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House Construction

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ACOHAB, responsible company for the construction of habitacionais sets, starts to aatuar in Our Senhorado Aid from the decade of 80, with the construction of popular houses for apopulao of low income. This disordered growth we dosltimos 20 years in Aid has resulted in occupations in areas of fragilidadeimprprias for the habitation, as the manguezais. The problems habitacionaisapresentados for the city are to a large extent, decurrent of the lack of institucional, administrative, legal and financial umaestrutura capable of worthy fornecercondies to its townspeople. Individuals that had lost the job lutampara to find one ' ' teto' ' thus, the subject to flooding areas are seen as umaoportunidade of survival. Great part of the land divisions and the majority dasinvases manguezal areas of and edge of restingas meet on, seated in indiscriminate ground of fen and/or neossolos flvicos, geologically derivatives of deposits of quagmires and fens.

To each day that passes increases the invasions in the manguezais, resulting ematerros for the construction of barracos. The maiorias of the people who inhabit nosmangues allege that it does not have for where to go and that removes the sustenance of the dapesca family of crab. The IBAMA in turn, would have to protect the fens, maspouco if it can make to restrain the predatory invasions. Thousands of sereshumanos are disputing space with crabs, fish and muriocas. Sergipanos quevivem not only to the edges of the fens, but also to the edge of the consumption, dasociedade and mainly of the citizenship (PERIODICAL OF the CITY, junho/2001). Many viveirosabandonados for company CALNE, had become after the deactivation for aconstruo Da Ponte on the River of the Salt, occupations for the poor population debaixa income. Next areas to the old salt mines had been also invaded porbarracos constructed in taipa, with floor in beaten land, without instalaohidrulica, energy electric, supplying d' water nor sanitation. Soassentamentos in misery state, without the minimum conditions of housing.