size and in terms of interior design. With the advent of people began to seek more comfort and even old houses to increase the size of his bathroom and relates more closely to the design of its interior. Times when the houses were standing cast iron baths, standard size irretrievably fading, although quite large part of the Russians and now postarinke, using the bathroom with a well-forgotten times. But life goes on, people want comfort in the bathroom and, therefore, today we talk about how to convert a small bathroom not only to successfully place in it all that is necessary, but to make each of his visits to this good place is a delight for body and soul. So, if the area of your bathroom is relatively small you nicely fit as the optimal solution of a modern shower.

But before we talk about the different types and brands of showers, I would like to mention their main advantage – any shower is almost twice less space than a standard bathtub. Standard sizes showers range from 70 x 70 cm to 130 x 130 cm respectively, on your bathroom is released extra space that can be used for washing machine, sink, etc. What consists of a shower? First of all, it is fenced in a certain way, and a specially equipped room for a shower, but it can not take a bath.